SQL to set overall time for all work


We had a maintenance COMPUTER each night window that starts at 22:30 for many years.  Looks like that will change to start at 23:00 every night instead. We have hundreds of "hard coded" ad-hoc jobs at 22:30 (not inherit) that needs to be changed to 23:00 start.  The jobs are not inherit time due to a current bug who inherited the time is not picked up when insertion in annex jobs who do not have a calendar.

I need a SQL script that can change the world for the start time for me, so I can't spend an entire day by clicking on the graphical interface.

Appreciate any help.

Thank you!


Hey Tyler,

Just a little warning: as with the SQL query that modifies the data base of the Admiral in a form, code must be tested and validated by Cisco Support before applying the changes in your own environment. Otherwise, if you run any piece of code that will break the database of the Admiral, this will void the contract between your company and Cisco etc. Note that this piece of SQL code is intended to guide you in the right direction, so that you can view and change your environmental needs, and ALWAYS back up your database of Admiral.


-Tide uses a default funny SQL server date depending on version, it's okay to take effect the

' SET jd.jobdtl_fromtm = ' MM/DD/YYYY 11:00:00 PM.
OF jobdtl LIKE jd
INNER JOIN jobmst AS jm
ON jd.jobdtl_id = jm.jobdtl_id

-to determine whether employment is ad-hoc when no calendar is from jobmst
WHERE jm.evntmst_id IS NULL AND
JM.jobmst_active = 'Y' AND
JM.jobmst_dirty <> 'X '.

- AND jm.jobmst_id = XX, where XX is only linked to a single task for test purposes


The Derrick

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    Kind regards


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    end your problem - you can define that behavior in your execution environment depending on how you run generated DDL, or you can try the generation 'Advanced DDL' option - it you can also set errors to be ignored and more options for unloading data to the filesystem if the table is re-created.


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