Supported browser for the Applications Web Center?

We will develop a Web Center Portal KDP application that contains AAU site studio and analytics integration. Could someone can tell if these things work in the following browsers constantly.

(1) IE
(2) Mozilla
(3) Google Chrome
(4) safari

Thank you

They are all compatible but it should be noted that it should be IE7 or later version
Firefox 2.x +.

If most or all modern browsers are supported.

Tags: Fusion Middleware

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  • Lack of Options > Advanced Options > Applications entry for the application of Simulator test

    I'm new to BlackBerry dev and I'm still doing my set up and tested development env.

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    I created a test application simple and loaded on the Simulator for testing through the cmd Eclipse Run > run as > Blackberry Simulator.  As expected, the application icon was displayed on the screen of the Applications (in the Simulator), and, when selected, the application has successfully launched and behaved normally.  So far so good.

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    If you install your app in the Simulator simply by copying the COD file in directory of the Simulator (what is JDE when you run Debug), then you should not wait for the application to create. The modules in the files of the cod will be stil it well and that's all that generally the County. You can see the list of modules under Options-> Advanced Options-> Applications-> (Menu)-> Modules. Applications that are included in the Options-> advanced-> Applications are just constructions of metadata on top of modules to simplify various tasks, like setting permissions, adding and removing applications rather than tracking dependencies and individual modules.

    PS, You can programmatically create the entries in the application using the CodeModuleGroupManager and CodeModuleGroup if you really must have your request under Applications. Do not however forget that classic pose methods (Desktop Manager, Web OTA Download, BES OTA Push) all create them the entries in the appropriate application. So, you don't usually have to worry about this problem in the production environment.

  • Urgent - Custom authentication and authorization for the application of the ADF

    Hi friends,

    Custom implementation for authentication and authorization for the application of the ADF

    My project to use the OID , authentication and authorization, we will need to support both OAM and DB tables ( according to the preferences of the client during the installation ).

    I am new to this and do not have a clue about the same.

    Please guide me how to set up both in JDeveloper 11 g + ADF

    Thanks in advance.

    The answers you got up to present every point in the right direction. ADF security see the authentication of WLS, even for business authorization with respect to user roles defined on the WLS server. During the deployment, ADF security defined application roles are mapped to the user enterprise groups

    Application developed using Jdeveloper ADF +.

    This would use WLS for authentication

    Users of authentication - LDAP (OID) - are stored in LDAP

    Use the OID authentication provider in WLS

    Authorization - OAM or database (authorization details are stored in the DB or OAM tables)

    You can't allow users without authentication. If you need create authentication providers additional if they exist for OAM and RDBMS (there is a supplier of existing RDBMA, that you can use to identify users and to assign membership user groups). Then, you set the optional flag so that when authentication fails for additional providers you can always start the application.

    When running Admin users - create users from roles to create and assign permission privileges to the role (for pages and workflows)
    assign (or remove) the roles to/to leave users.

    ADF security uses JAAS to permissions that you can change using Enterprise Manager when running. Permissions are granted to the application roles and application roles are granted to business roles that which then has users become members of the. If you want to change the status of user account, then you don't do this the ADF or EM, but use a direct access to the provider of the user (for example, access OID, RDBMS access etc.) There is no unified administration API available that would allow you to do this via WLS (which uses OPSS).

    If your question is in the context of the ADF, the documentation, with that you should follow is OPSS and WLS authentication providers.


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    It is possible with the Menu Editor extension:

  • hp support assistant for the new version update is not installed

    HP Pavilion Slimline s5306ukP; Monitor LCD 20-inch HP 2010

    My problem is that I recently had a HP Support Assistant alert to download the new HP Support Assistant for the latest features.

    Well I tried to download the update, but it would not install? I'll go through the events on the screen and maybe you can inform me as to why this update for the new Assistant support will not correctly installed, thank you.  Everything goes up to 4. Then it will skip "Download updates" and go on 5 /, but nothing happens?

    Point adjustment 1/restore... pass; 2 disk space / audit... pass. 3 / connecting to HP services for new updates and alerts... pass. 4 / download updates... N/a; 5 / install/apply the selected items... no?

    Should I have to uninstall the version that I already have the update through and re - install a new Version, or you have any patch that can be applied to make this update installs successfully?

    I have Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit.

    Hi DP - K,.

    I tried again since my last email with the problem where I couldn't find the program once it is downloaded, and alongside the race/Save little was downloaded files. I clicked on it and watched the sp54931.ex download in a folder "view and track downloads. I then told run this and asked that my administrative password. I thought here goes while I'm waiting for a response from you, nothing to lose to new and low and here is the update for the new Version HP Support Assistant downloaded correctly. Since then, I had a glance in the desktop program and there is no warning, everything is up-to-date.

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    Hi mildrednorcross,

    1. when exactly you receive this error message?

    2. is your computer connected to the server or the domain?

    If your computer is on a domain network, your question will be better suited for the IT Pro TechNet public. Please post your question in the forum TechNet for assistance:

    Hope the helps of information.

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  • The product key for the Windows Media Center 8 does not work!

    I tried 3 or 4 times to use the product key for the Windows Media Center 8, that you sent. But it keeps saying "this key will not work. Check it or use a different key. "I tried too communicate with someone who could help me and now I am very displeased with Windows. I tried several times.

    You are running Windows 8 or Windows 8 Pro? Media Center requires that you run Windows 8 Pro and your installation must be enabled.

    Add the feature does not

    To work around this problem, disable the Nalpeiron Licensing Service until you try to install the feature. To do this, follow these steps:1.Swipe from the right edge of the screen, and then click search. Or, if you use a mouse, point to the corner bottom right of the screen, then click on search.

    2. type services.msc, and then press or click on Services in the results of research.

    3. press on or double-click Nalpeiron Licensing Service or NLS.

    4 tap or startup type-click and select disabled.

    5. press or click OK.

    6. restart the computer.

    7 install the feature and then restart the computer.

    8. Repeat step 1 to step 3, and then change the startup type for the licensing of Nalpeiron or NLS on automatic Service.

    9. click OK and restart the computer.

    The third-party products that this article discusses are manufactured by companies that are independent of Microsoft. Microsoft makes no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding the performance or reliability of these products.

  • Apex 5 on PDB not work. works very well on the root - ERR-7620 could determine no workspace for the application (4500)

    Hi all

    I recently installed Oracle 12 c and Apex 5 on a new server.

    My apex 5 installation went well. I can access it without problem at the root on its default port 8080.

    Later, I created a new pdb file (cloned from pdborcl) and created a new schema.

    as sysdba, I started a new instance of the Apex on port 8888, but when I try to access it through the http://IPAddress:8888 / apex / or apex / http://IPAddress:8888 / apex_admin I get an error (see pictures below)

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    Should I do an install fresh apex 5 on the PDB? I thought that if I installed as sysdba on the CBD, the pluggable DB would inherit apex 5. Help, please

    ERR-7620 could determine no workspace for the application (4500)

    ORA-01403: no data found





    Hi John,.

    What you said is exactly the problem you will encounter if patch 20618595 of the database is not applied before the APEX upgrade to 5.0. In addition to the opatch apply the approach, you also run $ORACLE_HOME/OPatch/datapatch? At run time, you guarantee that all-ins databases have been opened after the start of the database to the top by issuing alter database connectable to all open?

    Finally, you have indicated that you have installed it on a new server. Is your main interest just to have a new 12 c CBD with APEX 5.0 in it? If Yes, you can do the following to avoid the problem you are experiencing currently.

    (1) create a new 12 c CBD

    (2) connect SYS as SYSDBA to CBD$ ROOT and launch a 4.2.5 or newer version of apxremov_con.sql. If the database that you created in step 1 is, you can just use $ORACLE_HOME/apex/apxremov_con.sql

    (3) connect SYS as SYSDBA to CBD$ ROOT and run apexins.sql from the source 5.0 specifying positional parameters, as you normally would

    Kind regards


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    I see how to adjust the brightness of the screen keys alt f2 and f3, but the contrast is very low.  On an excel worksheet, I don't see the cell grid lines unless I raise the screen completely to its farthest back position to get an angle from low vis