SP4600 drivers & install Windows XP SP2


I intend to perform a new installation of Windows XP SP2 on my laptop SP4600. Unfortunately, I have not the CD of recovery or any Tools & Utilities CD with drivers for Windows XP. Instead, I downloaded a set of drivers for the Toshiba driver downloads section. And here my question: what is the order of installing drivers? I found this information for Win2000 system in the FAQ, but not for WinXP. Can I use the same order to install Win2000? But it seems that there is no driver chipset for given for Win2000 WinXP! Some of the drivers included in Windows XP system and do not require an additional installation?

Please help me with that issue or direct me to a place when I can find relevant information. Thanks in advance :)



In my opinion you should after installing WXP start with the installation of different screen, sound, modem and other drivers. After that you can install specific tools Toshiba but first, you must install common modules. It is very important because this little tool is a module more important for other tools.

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