Strange problem with keyboard on the Satellite L20-155

My keyboard I am pushing the "Fn" key all the time!
How can I solve this problem?

+ y 2eyb6ard th5n2s ' + - 4sh5ng the 'Fn' b4tt6n wh63e t5 + e8
H6w can s63ve th5s-r6b3e +.
(This happens when I don't push the 'Fn' key...)

Thank you!


Usually, if the function FN + F10 or FN + F11 is enabled if the function FN key are locked and you can use the small gray panels on the keys without pressing the FN key.
In this case, please check if you can disable it.

Good bye

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    (In English) I have a problem with my laptop model Satellite L735-sp3102w not use the CAPS LOCK SHIFT CTRL, x, v, m, know me how I can exclude a keyboard error or an error of configuration keyboard

    (Whenever I turn on the laptop turns on but the button Caps Lock off instantly) I hope that your help thank you

    Double post:

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    I have the model L50 - A Satellite and all typing today, whenever I type a letter on the /eyboard (of the previous word it should be easy to understand what letter it is!) it is replaced by / (slash).

    My computer is only a couple of months and is very well cared for (without food or liquids allowed near him!). I've heard many people having a problem with the letters being substituted by numbers, which I think is a num loc / problem. I've tried, even restored computer to factory settings, but still no luc /!

    I hope someone may be able to help out me?
    That / s :)

    > tried, even restored computer to factory settings, but still no luc /!
    I m there is a problem with the hardware of the keyboard, and I guess that everything would work correctly using external USB keyboard. If you do not have to test this in the past, I would advise you do this just to confirm that the use of the external keyboard wouldn t be a problem.

    I guess that there is no other way for you to replace the internal keyboard with a new one.
    I assume that the warranty is still valid, because the L50 - A is new to the market and therefore, you should contact the Toshiba authorized service provider to get it fixed for free.

  • Problem with keyboard on the Satellite L670 - 10 p

    Google Transtale:
    I have a problem with my laptop, I of course put him a served in Bosnia and Herzegovina. And they called and said I need a new part.
    This problem, my keyboard does not work, so not much. Served told me I need a new part.
    They showed me how much is a new keyboard.
    The hit series I don't know because my laptop is just in the served...
    I can only give you the following:
    Toshiba Satellite L670 - 10 p
    So, I only reported as a keyboard normal wiel costs about... I know that it.
    Why should I ask this
    Because only these people steal money... and I note as indicated.
    Thank you.
    Just for you that has this problem...

    Bosnia and Herzegovina Ismar

    Hello Ismar

    To be honest I didn t understand your ad very well, but if you have laptop new and registered with valid warranty do not pay anything if Notepad or any part of the material is defective.

    While the time guarantee everything that needs to be done, I want to tell all the costs will be covered by the warranty.

  • Problem with keyboard on the Satellite Pro C660

    Hi all

    I am completely confused because my keyboard has gone haywire and am pretty annoyed, that I can't fix it

    Am running windows 7 on toshiba satellite laptop computer pro and I was wondering if this is a software or hardware problem.

    Here's what happens:

    -Caps lock light stays no more but it flashes when I press it. It always works well
    -Left SHIFT key still works, but when I press on it... it is also creates this symbol ~ at the same time within UK keyboard. If I change U.S. keyboard then it enters the vertical BAR.
    -The ~ key above the tab key doesn't do what ¬
    - And that the key to the pipe that is above the input Tape button this: #7

    I updated the BIOS earlier today, but nothing helps...

    Does anyone have an idea on how I can fix this as its quite frustrating! Thanks for all the ideas.

    see you soon

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    > Am running windows 7 on toshiba satellite laptop computer pro and I was wondering if this is a software or maybe hardware problem.

    Keyboard is controlled by a Microsoft driver that is part of the Window System.
    So the story is pretty simple either your internal keyboard has failed or the keyboard on the motherboard controller does not work.

    How do I know what part is affected?
    It is also quite simple, you connect an external USB keyboard.
    If you notice the same problems using the external keyboard, the problem is related to the keyboard controller. If you n notice any problems using the USB, the computer keyboard keyboard internal works poorly in this case has to be replaced.

  • Problem with keyboard on the Satellite L70 - has

    I got my T Sat L70 - A computer for a while with no problems.

    A few days ago my 'BACKSPACE' key start showing as '9' and does not meet the command «return back» How can I fix it?

    You can try to connect external USB keyboard to the laptop to test if this behavior of the keyboard button displays the external keyboard.
    If the USB keyboard works correctly, the problem is definitely caused by malfunction internal keyboard. In this case, you will need to replace the keyboard.

    You are guaranteed valid? In case it is, the replacement can be replaced at no charge.

  • Problem with keyboard on the Satellite C850-F0202.


    I need urgent assistance on the keyboard of my C850-F0202.
    Without warning, the keyboard went without object.

    The only bit which seem to be affected are the shortcut keys for brightness(f2-f3), toggle (f12) wireless as well as those of the volume(f9-f10). In addition, the 'NUM LOCK' light during the restart.

    I made several suggestions and recommendations-system restore, uninstall the keyboard driver and reboot system, etc--all without success.
    In one of the occasions where I tried the system restore, I got an error message: critics of the process is dead.
    All attempts to "System Restore" ended without success.

    I am amazed, bar this problem keyboard, everything seems to work very well; start is smooth, no fuss.
    I'm at my wits end, I need more positive assistance.

    Please help, thanks!

    NB: Operating system: windows pro 8.1.


    My personal opinion, you should check if this problem could be related to problem internal keyboard or keyboard controller.
    Connect the external USB keyboard and check if it will not work correctly.

    In case the connected USB keyboard will work not correctly, the problem is must be linked to the internal keyboard failure. To solve the problem, you must replace the internal keyboard.

  • Strange problem with measurement of the color under Mac.

    Hello, I have a strange problem with measurement of the color under Mac. For example I create a gradient in Photoshop color 200 200 200 color 240 240 240. When I measure the color of the gradient with the Photoshop color measurement tool or with the built in OS X color measurement tool measured color is of 200 199 197 to 240 240 238. I measured the same gradient with Photoshop for PC and the values are OK (the same values that I create).

    I don't know what the problem is, but I think that the colors that I create are the same I have measure after creating them and also values between Mac and PC. I appreciate much help or information you could give me that helps me understand what is happening here.

    Thank you for your time


    Yep, you guessed it, evidence as monitor basically removes all profiling and just offer it right.

    is it possible to make the OS X color measurement tool to measure the original color values

    You mean the colors of paper - No., as I said photoshop filter your image through the profile document, proof of installation and the monitor profile. Why use Digital color meter for this though?

    I don't understand what is measurement of color values that will change every time point calibrate it my monitor.

    Because color values are "larger" what is on your monitor. Your monitor (via photoshop) makes only the best he can to display these values, which can be anything from LAB colors outside the range of your monitor - to the CMYK color. Calibration, it is the only way to allow your monitor to do this in any way accurately. (never really impossible) The monitors have a certain range and are only representations / would the REAL colors who is the holder of a document, with a profile. There's only one good reason to measure the monitor values so that is to build a monitor profile.

  • Problem with Vista hit the Satellite X 200 - 20 s

    Sometimes during typing on vista, it will stutter and freeze. The time is very short. Is this a problem with vista or the laptop. The T7300 Core 2 Duo 2 ghz processor.


    I have a Satellite Pro S200 and the same problem was with my camera. It s is not a hardware problem, it s more a driver related issue No. So, the best thing you can do is update your bios and keep your drivers up-to-date. Just check the download Drivers Toshiba site and make sure you have the latest drivers installed.

    I had resolved my stuttering (core2duo 2.33 Ghz, 2 GB RAM) by updating all drivers...

    That's all

    Good bye

  • More strange problem with keyboard and mouse on Satellite 1900

    Clicking on files or folders, I wonder to confirm the deletion of the clicked elements. The "Left shift" is interpreted as a backspace. I was afraid of a virus; but no viruses or spyware are present. I reformatted and reinstalled evrything; the problem persists. Everyone has known and resolved this strange problem.
    Thank you for the help.


    It's very strange. Unfortunately I have no precise explanation. I suggest you check this with external keyboard to see if the keyboard is not defective.

  • Strange problem with keyboard Satellite A50 542

    I had due to problems with my laptop from the time of the purchase in October 2004

    The cursor moves on its own to another location
    The "BOLD" mode appears from time to time on its own
    The computer will go to another application on its own for example while typing an e-mail message, the computer will switch to the mailbox


    Well. Have you tried to restore the system?
    Please recover the operating system with the restore CD provided. If this problem persists, I suppose that it s a hardware malfunction. In this case, you must contact the service partner to change keyboard.

    Best regards

  • Problem with keyboard on the M60 (characters to jump)

    I bought an M60 for my wife and she complained that he jumps constantly characters. I found the same problem. For example, type in the URLS in internet explore or composing emails, he will be missed by 10% of the time characters. I saw a couple of posting on this topic in the forums.

    Good old Dixons refused to refund purchases as someone called me today to say that she cannot see any problem with the keyboard.

    Does anyone know a solution to this problem?

    Hello Chris

    Unfortunately, the problem can be fixed with some kind of firmware. I spoke with Toshiba and this is known issue and they also said that Toshiba do some tests with the new keyboards and when this will be resolved customers can expect a help about it.

    If I understand right, there is a problem with the contacts of the button. As you know that it is the new keyboard with numeric keypad and not the standard. Sorry, but for now, need you a little patience. If you want you can also try to contact the after-sales Service of Toshiba partner in your country. Maybe they have the same information. Talk with them. A consultation is free.

    Good luck!

  • Strange problem with keyboard

    Hi I bet that no one has an idea for my problem because I tried to find a sollusion for centuries.
    When I play games v b z and SPACEBAR keys of my work stoppage until I press alt gr + key menu, then they start
    work again. When I'm done playing and you try to use z b v and SPACEBAR again they stop working until I have press either
    menu or ctrl + alt + menu, then a box will come from the same box as SHIFT + F10. I ignore the box and my keys back.
    Someone at - it an idea, I reinstalled the driver for keyboard, reset my fonts, it gets really fustrating now?
    I'm on windows 7 64 bit and I have a laptop with a keyboard ps/2 base.

    Hi Grogun,


    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community.

    I understand that you are facing problems with your keyboard. Correct me if I'm wrong.

    I imagine the inconvenience that you are experiencing. I will try to help you in the matter of fixing.

    To help you suggest several steps to solve the problem, I would appreciate if you could answer the following questions:

    1. What is the brand and model of the keyboard?

    2. you receive an error code or message?

    3. have you made any recent hardware or exchange of software on your computer before the show?

    Follow the steps in the link below and check off the question:

    Mouse, touchpad and keyboard with Windows problems:


    Your response is very important for us to ensure a proper resolution. Please get back to us with the information above to help you accordingly.


    In the future if you fall on any question relating to Windows, please do not hesitate to post your request here on Microsoft Community, we will be more than happy to help you.


  • Problem with shortcut on the Satellite C855D-13N


    Can anyone help please?

    My keyboard has had problems in the past and he was sent to Germany for repairs.
    She came back, but after a few moments, the keyboard problem reappeared.
    When you type to access pages Web etc. program expenses are open as if, I think it is called a macro program received access keys.

    I used the keyboard screen to overcome this, but it is inaccessible today.
    Has anyone encountered this problem before?
    Is there a program to get rid of these problem of keyboard shortcuts?

    Thank you in advance.

    > When entering for access to pages Web etc program expenses are open as if, I think it is called, a macro program received access keys.

    What (s) did you press on exactly?

    You can control the different characteristics of portable on different F (F1 - F10) keys (also part of the FN key): for example, you can enable or disable the touchpad or you can change the brightness of the display.
    Do you mean these keys?

    The other hand OS Windows supports a feature called Accessibility Center.
    Within accessibility you can adjust these settings to 'make it easier to use the keyboard.

    Go to control panel and click Accessibility Center and find the link to make the keyboard easier to use. Once you're there, you'll want to make sure that the boxes to turn on sticky keys or turn FilterKeys are off which simply means the feature isn't active at the moment.

    Also, you gotta click on set up filter keys or set up sticky keys (or both). Disable filter keys Popup. If you went to the filter keys Setup screen, remove the FilterKeys check box lights up when you press right SHIFT for 8 seconds. To disable the Sticky Keys Popup, uncheck the box to turn on sticky keys when you press SHIFT five times.

    Recommend that you check this Microsoft article about this feature:

  • Strange problem with graphics memory in Satellite Pro 4600

    When I try to open two windows at the same time, the operating system seems to fail. This option is to restart.
    For example: looking for a page on Google, select the page and click on a link to the current page. Displays two screens, but no action is possible.
    Operating system is Win98SE?

    Can someone help me?


    I put t believe it s a hardware malfunction, if the problem ONLY occurs with IE Explorer.
    As the above user said, try to install a fresh OS and see if the new installation has resolved the problem.
    Check the operating system for all malware.

Maybe you are looking for