Sometimes, I have a double window of Google homepage and bookmarked. How just the bookmark?

I created a new bookmark for a video of e-mail. When I opened this bookmark, I get a page split - 1/2 half is the homepage of Google and the other 1/2 video. This has not happened before and after trying to have the homepage of Google go out, just so the video shows, I've not been successful. What should I do?

Thank you


Opening in the sidebar is the default value for the bookmarks created via a link or a button on a Web site.

You can view the properties of a bookmark using the context menu in the side bar (Ctrl + B; Cmd + B on Mac).

In the Bookmark Manager (Bookmarks > show all bookmarks) you can click on the button more in the lower details pane on the right.

Make sure "Load this bookmark in the sidebar" is not selected.

Tags: Firefox

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