T400 says "computer name is not valid" despite the validation of fingerprint


I use T - 400 in which I recently changed the name of the computer to something that was complicated to something that is easy to remember.  Subsequently, I am unable to connect to my laptop using my software fingerprint (version for validation.  It keeps giving me a message that the computer name is false.  (I don't remember the old name.) However, I can access my laptop by typing the password.  Is there a fix for this problem. My OS is 32-bit XP Professional.

Thanks in advance.

Amit Kotak.


Try to clear the data fingerprint and re-enrollment.

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    Today, when I went to the Task Scheduler to add a new task, I got an error message:

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    When I clicked OK to clear the error from the Task Scheduler open OK, but the task identified in the error is not in the list of tasks, which means that it was impossible to consider the task or correct the error.

    When I checked the file containing the details of the task, I found that the task remained the old computer name, i.e. it was not being updated when I changed the name of the computer, and so the task was now where the error and was apparently being hidden.

    This seems to be a bug.  Preferably, the account names must be updated if the computer name is changed, or at least the task is still visible in Task Scheduler.

    Hey drghughes,

    Well, you have a few options:
    Here is a link to the telephone Contact information to report a bug
    You can send Windows 7 comments (include details about bug) at this link
    Or from your system:
    Press Win + R (or get the command run from the start menu)
    Now type rundll32.exe FeedbackTool.dll, ShowWizard and press enter
    The application of problem report send opens, simply include your LiveID information.
    And thank you very much for taking time to make our products better. Important to get information like this, so why I have given so many options lol and it's a big help.
    I hope that was helpful. Thanks again!
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    Thanks for your reply, but I thought about it.  My internet security was updated and added a new feature and would open my Photoshop Elements differently than usual and it would be saved no matter what.  I disabled the feature in the security program, but had to make a click right on the icon of my items and it say to never open the program within the secure framework (Sandbox Avast).  After that I did he save me and was fine.

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    See if the Windows Live Solution Center info is of no help.

  • The specified account name is not valid, because account names cannot contain the following characters * {} [] +=? *

    Original title: can't do user account
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    the only account on my computer is a guest account, it's a story of administering it. This is - why it doesn't let me make a new account? had this problem for 2 years


    Try these steps to create a new account:
    a. log on under an account that has administrator privileges.
    b. Click Start.
    c. type the three letters cmd in the search box.
    d. press Ctrl + Shift + Enter
    e. click "Run as Administrator".
    f. type the following commands and press ENTER after each one:
    net users
    NET user 'Jack' xxyyzz / add
    net localgroup administrators/add ' Jack'

    The first command displays all existing account names.
    The second command creates an account named 'Jack' with a password of "xxyyzz".
    The third command will make Jack administrator.

    Check the link for more help:
    Create a user account
  • Cannot delete a file in windows 7. Indicates the specified file name is not valid or too long.

    Hello everyone, I'm pretty stuck here. I can't delete a file in windows 7 or any other do with it besides. Says "the specified file name is not valid or too long. It has a funny name [~ t] and no extension. The file type, say "file". The properties are all screwed looking with a mistake on the Security tab, a size of 0 k, is a Windows (c) \Windows\en-US.The other files in this folder appear normal. The computer seems to work very well without any obvious problems. The only problem is my anti-virus reports with a kind of syntax for the file error and indicates it cannot parse this file. I do not. I can't do a thing with it either. Cannot open, rename, move, delete, change passwords, properties, permissions, nothing. It may be necessary for a good part with 0kb. According to me, I want to just delete the thing. Please, anyone? Thanks in advance.

    Hey bud, I figured out how fix it earlier. I am so happy. I came to remember a command called chkdsk which worked very well for various issues, that I had since the construction of my old 2000 Professional machine. I think that one was my first NTFS system. I always liked how well he error correction. Seemed a lot better than the old scandisk. Low and behold, I tried and star ANISE, it is went through it, found this file almost from the beginning of the analysis and a few lines later, he said has been removed. Says something about the file being orphaned some time ago. It was a very bad child, that I tell you. I ran it in safe mode command prompt. I guess he would have done the same thing in the normal windows well, but I happened to be in safemode, when it came to me. I used the switch /f with her. Since the C:\ command prompt or any drive letter your operating system is selected, type CHKDSK/F if I remember although the f was to have it automatically CORRECT errors. I hope this info helps others with their file or disk problems. It seems that many people say they get mistakes and cannot delete various files here in these forums. Thanks Sandeep for answering me and try to help. It does not matter whether or not it was the fix, it takes time to post and your helping people learn to be it. The only thing that remains unanswered for me is actually the thing of the answer. I mean I can't say someone at - it really answered my question and do not count me? Maybe I should mark so that people will bother to read it and get the fix. HMMMM... I come back here some time later and see whats up.  SeeYou, EWOO

  • while trying to reset to fix the slowness, firefox never finished, so I closed it, now it says my profile is not valid, and nothing will load.

    while trying to reset to fix the slowness, firefox never finished, so I closed it, now it says my profile is not valid, and nothing will load. So I have no possibility to repair. I tried to anUpgrade, but which resulted in the same situation.

    Sorry, when an update is interrupted, it can happen. Please start by creating a new profile. There is no data in it, but it will get us started.

    You will start the Firefox profile manager using the Windows Run dialog box (hold down the Windows key and tap R) or the system Windows 10 search box. Paste the following and press ENTER:

    firefox.exe -P

    This should start a small window.

    Click on the button to create a profile, assign a name like OldSettings and ignore the ability to move the profile folder. After you create the profile, select it and start Firefox in this profile.

    I guess that Firefox works?

  • the specified account name is not valid

    When you try to configure a task in Vista Task Scheduler I receive the following error message after you configure all the parameters of the task: "is an error generated for task reminders - Desk Checkout (it's a username on the system, but not one that I'm logged in." (C'est aussi un nom d'utilisateur valide qui vous permet d'ouvrir une session sous) the specified account name is not valid.

    Hi JimErickson

    1. is the computer connected to a domain?
    2 have you tried to use the Task Scheduler in another account?
    3 have you tried to schedule the task through an administrator account?

    It seems that the account you are using doesn't have the rights to schedule the task.

    Let us know the answers to help you best.

  • The account name is not valid, or the password is invalid for the account specified using Cobian Backup 11 name

    I did a new install of Windows 7 Professional on a workstation, and after all the updates, I installed Cobian Backup 11.

    When you set up backup Coabian first, the message "the account name is not valid, or the password is invalid for the specified account name" was shown.

    I went into the "services.msc" to manually set the password for the connection (the machine connects in a Windows Server 2003 domain), but when entering the dialog (properties/connection/account/local/search/select where you want to search for.) only the 'local computer' is displayed.

    I tried to enter the domain/user and the password manually, I logged in as administrator, I have excluded the uder from the server and have included him again, that I did everything in my mind but I couldn't solve the problem.

    Any help is welcome.

    TKS in advance.

    PS: Someone asked me what support Cobian said about it. To be honest I did not support Cobian because the other four machines were all as one that has the problem and two "local computer" and "directory of the whole area" appears.

    This retail driver to believe that the problem occurred is on the installation of windows 7 Professional.


    We have dedicated support team for users on a domain network. I suggest you to report your query in the TechNet forums to improve assistance in this regard.

    Here is the link:


    Hope this information helps.

  • niRFSG Initialize.vi error: AWG resource name is not valid


    I use an SMU-5442 arbitrary signal generator and a PXI RF Upconverter - 5610. The RF PXI-5610 converter is PXI1Slot5 inside the MAX and the SMU-5442 AWG is PXI1Slot7.

    When I gohttp://ftp.ni.com/pub/devzone/epd/rfsg-generate-fm.vi of http://zone.ni.com/devzone/cda/epd/p/id/5620 , I get the error messages.

    For the resource name = PXI1Slot5


    niRFSG Initialize.vi a session cannot be created because the resource AWG name is not valid. Specifty the resource name of AWG Max by right clicking on the converter, and then select Properties. If you specify the working group through the chain of the Option, make sure that the resource name of AWG is valid.

    For the resource name = PXI1Slot7


    niRFSG Initialize.vi the specified device is not supported by this driver.

    which is correct, because PXI1Slot7 is the GTA and the VI is just using the niRFSG screws

    When I use a selector instead of the string of the Option, I can only choose the RF PXI - 5610 Upconverter is PXI1Slot5, but I still get the same error message.

    A you link them in MAX? In other words, the converter and the working group.

  • Task Scheduler error: "an error has occurred for task reminders - portable home. "Error message: the specified account name is not valid.

    HelloW everyone,

    I changed my name to the laptop and now every time I have lunch Planner task, I receive the following error message:

    "An error has occurred for task reminders - portable home. "Error message: the specified account name is not valid.

    I also have the problem with restore points, so these two issues relate to eachother? How can I solve the problem of the user name.

    Any suggestion and help appreciated


    You can check out the link and check if it helps.


    Important: This section, method, or task contains steps that tell you how to modify the registry. However, serious problems can occur if you modify the registry incorrectly. Therefore, make sure that you proceed with caution. For added protection, back up the registry before you edit it. Then you can restore the registry if a problem occurs. For more information about how to back up and restore the registry, click the following windows Help article.
    Back up the registry

  • Error when applying for invalid package (archive) - the resource name is not valid

    I am trying to package a WebWorks on a Mac html application. I have installed ripple but packing doesn't seem to be an option in the menu of the ripple.

    When I try to run the program from the Terminal of the error:

    Invalid application - archive the resource name is not valid(__MACOSX/._twitter.png)

    Twitter.PNG is the name of an image file referring to a link in my html file. What is the problem with this name?

    It seems that the png file must be referenced in the configuration file.

  • Serial number says that this is not valid for our site license

    I need someone to help us actually. We cannot have the serial number of 2-3 years back CSS5.5 master collection and I need to get installed it again on 60 new pcs that are replaced. Setup stands up and says that it is not valid.


    We paid too much money for this thing to not be more active.

    < deleted by the moderator >

    Thank you

    Volume License https://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/volume-licensing-site.html

  • "Could not complete the command image size because that file name is not valid"


    Please help me, when I try to resize the file psd his watch this message... .whats the matter?

    "Could not complete the command image size because that file name is not valid"

    Thank you!

    I had the same problem with you and tried to look around, but I solved it myself. One or two layers created by the insertion of your library which have been uploaded to the server cloud.

    When you open the file, you can see the warning as "recreate a link... blah blah your file" If reject you the message, you can still work on it, but you cannot resize, or drag all layers to other new file (tried).

    Everything you need that discovering the layers that are related to the server delegating and delete it. FACT.

  • My CS6 won't install-says serial number is not valid.

    I've owned this software for more than a year and he never gave me problems, but all of a sudden, Adobe seems to have me disconnected and wanted my serial number. I came in and he said he was not valid when I entered it correctly. I uninstalled the software and reset my Mac. I downloaded again the CS6 and entered my serial number to install and it always says that it was not valid. Help, please.

    HaydenD0009 I'm sorry that you have been facing a difficult experience with our support team.  It is likely that we receive larger volumes with many schools from their fall session.

    I checked your account and it seems that you have a valid serial number for the Master Collection CS6 under your account.  You can find details on how to locate the serial number under your account to find a serial number - http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/find-serial-number.html.

    If it is the serial number that you have been entered before then it is likely that you are facing a problem with file permission or licenses file corruption.  It is what gives you the invalid serial number message.  To resolve these difficulties, I recommend the following steps:

    1. Run all available Adobe installers located in the Applications/Utilities/Adobe Installers folder.
    2. Run the CS cleaner tool to ensure the complete elimination.  You can find details on how to use the tool cleaner from CS to CS for installation problems cleaning tool | CCM, CS6, CS5.5, CS5, CS4, CS3 - http://helpx.adobe.com/creative-suite/kb/cs5-cleaner-tool-installation-problems.html.
    3. Reinstall your CS6 Master Collection software.

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