Cisco DataCenter

Blade BONE has no connectivity

OS (ESXi) installed on blades has no network connectivity and can not ping gateway. I confirmed that on my switches North depending on necessary VLAN is in place. I can access the UCS infra and KVM with no problems. UCS infra, blade kvm and ESX are o

Addresses MAC to FI FI

We had a setup consultant our infrastructure of Hyper-V, SCVMM, and there apparently did not set out properly switch HV. Long story short, the consultant set up the consolidation of NETWORK cards and our independent switch vSwitch tenant with LB of d

Supported maximum VCC in nexus 9504

We have a nexus switch 9504 with SUP - A installed in it. IOS version: NX - OS 7.0.3 (I1) 2 and we have the intention of creating more VDC in it. But in one of the release notes, I read that Nexus 9 k doesn't support multiple vdc. Currently, Cisco Ne

Why the interconnections of fabric can be connected to the two MDS?

Hi all 1. why the white paper below says that if FI is connected to two MDS, then it will create a single point of failure?


For a script that I am building, I need to be able to detect if its 2 initiators are connected to the same switch or no host. I use WWNN of the switch of the to do. Due to a limitation of security - the script cannot directly query the switch and mus

Cisco MDS 9 k series

Hello I'm new to this switch. I want to configure SMTP alerts every time that a failure of port / hardware problem happens on the switch. Kindly help, how we can set this up. Thank you

FCoE Multihop

Hi all I am fairly new to the world of storage and now I'm working on the FCoE multihop test laboratory. I have a few questions that need to be clarified and some examples of caonfiguration that need to be corrected. I've also attached the logical to

Power off and power on a Cisco Switch

Hello guys This is my first thread Due a maintenance, must be off for a few hours our cisco MDS 9500 switches. Someone at - it all the necessary steps to do this in a graceful manner? I've never needed to do and want to take all the necessary precaut

Compatibility of 9148 MDS and HP HBA.

Hi all The it Department is considering changing some HBA cards to some of our servers. The manufacturer of HBA cards is HP AP770B - HP 82 b PCIe 8Gb FC Dual-Port HBA AJ763B - 82nd HP, two ports PCI-e 8Gb FC HBA QR559A - HP SN1000E 16 P 2 Gb FC HBA A

WWPN query values

Y at - it a way to query all the WWPN's on my frame? I'm looking to automate certain zoning and Group creation. I did some research on Google, but I don't get great results... Thanks in advance!

DCNM 5.2.2 installation of CentOS 5.5

Hello Is it possible to install CentOS 5.5 5.2 DCNM?

Number of virtual machines per server

This number varies greatly with the type of workload and of (among other variables) network connectivity, but what would you say is a common number of virtual machines running on a particular server (NIC10 G ) platform? 10? 20? 40? The number of sock

Question of design around VSAN

We left the Nexus 5 K for our CF to switching to start our UCS blades. I wonder what the best design is for the following situation. Active / Active NetApp HA pair. FC 2 ports target of each head of NetApp in the HA pair to the SAN (Nexus 5 K in our

'Switch' - what is the meaning of an active State or ensure the blades?

Hello If I want to turn off a UCS B Series chassis, I put the blades in mode standby via the button "power"? I noticed there is a power button on each blades and it is orange/orange when there is no association of service profile. However, by pressin

Win2k3R2 with SP2 cannot recognize local HDD in B200 :(

Hello I tried to install en_win_srv_2003_r2_datacenter_x64_with_sp2, but he could recognize no hard drive built-in B200 blade. Is this a feature or I do something wrong? Or to rephrase my question, is there a special driver for it and where it can be

M81KR map B440 M1

According to my knowledge, there are two cards of M81KR in M1 B440 who both have 2x10G connection to the chassis in the background. I have 2 quick questions on cards M81KR B440 M1 blade. 1 are - these two cards work as active / standby?  Or a 10G con

Connection of IOM in a cluster configuration

I just wanted to check that I have my setup of physical connections: If I have 2 fabric interconnects and 2 chassis, I should connect: Chassis1-IOM1 connected to Tissu1 Chassis1 IOM2 connected to Tissu2 Chassis2-IOM1 connected to Tissu2 Chassis2 IOM2

The Virtualizer interface?

The white paper has a section that describes a 'Virtualizer Interface", which, once deployed in ESX with a proper ph

Use fixed Port 6120 licenses

I looked in the 6120 via line cmd and noticed that the output of 'show the use of the licenses' indicates that there is a license 8 ports but none are used. If this is the case, what do the 12 remaining ports of license? What happens if you use two o

Group on FI uplink ports?

Hello Can I 'bundle' two uplink in an Etherchannel ports and then statically pin ports of the server for the "bundle" (portchannel) and not individual links? Kind regards Geert
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