Still 2 WT8-B-102 - loading and using a mouse at the same time


I have a Tablet yet 2 WT8-B-102. Anyone know, please, what would happen if I tried to load / use on current electric at the same time that the use of an external mouse?

I have an adapter that plugs into the micro-usb port and has two connectors USB (life-size). I have attached a USB mouse and one USB key to another and worked well. However, if I plug in a USB mouse and the plug of the charger on the other USB connector (via a USB cable at each end full size) what happens? Would like to fry my tablet, because (in my opinion) I would like to put something in the (electricity) Tablet at the same time as I was taking something (the mouse) via the same micro-USB? The Tablet could not bear, or would I ask it to do too?

I know this sounds a bit garbled but I did my best to explain what I'm asking, and if someone who can understand what I'm going to talk can help, please, it would be so awesome.

Thanks for reading.


My blade of ebay 1 megabytes/s usb adapter worked litle, for keyboard and mause but it wont charge the tablet.

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    Just put the phone in 'PC' for USB Mode, plug it into your computer and you should be able to load and play music on the phone or the phone with the PC is turned off.    I throw my phone all the time that when I am traveling with Windows 7 on my laptop or Vista on my desktop when you work at home.   PC Mode is a shared reading where SD card is accessible by the PC and the phone and at the same time while allowing phone to load.

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    You can read what is known on the Apple site.

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    Hi Logankoch01,

    The permanent solution is to attach a USB mouse. The mouse and keyboard can work at the same time for the games.

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    You can use a dock of lightning to reload everything using plug the dock integrated headset for listening to music.

  • Satellite L550-117 - how to use VGA + HDMI at the same time?

    I have a Satellite/Satellite L550 series Satellite L550 - 117.
    Can I use 2 monitors at the same time, using the function key (laptop screen + HDMI, VGA + HDMI, VGA, portable computer), but I would use "laptop screen", "VGA output" + "Output HDMI" at the same time (for example: to play a movie on an HD TV and work on the other two screens).
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    Hey Buddy,

    Good idea you have unfortunately it of not possible to use 3 monitors at the same time. You can use the internal monitor and an external monitor but not the two external monitors. This is not supported in the graphics card.

    Then, you use internal monitor, VGA connection or internal monitor + HDMI connection. That s what you can do.

  • If I click on "PIN to the browser" the sensitive axis is unselected and vice versa. I need object "PIN at the top of the browser" and 'sensitive pine' work at the same time. Any suggestions?

    In the latest version of muse to adobe, I have me against "PIN at the top of the browser" and 'sensitive pine' work at the same time.

    Now if I choose an object and the axis 'browser', "sensitive pine" is unselected and vice versa.

    The need is for the header with the logo and menu bar to be pinned to the top of the browser, so that the page scrolls in the header bar.

    Now when I click on the sensitive left axis for the logo and the sensitive right pin for the navigation bar, the "pin at the top of the browser" gets deselected.

    Any suggestions or workarounds will be appreciated.

    Kind regards


    Hi all

    Thanks for that bring to our attention. We will consider adding this feature in the future.

    RyanDoyle - it's an interesting hack you have found! Unfortunately, I wouldn't count on that it works like this in the future, as a bug which is to operate. If you drag the screen to change the width of the browser as a Muse, you'll see that the behavior of the elements in the status button (a menu, for example) is different from when exported. However, if you make a small change to your hack, so it should always work: set button "width sensitive" State instead. In addition, I don't see why all parts must be in separate to this job state buttons, but I've only tried a simple example myself.

    An another workaround I used is to create another, more breakpoint. For example, if I have a menu that is pinned to the top left of the browser in the dots stop, then in a breakpoint, I would pin in the center top of the browser. Normally, I wouldn't add more breakpoints, but there is a way that I found to work around the problem. Ryan workaround is perhaps the best way to go if you take my advice and use a status button sensitive width instead of the width of the browser.

    Hope this helps,


  • Template file - y at - it an easy way to update the files related to a model, and download them (put) at the same time?

    First of all, I am a user of Adobe software for 20 years now.  I love the adobe range. I want to just clarify.

    Question... Template Files - y at - it an easy way to update the files related to a model, and download them (put) at the same time?

    Its been bothering me since I started using Dreamwever 10 years now, when you use template files to create small, who later turn wholesale websites. Whenever I update a template file I have to find each file in the files Panel, then download them. When I navigate through a lot of directories to find it can get a lot of time and boring.  Whey cant be just a button that does it? See the attached file.

    Is there a way to do this?  Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you very much



    The sync tool should do what you want (second "circular arrows" icon in the files window).

    Who checks your files against the files of the current server and download all that is changed. By default, is also download any file from the server which is more recent than your local files at the same time, but you can set it to 'Put the latest files remotely' rather than 'get and put newer files' and you should be good to go.

  • iPhone 6 s - photo app does not allow users to take pictures and listen to music at the same time

    The repro steps:

    • iPhone 6 s - photo app does not allow the user to take pictures and listen to music at the same time

      Music app vs photo app

    (1) play a sound track in the music app
    (2) the swtich to app photo (on the "Photo" mode)
    (3) music stops

    Pandora app vs photo app

    1) turn on pandora
    2) switch to the camera on the 6s iphone app
    (3) stopping the music


    My iPhone stopped playing music when you take photos?

    Nothing to trouble since he was not taken in charge.

  • In windows movie maker, failed to get the narration and music to play at the same time

    I have followed the instructions to the T, but cannot get the narration and music to play at the same time.

    Hi Anataia,

    You are unable to play the music and narration at the same time, you can adjust the audio levels to determine which audio will play louder than the other in your movie.

    The audio settings by default in Windows Movie Maker is for the audio portion of imported video and any narration or music that you add to play at an equal level, but you can change that setting if it does not give you the balance that you want. To adjust the audio levels, follow these steps:

    1. Click on Tools, then the Audio levels.
    2. Do one of the following:
      • To increase the level of audio on the Audio track that is part of a video clip, drag the slider toward Audio from video.
      • To increase the level of audio that is located on the audio / music, drag the slider to Audio / Music.
    3. Click close.

    Hope this has been helpful.

    Bindu S - Microsoft Support
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think

  • Buy two planes? Photographic for 9.99 and 19.99 Indesign at the same time? It s less expensive than 49.99 with applications and I only need this two software

    Buy two planes? Photographic for 9.99 and 19.99 Indesign at the same time? It s less expensive than 49.99 with applications and I only need this two software


    Yes, you can buy the plan of photography as well as one app In-design under the same account.

    Please check the link for purchase

    Please go through the Adobe - General conditions of subscription as well.

    Hope this helps!

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    Is it possible to copy and paste several fields at the same time as in the employment history section or reference to an employment application?

    Hello Glenn,.

    You can right click on the domain and select 'Copy field' and can then slide it into position suitable in the document so that in the preview page.

    Let me know if that helps!

    Kind regards


  • How to load and replace random swf in the same charger on stage?

    Hi... it's very simple, but for some reason any escapes me: using AS3 how a swf file can load another swf to replace itself in the charger still on the stage, while at the same time calling a function of randomization in the first frame of the main timeline, to randomize the next swf?

    At the end of each swf (called "koan_ # .swf"), it is the following old AS2 code... it has been used to choose randomly, and then play a SWF of koan table:

    _root.index ++

    If (_root.index > _root.koan.length - 1) {}

    _root.index = 0;

    _root. KOAN.shuffle ();


    _root.koan_loader_mc.loadMovie (_root. KOAN [_root.index]);

    This code on the first frame of the main timeline loads a koan random swf file correctly, but after that the koan plays I'd like to load a new swf random koan.

    function shuffle(a:Array):Array {}

    var len:Number is. Length-1;

    for (var ivar:Number = len; ivar > = 0; ivar-) {}

    var p:Number = Math.floor (Math.random () *(ivar+1));

    var t = a [ivar];

    a [ivar] = a [p];

    a [p] = t;


    return a;


    var: index: uint = 0;

    var koan_loader:Loader = new Loader();

    koan var: Array = ['swfs/koans/koan_1.swf","swfs/koans/koan_2.swf', 'swfs/koans/koan_3.swf', 'swfs/koans/koan_4.swf', 'swfs/koans/koan_5.swf', 'swfs/koans/koan_6.swf', 'swfs/koans/koan_7.swf', 'swfs/koans/koan_8.swf', 'swfs/koans/koan_9.swf', 'swfs/koans/koan_10.swf', 'swfs/koans/koan_11.swf', 'swfs/koans/koan_12.swf'];

    KOAN = shuffle (koan);

    koan_loader. Load (new URLRequest (koan [index]));

    MovieClip (this).koan_loader_mc.addChild (koan_loader);

    Thank you very much.  I tried several variations of updated AS2 code but am at my wits end.

    -Very well, bloody forums join the file for some reason, so here is the code:

    Copy and paste this code into a text file and save it as

    package {}


    SerializableAttribute public class InterfaceEvent extends Event {}

    public static const = "koanFinished" KOAN_FINISHED:String

    public void InterfaceEvent (type: String, bubbles: Boolean = false, cancelable: Boolean = false, int index = - 1, item: Object = null) {}

    Super (type, bubbles, cancelable);

    This.index = index;

    This.Item = item;


    public var int index = - 1;

    public var point: Object = null;

    override public function clone (): Event {}

    return new InterfaceEvent (this.type, this.bubbles, this.cancelable, this.index, this.item);




  • use java edition and edition of native at the same time in a single java application


    I have a situation where I need to use both versions of berkeley Db at the same time. I have an external library that I use and which requires the Java edition and my own code which uses the native version. Unfortunately, the library source code is not available and I don't want to see my program to use the Java edition.

    Some packages in je.4.0.103.jar and db.jar (version 5.1) contain the same naming structure and classes for example. com.sleepycat.persist.EntityStore. I removed the packages duplicated in je.4.0.103.jar however, it seems that the implementation is slightly different between the two versions I get

    java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: com.sleepycat.persist.EntityStore. < init > (MBCA/sleepycat/I/environment; Ljava/lang/String; MBCA/sleepycat/persist/StoreConfig ;) V

    When I had just two available versions my code for the preserved native version using the packets from the Java edition and an external library maintained on the use of the native version and therefore I had loads of errors.

    So how I differentiate them. The problem is because the two sets of packages have identical names and the names of classes for Java does not know which ones to use. I use eclipse then maybe there is an option where I can say that some classes to use some packages.

    Any ideas?


    We do not officially support using BDB and BDB I from the same JVM process.

    It is possible to circumvent this limitation by creating two [url] Chargers of Java classes which load a file two jar. When you call BDB or BDB I methods, the call should be put in brackets with calls like this that cause the correct class loader to use:

    ClassLoader saveLoader = Thread.currentThread().getContextClassLoader();
    Thread.currentThread().setContextClassLoader(/* specify correct loader for BDB or BDB JE here */);
    try {
       // do something with BDB or BDB JE
    } finally {

    We are not experts in the field of chargers for custom classes and we do not have an example of this. We don't him did not ourselves, we know only that users have done.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards
    Alex Gorrod
    Oracle Berkeley DB

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