Sony memory stick pro duo of

I recently bought the HP dm4-2070us. works on multimedia port with the memory stick sony pro duo? The adapter not blocking or read the card? Thoughts?


It does not read the Memory Stick card family and the card on the portable reader supports only the following formats of digital maps-

  • MultiMediaCard
  • Secure Digital card   
  • Digital high capacity Secure memory card (standard and large size)

If you want to read a memory stick duo pro, just buy a USB that are available for very cheap memory card reader that would be would serve your purpose.

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  • 2 GB Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo-

    Just open and inserted a 2 GB Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo to an older Cybershot and got the following error "this memory card cannot record or play" according to the compatibility table, it should work. I formatted the card in the camera and I tested it and he did record a video and photos. He can't keep the camera if it shows this error everytime we use it.

    Thank you for your post and welcome to the forum.

    If the compatibility table that you can use the Memory Stick Pro Duo, but you still have questions, get the camera to recognize it, so I would recommend that you perform a reset of the camera and if the problem persists contact product support Sony who may consider the question for you:

  • How to fix a corrupt Sony Memory Stick Pro Duo

    Hello, I have a problem with my Memory Stick. I'm sure that it's corrupt, because I get the usual "No. Memory Stick detected" messages.

    The problem here is that I need to know how to solve this problem by using Windows. I have a memory stick reader that I consider using a USB port and whenever I try to open the location, the computer either locks up until I have remove the stick, or he says no disc inserted in the drive. Once, I managed to get my other computer to say "Device must be formatted before use", but after clicking the format, he said that couldn't be. It seems that Windows just hate my Memory Stick but I really want to solve this problem.

    If someone think of an answer, please answer. I'll give you more information if necessary.

    Insert the disc, but do not attempt to access or open.  Go to start / Control Panel / administrative tools / computer management / disk management.  The disc appear?  If Yes, go to the disc and try to format it using disk management features (I guess since you've already tried to format that it contains no data to record).  If it does not, there is probably a problem with the memory stick (or the USB port - try another port) as only corruption would not prevent from being recognized as valid a drive.

    Let us know what happens.

    I hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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  • SONY Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo MS-HX16A doesn't work in Vista Business 32-bit

    When I insert my memory stick Duo PRO-HG in my laptop gateway E - 155 running Vista 32-bit Professional (Service Pack 2), and I check the Device Manager, a device called "MemoryDisk0" appears under the "Disk drives" section of Device Manager.  It runs by default windows drivers disk.sys and partmg.sys.  The disk memory is not recognized by Windows (it does appear as a hard drive under 'Computer'), or he 'fills' when this button is pressed under "Volume" in the Panel properties for MemoryDisk0 (I get an error msg).  ALSO: if I hit "Scan for hardware changes" or even "Uninstall" for this device, the system just loops - nothing happens, and I have to use Windows Task Manager to end the task.  ALSO: if I try to restart my computer, Windows will not come - I need to remove the Memory stick or return o a previous installation of good.

    How can I get Windows Vista Business 32-bit to recognize the drive correctly?  I visited the site of SONY, and the only driver I can find for sticks of memory is the MSAC-EX1.  I did try and 'forcing' Device Manager Vista to load this driver for MemoryStick0, but Windows says that it is not a compatible driver.


    1. When you mention "I get a msg of error", what is you get the exact error message?

    In Device Manager , right-click on the "MemoryDisk0" and select Properties, and check what error code you get and post back with the details.

    2. have you tried to connect a different Memory Stick?

    If other USB keys connect very well, then I think your SONY Memory Stick PRO-HG Duo MS-HX16A could be faulty and you may have to contact Sony for better help.

    Afterwards, do a right-click on the device (MemoryDisk0) in Device Manager and try to update and check if that helps.
    Aziz Nadeem - Microsoft Support

  • Satellite R20 - Memory Stick PRO Duo problem

    I looked and saw a lot of similar posts from users with a similar problem. Unfortunately, most of the answers suggested by looking at the user manual and taking note that the phone does not support the Memory Stick PRO Duo. Technically, that's true. However, many Sony cameras come with an adapter that turns the PRO Duo stick a Memory Stick PRO. These include very well in Flash Media Bridge adapter. The manual also indicates that the drive supports this stick.

    What's weird, is that Windows Vista recognizes the insertion of the memory stick, but he then told me that I need to format it before so I can use it. I don't remember what I used the term, but there was a time eventually (with an older driver and/or the installation of XP?) when I could operate using a tip of reboot or something. No, however, I get boor. The stick (and its adapter) work very well. I can read it using another USB adapter. (Connected to my dell monitor 24 "... so not exactly a portable solution)

    My laptop is the Satellite R20 Tablet and my OS is Vista Business

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Duo cards have been gradually were they not? I'm sure that the Duo do not support Toshiba laptops. The only solution is a USB adapter, preferably a compact.

  • Satellite Pro M70-137: can I use Memory Stick Pro Duo?

    I think to buy a new digital camera from Sony, witch uses Memory Stick Duo Pro. I'm not used to Sony memory cards, so I don't know if my Satellite Pro M70-137 of the 5-in-1 built in card reader can be used with Memory Stick Duo Pro. On Toshibas Web site, it says Memory Stick, Memory Stick Pro, but nothing on Memory Stick Duo Pro.

    Can we read/write Memory Stick Pro Duo with the build in the 5-in-1 card reader?


    I found the info you can use Memory Stick Pro 256 MB to 1 GB on your device. I put t really know if you can use a Memory Stick Pro Duo. Check it please in the user manuals.

    If this is not the case, there are solution called Memory stick duo adapter. The example that you can find on

    Good bye

  • Re: Equim A200 - 151 Memory Stick Pro Duo 512 stuck


    I know very little about periphirals, and as a result, I now have a memory Sony stick stuck in my SD / XD laptop slot. I tried to remove it manually, but I don't want to disassemble the laptop in case I damage it. Any ideas on what I could do? Thank you!!!

    Hey there.
    I assume that you have not used the adapter, when you insert the memory stick pro duo in the card reader?
    Well, the only thing you could try is now use a pair of tweezers to get out of your laptop.

    But be careful not to push further, not the card in the reader.
    That's all I can tell you now.
    If you are not sure if you dare continue, go and contact local ASP to prevent further damage.

  • Satellite A100-775 - can't read memory stick pro duo of

    Can not read the Memory Stick * pro Duo * of my DSLR Sony to edit the photos

    Y at - it an update, or maybe a solution via USB-adapter?

    I put t have Memory Stick Pro Duo cards, but I looked in the user manual and the card reader supports SD/MS/MS Pro/MMC/cards xD and it looks like that the MS Duo Pro cards are not supported.

    I think you need to use an external card reader. I bought a Kingston external card reader and it works fine.

  • Satellite P200D - will not read the Memory Stick Pro duo adapter

    Kia Ora
    My Satellite P200 will not read my Memory Stick Pro Duo adapter, both brand Sony.

    I am running Vista Home Premium. SD cards are read OK.
    The adapter works fine in my PC running XP Home premium. I tried two cards different pro duo. Help, please!


    I think you should consult your user manual because this type of card is not supported:
    + Memory Stick Duo/PRO Duo and Memory Stick adapter are not compatible with the multiple digital media card slot. Do not insert the Memory Stick Duo/PRO Duo into the slot. Data lost or damaged if you use one card other than those supported. +

    Do you have more questions? ;)

  • Re: Tecra M10 - BSOD with memory stick pro duo


    As a first step, I would like to apologize for my English. I'm not so good at this.

    I have a M10 - 11U (PTMB3E) and Windows XP. When I insert a Memory Stick Pro Duo card to the card reader the system just fall into BSOD and reboot my laptop. It says BAD_POOL_HEADER and something else. But when I insert an SD card works properly. And I think that when I had Windows Vista everything worked well. So I invited, it is in the card reader drivers, but I can't find one that would work.

    What should I do?

    Thanks for your advice.


    For memory stick duo pro cards that you must use an adapter, you read. Do you use such an adapter?
    You can find this information in the user manual and it seems that you need an adapter for the memory stick cards.
    Check this box!

    In addition, you can download all the drivers on the Toshiba site: decision-making supported Downloads & => Download drivers

  • Satellite A100 - how to remove the Memory Stick Pro DUO card slot


    I really need help with how to remove my Memory Stick Pro DUO card slot.

    The laptop read the stick very well and I can see all the files into it but I can't seem to get out. I tried to push a little to get out, but it does not work and it's also pretty far in so I can't get out.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Thank you


    To my knowledge there is no extra help for Memory Stick Pro DUO removing as on the PCMCIA port.
    You should try to get him out. If you n t manage to pull him out with you fingers, you can use a pair of tweezers.
    But be careful.

  • Satellite A200 - 1 GB & Memory Stick Pro Duo

    Can I use the maps "Memory Stick Pro Duo" in my Satellite A200 - 1 GB?

    Thank you


    How about a look in the user manual?

    In my manual, I found all the information I needed.

    OK I'll do it for you because I love you :D

    After about 5 minutes.

    So I ve got it ;)
    I found it in Chapter 8
    You can use
    SD-> up to 2GB
    -> 4 GB SDHC
    MMC-> up to 1 GB
    Ms.-> up to 128 MB, 256 (128 MB x 2)
    MS Pro-> up to 2GB
    xD-> up to 2GB

  • Memory Stick Pro DUO is not in my Satellite A200 - 1 H 2

    Laptop computer most I want to set up my Memory Stick Pro DUO inside the laptop, but not this one, it can t happen so I tried to put the Memory Stick Pro DUO in one of these adapter Memory Stick DUO that accompany it, and although it does not connect, nothing happens...

    What is c? Why can't t my laptop does not recognize it? Doesn't it support?


    I don't know what you mean with most laptops, but it is logical that each laptop producer offers very precise specifications where you can read about the compatible memory cards that can be used with multi card reader.

    Have you checked the user's guides document for your Satellite A200? I don't think so.

  • Re: Error in reading Memory Stick Pro Duo

    I have Toshiba A200 - 1 M 4
    When I insert the Memory Stick Duo Pro (with the help of the Memory Stick Duo adapter), I get this error message from Windows Vista:
    {color: #ff0000} * you must format the disk into G: drive before you can use it.*
    * You want to format? * {color}

    I put the same card in an another (NOT of Toshiba laptop) and it could read as well.
    And I do not have problems in playback of SD, but just Memory Stick Pro Duo memory cards.
    So what's the problem?
    Please help me
    Thank you


    I think that it always useful to take a look in the user manual for additional information on the laptop. :)

    The said Memory Stick user manual * PRO Duo * and Memory Stick * Duo cards or adapters are not compatible with the Satellite A200 series multiple digital media card slot!

    So you will not be able to use this card.
    You'll need to switch to a card that is picked up and compatible with the multiple digital media card slot.

    Best regads

  • Memory stick pro duo of

    Is a memory stick pro duo compatible with my laptop that I can not understand how to insert it without adapter?


    Dv6 is a series of dozens of some models. Please check this:

    Kind regards.

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