Strap digital SLR camera (SD card) for iPad - review during filming photos

Does anyone know how to directly connect USB cable a DSLR for an iPad 3?

Looking to install a strap to view the pictures on the screen of the iPad.

I know that there are wifi options, but wonder about an adaptor + usb cable option

Thank you = 91

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    Hi there somethinghey! If you are referring to DSLR cameras with video recording capabilities, please check this link for information and comparison.

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    You are a pixel-peeper?

    If this isn't the case, I doubt that you can see the difference. I guess that's what you're talking about since you did mention the MP of each. The MP of a camera is not the single assessment point as the 40 d is a fine camera better than a rebel.

    The 40 d leans more towards the pro series cameras and the Rebel T3 is more towards the amateur line. IMHO, as always.

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    If it's an iPad only wifi you will not be able to use a SIM at all

    If it's a cell iPad then you will not need to use a sim card

    only cellular iPads has gps

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  • Isolate the iPad Pro downloads since Photo Push SD card to iCloud

    I recently made a trip to the coast with my digital SLR camera, an iPad Pro and SD lightning adapter.  In general, I use on my rMPB 13 "with a disk external DRIVE containing a reference of all DSLR photos library.  To save space and reduction of risk, I left the combo rMBP/HDD home for this trip.  Download photos DSLR to the iPad was certainly convenient and, at the time, worked very well, especially since I could see both iPhone and blows all DSLR at the same place (learned to love the Apple ecosystem, at least in concept).  All software was up-to-date as of January 3, 2016.

    Unfortunately, when I got home, I realized that I was not only download photos DSLR to my iPad, they were jostled in my iCloud photo library as well.  I love the photo library from iCloud, but I need to use files referenced for my digital SLR to support multiple users on my computer (otherwise, I would need to support the two libraries in double, not to mention space iCloud and Uploader for iPad/download bandwidth Mac).  Now I get files duplicate (a referenced, an iCloud) for each DSLR, even after "deletion" versions iCloud before importing the files referenced using the OS X Photos (photos of iCloud returned the next day).  It's particularly bad for me because it was an important meeting (~ 25 GB) and to capture pictures of the iPhone for local backup, Photos on OS X is configured to download the iCloud library.  As a result, I now have about 25 GB of space gnawed on my limited rMBP SSD with these pictures in double; exactly what I was trying to avoid when setting up my external HARD disc reference library.  I think that delete the photos on the side of iOS of Photos will solve my problem (fingers crossed).

    Thus, in the light of the foregoing, I would like to know if there is a way to create a photo album on iOS which is isolated from the automatic pusher of the iCloud to Apple servers library?  This would allow me to use the iPad to see all photos of the day, the two SLRS and iPhone (because the iPhone 6 s has made a worthy camera), without screw my system to file it when I come home and break my bandwidth limits...

    I would like to know if there is a way to create a photo album on iOS which is isolated from the automatic pusher of the iCloud to Apple servers library?

    No, a library of Photos is synchronized completely. all of the photos you import photos can be synchronized to iCloud photo library, or added to my photo stream if you enable these services.      Do not use if you do not want to download all the new photos. Download of your photos by using a USB connection and using iTunes Sync Photo.

    On your Mac, you could separate the photos referenced in the iCloud downloads using a smart album "Photo is referenced", since the referenced pictures will not download to iCloud photo library.

  • Lightroom for iPad - how useful it is for lovers seriously & Pros

    Hi all

    I post this question here because I couldn't find satisfactory answers by Google search.

    I have two requests:

    (1) is now recently launched FREE Lightroom for iPad (you do not have to have a Creative Cloud subscription - it is a free standalone software cost for iPad & Android tablets & so is mobile) as functional as the original LR for iPad where he had to have a subscription to the CC? I have a perpetual license for LR 6. XX (not a subscription of the cc and therefore was not eligible for LR for iPad before this free version came out) and I have now installed the free app from the Apple Store on my iPad Air. Is this a version with less features?

    (2) whereas LR for iPad seems comfortable to make adjustments to photos taken with the iPad, how it really is useful for a serious amateur and a pro who shoot RAW/NEF with DSLR?

    The idea behind LR for iPad appears to allow editing of the RAW files on the go. But I do see quite a few tools that are available on the LR of ordinary office. From what I understand he must buy a connector of camera for iPad - which I have not yet bought - and RAW files are transferred to the iPad as intelligent preview for editing files.

    When only the basic editing capabilities are found on LR for iPad (OR maybe I did not understand where are the advanced editing tools more) how a serious amateur or a professional photographer has a real productivity with LR for iPad?

    And does still have the internet connection to transfer back & forth between iPad and computer? And the files are always stored in the cloud?

    It is quite a lot of questions for me.

    Thanks in advance


    What Lightroom mobile is: a fun way to modify some images that you have on your main computer of Lightroom while sitting on the couch watching television and a simple way to generate a quick sideshow portfolio to show people superficially. It can also take as a JPEG of the film on your mobile device and sync those to your main machine. The latter can be very useful if as me you pull a few extra images documentaries and movies with your iPhone. They will automatically appear in the library of your main machine alongside your digital SLR. Another use for it is as a way to get your images published in instagram office.

    What he is not: a complete edition and the cataloging of solution that can ingest raw images. It cannot replace a laptop.

    Conclusion: It is a bit of a toy and very far from being a professional editing tool. If you use it for what it is intended for the it can be slightly useful. Do not expect too much of it.

  • Lightroom for iPad missing photos and collections

    In Lightroom for iPad my collections and photos are missing. I show 23 listed photos and 24 of the 27 GB used. I tried logging out and back in nothing works. In the idea of what may be the problem?

    Hi Brianm,

    Could you please let me know the version of Lightroom installed on the computer?

    Also how many files have synchronize you from desktop to Mobile Lightroom?

    Kind regards


  • Problems sharing in Adobe Illustrator for iPad (low resolution)

    I work with a high resolution photo in Adobe Illustrator drawing App for iPad. In the photo I'm creating vector graphics with integrated brush, then when you're done, trying to share/export the picture/drawing in its version high resolution. I went through all (I think) all share options, only to find out my photo and graphic vector were reduced to a tiny PNG. I would like to print these images on a large scale, but am doing so based on the problems that I have described.

    The sharing features are intended for platforms where matter the size of the file, such as Facebook, Behance or whatnot.

    To obtain the version high quality of the images, you will need to send them to Illustrator or Photoshop. And you need a CC version to be able to do.

  • I have redownloaded my CS5 Photoshop and Camera Raw will not accept my RAW files or Adobe Bridge displays the display of the image of these files. A message appears saying: it does not support this camera.  I have a Nikon 5100 digital SLR.  He has always

    I have redownloaded my CS5 Photoshop and Camera Raw will not accept my RAW files or Adobe Bridge displays the display of the image of these files. A message appears saying: it does not support this camera.  I have a Nikon 5100 digital SLR.  He has always displayed them in the past.  How do I get to view these photos in Bridge, then open them in RAW?

    Your Nikon 5100 requires a minimum of 6.4 ACR.

    The ACR, which is installed with CS5 default is 6.0.

    You must update your ACR to the latest version available for CS5 - ACR 6.7

  • Preview on the camera for iPad and iPhone for Windows?

    Currently get an overview on the device for iPad and iPhone work only for Mac OS only.  Will there be future updates which will allow Windows have an overview on the iPad?

    Load on the Adobe servers and download my folios on my iPad are very time consuming...

    As a Windows user, I feel your pain. It's something that came under discussion last week, in fact, with my colleagues. I can't promise anything, but we realize the limitation.


  • Transfer photos from the camera for iPad/iPhone

    Could someone tell me how to copy pictures from my Panasonic FZ200 camera directly on my iPad/iPhone without having to use my laptop. I guess I should get a cable to a description. Thank you.

    Hi L Jacqui Davies

    For the iPhone 5 or later or iPad with Retina display and iPad mini or a later version, you must:

    For iPads iPad with Retina display and iPad mini version, you will need:

  • Upload pictures on sd card pc and import for iPad

    Upload pictures on sd card pc and import for iPad

    you have a question?

  • How can I unlock the memory card for camera hp photosmart to m11

    Hi, just need to know how to unlock a memory card for a camera HP photosmart m22. Attempt of deleting photos to the card and don't have any chance. Get locked memoru card message


    Could be that the card has been locked. Check the lock on the left side of this image (the white end cap), then unlock it.

    Kind regards

  • suggestions for the purchase of new digital SLR.

    I am interested in taking photagraphs of close zoom of flowers as well as the zoom away from mountain landscapes, natural landscapes. And also I want to know the technical details and usage before you buy. Please, help me to get the right with appropriate accessories.


    Amri Periasamy


    What is your budget?  You can get a Canon Rebel camera body series for between $600 and $800 in the United States.  It would be like T3i, T4i, etc...  Then you need lenses.

    Flowers and insects:

    If you are serious about the close-up flowers and insects, you can get a macro lens for it.  Canon made a 50mm ($250.00) and a Macro 60 mm ($400.00) goal that is not terribly expensive.  You can also spend a lot of money and get one with objective Canon image stabilizer 100mm macro ($900.00) or even a 180mm macro ($ 1 400.00).  Shorter than 50 and 60 mm length lenses require you to be very close to the subject to fill the frame upwards, as in 3 or 6 inches in front of the lens, which is manageable for subjects like flowers who can't easily.  Longer lenses (100mm and 180mm) will allow you to stay at a greater distance, then you scare away the bugs.

    If you want to save money and dip your toes in the hobby to try it first, you could buy extension tubes to put on a regular and lens would not be much additional cost (beyond the lens itself).

    Landscape, mountain landscape:

    I couldn't tell what you are looking for here.  A lot of people wouldn't want to "zoom in" to get a view like that; Instead, they would receive a wide-angle so that they could take in the entire display.  You can, of course, do the opposite and buy a telephoto for 'zoom' and capture just a piece of the landscape at a distance.  Whether you are looking for?

Maybe you are looking for

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