Synchronization of the AI channels on the map of PCIe6351?

Hello world

I have a small question; If all goes well a easy answer...

I receive multiple signals of AI of the map above... When these signals sampling of I, it is necessary to include a "trigger" in the DAQmx code necessary for data synchronization, or puts the clock source sample on sufficient the "PCIe6351/AI/sample" clock?

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The on-board clock is part of the data acquisition board. The on-board clock is the master clock.

The help of LabVIEW has many details (like DAQmx help) on different clocks. For LabVIEW, go to content > taking action > NI - DAQmx Key Concepts > triggering and synchronization.

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  • Evanescent synchronization using the TTL trigger

    Hi all

    I work with the NI DAQ (PCIe 6363) set and uses a waveform as outputs analog to control a scanning unit.

    Now I want this output to synchronize with the rising edge of an external TTL signal (the * fire * out of a camera).

    To do this, I used [Cont Gen tension Wfm - Int Clk - analog Start] - model with minor changes (see attachment with a few comments included). In fact, it works, but only if the output signal is long finished when arrives the next TTL climbing aboard. What I want is a rising edge trigger that happens, say, 100 Hz, and a waveform near 10 ms-long that starts with this trigger. So far, I have to operate with a approx. 8 ms wavelength. It seems to me that the loop in Labview (see attachment) software takes the rest of the time. If I increase the wavelength to 9 ms or more, the loop is too slow and little miss the next rising edge trigger.

    Unfortunately, I can't use [continuous sampling] that there is too much instability in the external trigger.

    Is it possible to optimize this problem? For example, is it possible to tell la carte DAQ 'turn off this waveform whenever you receive the trigger"instead of"put on this waveform when you receive the trigger, then shut up? " Or is it possible to run two while loops in parallel that alternately hold the trigger signal and both use the same output channel? There is another, simpler solution?

    Thanks for the pointers,


    You must use the property start.retriggerable, something like this:

    Best regards

  • What is the relationship of synchronization between the input MUX and the clock to convert DAQmx

    My application requires both long settling for the analog input.  I can slow down the clock to convert in order to increase the interval without but I would like to learn more about the internal synchronization and synchronization between the switching of input MUX and the clock to convert.  Data acquisition is USB-6225.

    Thank you



    You have reason in the observation that hold all the impulses of the event happening 180ns after convert rising edge clock, regardless of the period of the clock to convert.

    This is the process:

    1. the clock Convert generates an impulse to start the ADC conversion.

    2. a period of time (in your case, 180ns) after the clock pulse to convert, the complete signal hold impulses. This indicates that the data are "required" by the Active Directory Connector. It is now OK for the MUX switch to the next channel. It is important to note that the ADC conversion is not complete when the pulse hold full occurs.

    3. at this stage, the MUX will pass and the device will wait for the next clock pulse to convert for the start of the next conversion.

    In summary, this means that when you change the period to convert clock signal, the complete signal hold flashed always the same fixed amount of time after the edge of signal clock convert. The complete signal Hold'em is not a good indicator of break-in; the width of the period to convert clock must be waiting time indicator (which looks you determined you're previous posts). A good application for the signal keep complete would be for an application where there is an external multiplexer and the multiplexer needs a signal indicating that it is OK to switch the inputs.

    I hope that helps clear up any uncertainty that you have about how it works!

    Kind regards


  • BlackBerry smartphones are in need of information on the map media change


    I have the Curve 8520 installed with 2 GB Media card.

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    I regularly synchronize my device with PC. Please help me in this matter.

    Thank you.

    Hi Prakashpalled,

    Welcome to the community & thank you for your Post... !

    Connect your device with your PC via a USB cable, it will be auspicious, an option to use as storage media, to accept it by clicking Yes.

    Now open my computer, you will find a blackberry of car naming, open it and copy - paste all of the data required on your PC.

    Now replace media card and do the same procedure and paste all of the data from the PC to the media card.

    Hope this will help you.

  • Get-MCpl / global platform, the mapping card Life Cycle


    is there a any correlation between the response of get-MCpl and definitions of Cycle Global Platform car Live?

    I had a get-MCpl output:
    cm > get-MCpl
    = > 80 CA 9F 7F 00...
    (usec 12102)
    < = 9F 7F 2 a 47 90 50 40 47 91 81 02 31 00 83 58 00... * [email protected] 1.X.
    11 68 91 45 81 48 12 83 65 00 00 00 00 01 2F 31. h.E.H.. e... / 1
    30 31 31 36 38 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00 90 00 01168...
    Status: No error
    Manufacturer of IC: 4790
    IC Type: 5040
    The operating system ID: 4791
    Operating system release date: 8102 (11.4.2008)
    Version of operating system level: 3100
    Date of manufacture of IC: 8358 (23.12.2008)
    IC serial number: 00116891
    Identifier of the IC package: 4581
    Module IC manufacturer: 4812
    Module IC Packaging Date: 8365 (30.12.2008)
    Manufacturer of CCI: 0000
    IC incorporation Date: 0000
    IC Pre-Personalizer: 012F
    IC Pre-personally. Date equipment: 3130 (10.5.2003)
    IC Pre-personally. Hardware ID: 31313638
    IC Personalizer: 0000
    IC customization Date: 0000
    IC personally. Hardware ID: 00000000

    Somehow check in what GP card Live Cycle is my card?

    See you soon,.


    It doesn't tell you the card life cycle State.

    If your card has too many authentication attempts has failed it will END.

    GP 2.1.1:

    The State FINISHED signals the end of the Cycle of life and the map card. The passage of the State by another State to TERMINATED is irreversible. In the FINISHED State, all APDU commands must travel to the issuer security domain and the issuer security domain must only meet the GET DATA command.

    You can try any other than GET DATA command, which must be authorized without a secure channel to see if the map is completed.

    See you soon,.

    Published by: safarmer on 07/11/2011 13:08

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    To stop your watch directions: open the Maps app on your watch > firmly press the display > press on for policy decisions.

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    Software I use: I am currently using IOS 9.3.4.

    Aditya.Bobde wrote:

    Hey, I have an Iphone 6 s(16GB) in which the maps does not show me the nerby location; For example. (If I find CCD in my area it will show the CCD in the my location (in India) otherwise, it will show the CCD everywhere in the world) I thought it could get better in the next software update, but not had until now. Apple needs to improve maps. Otherwise, please send me the solution for the problem.

    Software I use: I am currently using IOS 9.3.4.

  • I just cleared my history of the browser with ccleaner by mistake and I don't want to synchronize with the other machines.

    How to stop synchronizing or reverse it please?


    In tools > Options > synchronization, click the Disconnect option.

    This will stop you then synchronize again until you reconnect (make sure you have your synchronization of user information and password handy).

    I hope this helps, but if not, please come back here and we can look at another solution for you.

  • Is it possible to return to the synchronization of the former in Firefox, as new synchronization does not work.

    As new synchronization does not work for me, despite the setting it in total compliance with the Mozilla Web site and no one took the trouble to answer the previous post today, is it possible to return to the synchronization of the former?

    To the best of my knowledge, the synchronization of the former is no longer available.

    If you post some details on the problems you are having with the sync, we can try to solve your problem.

  • I'm trying to update the synchronization from the old to the new. When you connect, I get the message (in German) "error 500. Oops, something went wrong. Let's fix this. "

    With "login", I mean the page that appears when I click on "Options-> Configure sync" (or however it's called in English).

    I have one of my computers disconnected from the synchronization of the former. And this is the latest version of Firefox. What I didn't, it's step 2 "unplug ALL devices". It's impossible because I often changed the Linux Distro on many computers in the past years and I synced Firefox everywhere and in the (old) list of devices ago still showing that devices exist no more long time, but you cannot delete them.

    So, to be safe, I have not disconnected Firefox on my other computers (and always use the old sync), because then I'm afraid I'll lose ALL my data.

    I have a problem on one of my computers laptops, Ubuntu 14.04, V 38.0.

    Error 500 ouattara because something was wrong. We have been advised and to tackle the problem.

    What version of Firefox is that happening with?
    If she with Firefox 29 or later, go here to set up a new account.
    Make sure that you use a different user name / Email address you use for your other account synchronization.

    Once the account is created, connect you to Sync via Firefox using I already have an account!

  • My hard drive died suddenly, and after that I am unable to find my old favorites (used the synchronization of the former). Bookmarks are on your server, can I get back them?

    I have the key to firefox sync (used for synchronization of the former) and everything, but of course it is unnecessary with the new synchronization system. One of my ideas was to connect to my office computer, sync all bookmarks, and then switch to the new sync - but unfortunately being unused for years, it turns out that the monitor was dead, and the graphics card seemed to be roasted (felt like it anyway).

    Any ideas?

    This may not work (Firefox sync isn't a backup system, so this will probably fail), but it's worth a try:

  • laptop do not synchronize with the desktop computer

    set my desktop to 12 + hours of synchronization. an hour ago, tried to sync my laptop to the stored data. some of the Add-ons seem to be transferred but any bookmark or scrapbook. the album, including a few hundred MB of data stored on my hard drive, I download from my office so when syncing to my laptop, download on this hard drive? same question for several thousand bookmarks I have on the desktop.
    the office is Win 7 laptop Win 8.1 (modified to mimic Win 7)
    both machines have the latest version of Firefox & updates.
    any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Cannot add the troubleshooting data, 4 734 too many characters for the position
    If necessary, can post these data in a follow-up

    Your troubleshooting information can be found by clicking on System Details more in the right column.

    I do not Scrapbook. I just installed, saved a "scrap" and do not see a reference in: config for "synchronization" of the data of Scrapbook. I don't think that extension works with synchronization.
    Please check the features 3 pages and boards online to see if there is mention of being able to synchronize data of Scrapbook. It is the developer of the extension to add synchronization functionality to their extension.

  • Synchronization of the old Sync/News

    I installed Kubuntu on my computer at home and wanted to add synchronization to firefox.
    He continues to ask me an e-mail address and the password, but all I have is a user name and password.
    It is because of "synchronization of the old" and "new sync" I keep reading comments?

    I tried to separate my PC at work of synchronization of password/username, and now I have to disable my master password as well for this email and password synchronization work.

    1. is the synchronization of the former name of username/password combo?
    2. is the e-mail/password new synchronization?
    3. If the new synchronization does not work with a master password, how to use the synchronization of the former?
    4 is it possible ( always with new synchronization?

    I hope that answers your questions.

    1. which ended before Firefox 4 is released during the 'old sync' transition to become a built-in synchronization feature and is no longer an add-on called Weave. Many changes came in December 2010.
    He continued to work as long as the "username" was recorded in Firefox password manager, but the user had to remember the email address they used when they first created their sync account to be able to connect a new device. Overall, there was no problem for most users, they could always "pair" a new device - that e-mail address was not necessary to connect a new device "Pairing".
    2. Yes and no. But the new synchronization of 'Pairing '.
    3. you can as long as you have not updated your sync account. But you can no longer create a new account for "synchronization of the former.
    4. it's the good version of this article - to 1.5 Sync which is "new Sync:

    BTW, the earlier or 'old' version was 1.1 - no idea exactly when the 1.0 version number has been used - and there was probably 0. versions # when it was known as armor and was only available as an add-on.

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    When I open google maps, the links displayed on the maps can be used. However, if I change to a view street or satellite view and then return to the display of the base map, links displayed on the map is no longer working. I have to leave google maps and reload to get the links to work again.

    Hello peterronald, many site problems can be caused by corrupted cookies or cache. To try to solve these problems, the first step is to clear cookies and cache.
    Note: This will be you temporarily disconnect all sites, you're connected to.
    To clear the cache and cookies to do the following:

    1. Go to Firefox > history > clear recent history or (if no Firefox button is displayed) go to tools > clear recent history.
    2. Under "Time range to clear", select "all".
    3. Now, click the arrow next to details to toggle the active details list.
    4. In the list of details, see the Cache and Cookies and uncheck everything.
    5. Now click the clear now button.

    More information can be found in article to clear your cache, history, and other personal information in Firefox .

    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

    Thank you.

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