Tecra A5 145 - need info on the machine

Hej, I have no experience with Tecra A5 (145) esp. on the Norwegian market, y a5 reliable and well-designed machines? can be compared with Fujitsu or Thinkpad is the same price category?
Thanks for your replies!



Computer laptop Tecra A5 is a very nice unit. This laptop comes with different hardware configurations.
Check this page for Tecra A5-135


The set comes with a disk of 100 GB and different processors (i.e. Intel Pentium M 760 processor)
Google around and you'll find more information about prices and other similar laptops

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  • Need info on the recovery disks delivered for Satellite Pro M35

    I need to wipe the hard drive on my M35 Pro sitting that the machine runs too slow now.
    700 MB of RAM but not good.

    I found my recovery disk but worry as it is said 1/2 which implies that it is the first of the 2 discs.
    Is this the case?

    I have the disk tools and utilities, is considered to be disc 2?
    Is there a way to make it past disc 2 or downloading if it is the case that I don't have?
    Thanks to all who help



    As far as I know older Toshiba laptops have been delivered with the Toshiba Recovery CD and the CD tools & utilities.
    Due to the size of the image large image was installed on 2 s recovery CD
    All CD s are marked and it should be easy to recognize the good CD!

    It seems that you've lost the first game of the s recovery CD and that is why I would recommend contacting the Toshiba authorized service partner in your country and order the first recovery CD!
    It s should not be expensive ;)

    Good luck

  • Need info on the HARD drive adapter and utility installation Vista on Equium A110

    I am the owner of a satellite A110 - 233 (PSAB2E), and I've recently upgraded to Vista after installing 2 GB of RAM. However, I was somewhat short space hard disk and I dealt with a new 120 GB HARD drive. However, it seems that the computer has an interface of edge, like the current Hitachi TravelStar HARD drive connector - it's not like there's a plug of the adapter on the disk. Anyone know where I can get an adapter for my hard drive of 40 pins 'traditional '?

    After I installed Vista and flashing my BIOS, I have ConfigFree reiinstalled and value added package (among other pilots). However, running ConfigFree always leads to a crash with the ID of BSOD "NO_MORE_IRC_STACK_LOCATIONS."
    In regards to the PPV, I mainly wanted it for energy savings. However, searching for him gives only 'Power Saver help'.

    Can someone give me guidance here? Thank you.


    Did you know that you have a disk serial - ata of your machine which is not compatible with the standard IDE (40 pins)? You won´t get a spindle adapter 40 to serial ATA, SATA is a completely different technology to the IDE.
    You will need to return the drive, you bought and buy a disc serial - ata, that will fit your machine.

    A small idea on my side about your BSOD:

    Download the powersaver and the configfree for vista on the internet (it is a good address: and reistall that stuff, maybe it helps.

    Welcome them

  • Satellite P105-S9722: need info on the Toshiba warranty policy


    I have a question about the Toshiba international warranty policy, I searched but did not find the answer on the site.

    I have a P105-S9722 I bought February last year and the warranty expired in Feb 08.
    The whole screen has been replaced for free in November last due to a failure.

    Now, I have a related problem screen developed a few days ago (gray vertical line in the Middle - probably needs another replacement). (the initial expiration date is more, 7 months since the replacement)

    I would like to know if the screen can I extended warranty Auto for another year 1 (from Nov 07) or not. Local distributor said 'no', I called another country, they said only for the replaced, it IS extended. Now I am confused if I pretend to replace it for free.

    What is then the standard of international politics and what should I do?

    Thanks a lot for your help.


    Hi Laszlo

    Hmm. Your laptop is an American series and it seems to be designed for the American market.
    I'm not sure about the warranty but American policy as far as I know the European specifications are covered by the warranty for a year.

    It is a standard warranty and if you register your laptop on the European site of Toshiba, then, your guarantee will be extended to 2 years.

    If something has been replaced on your laptop, then the new part is covered by the warranty for about 6 months.

    I hope that this brief explanation helps you and clarify warranty issues.


  • Need info on the microphone on Satellite Pro A120 Jack


    I am using Skype with my A120SE and bought a Logitech Internet Chat headset. However, the volumes of micro are acceptable with the sensitivity turned to max and thrust box checked in the audio properties of XP. But the amount of "white noise" is unbearable. The Web from Logitech website suggests that the microphone is a type of capacitor requires a voltage of 3V polarization, and this poor performance can be caused by an inadequate diet. I also noticed that headsets/microphones of some other manufacturers suggest a bias voltage 1.5V.

    I can't find any specification tecniques for the Toshiba microphone jack. Can anyone help, or can anyone suggest a reasonable headset which worked with the A120SE?


    I quite often here and if I remember right you are the first person who wrote about the bad experience with the use of the helmet. Generally avoid any problem. Logitech stuff is good quality material and I wonder really subject described.

    I'm really skeptical that someone can give you info on the mic socket. Try contacting a service allowed in your country. Maybe they can help you. I use Sennheiser headphones and I am very satisfied. It's really high quality product and I can recommend it.

  • Satellite A-L50-1CU - need info on the resolution of the external display

    Hello world

    It seems an obvious questions, but... could you please tell me exactly the maximum resolution and Hz for the external monitor plugs on this model?
    I need to buy a hi res ips monitor for the edition of photography, and I don't want to pay a lot for something useless...
    Thank you very much

    BTW, in the standard memory configuration, can I free memory locations? Or I need to remove the standard memory, substituting it with 2x8GB?

    I don't have this model of laptop, but if it has video HDMI port means that your laptop can offer excellent output video in HD quality.
    In my opinion, you should speak with your local dealer and explain the situation so I hope it can help you choose the best monitor for you. I can also imagine you can take your laptop with you and test it before you buy it.

    According to specification for portable computer, your computer can be upgraded up to 32 GB (4 memory locations).
    To upgrade RAM, you can use the memory modules to follow:
    2GB DDR3L - 1600 - PA5104U-1M2G
    4 GB DDR3L-1600-PA5104U-1M4G
    8 GB DDR3L-1600-PA5104U-1M8G

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    See section in the Manual: http://docs.oracle.com/cd/E23943_01/doc.1111/e10792/c05_security.htm#BGBGIJDJ

    If the accounts and roles are used, the result is an intersection, not a Union.

  • Tecra PT634E A50 - need details on the SATA controller


    I am looking for detailed specifications of Toshiba Tecra A50 (PT634E-00800JPL).
    I need to know what the internal port SATA version.
    What is SATA II or SATA III?

    I want to change the SSD hard drive and buy the most appropriate.

    Install the software of diagnosis equipment freeware like Sisoft SANDRA, Everest Home Edition or HWiNFO32.

    These tools provide you with all the essential information on the integrated parts and the HARD disk controller.

    Please post feedback would be interesting to know what details SATA controller would be declared by these tools.

  • Need info on the structure of the development page OFA records

    Hi guys,.

    What folder location the CO must be in? (I have only CO in my project)

    ... xxchr\customFolder\server\webui\ * CO.java


    ... xxchr\customFolder\webui\*CO.java

    Which is correct?

    What will be the side impact (migration) if I put a CO in this xxchr\customFolder\server\webui\ CO.java of CO.java instead of xxchr\customFolder\webui\?

    Please help me... I need this info :-)


    Please use the {forum: id = 210}


  • Tecra A6 (PTA60E) - need info on GPU


    Recently I got a preowned TECRA A6 and I was wondering just what gpu, she had ideas of her would be much appreciated

    Thank you jake

    This Tecra has Mobile Intel 945GM GPU inside. Preinstalled operating system was WXP Pro.
    Do you want to install the version of the OS or have the original recovery disk?

  • Tecra S3: Driver needed to activate the resolution to 1680 x 1050 on external monitor

    I am looking for a driver for Windows XP that supports an external monitor to 1680 x 1050 on a Tecra S3.
    So far with the Toshiba drivers I can only use 1440 x 900.
    The monitor can be detected through its resolution.

    Is it possible to use two different external monitors?

    Thanks in advance!


    1. There is no official driver of Toshiba or Nvidia with this resolution.
    I tested the driver 165.01 http://www.laptopvideo2go.com/drivers with the external resolution 1680 x 1050 and it works very well.
    Download the driver and updated the inf file.

    2. even if you are using the docker, there is no way to use two external monitors connected VGA and DVI simultaneously. This is not supported.
    Only of external solutions with a separate adapter grafics provide (for example Toshiba Dynadock, a usb solution). But from my point of view, all are not very satisfactory.

  • Need info on the Vista upgrade

    Fact Toshiba suppy an upgrade from Vista or can I just use one of the stores?
    I need no special drivers or the new installation will resume the drivers already on the system?


    As much as I know Toshiba has nothing to with Vista upgrade option.
    When you open the options of the system (Control Panel), you will find basic information about your computer and there are placed link Windows Vista upgrade.

    Either you can use this option or get Microsoft DVD facilities and install the Vista-specific option. All available drivers, tools and utilities Vista can be used on every version of Vista.

  • Damaged Qosmio X 500 - need info on the model of motherboard

    + Hey everyone. +

    Unfortunately, my X 500 has been damaged (probably graphics card). Anyway... in Poland no one can fix it.
    So I have a few questions:

    1. What is the exact model of the motherboard for this Toshiba (I do not want to disassemble the entire laptop):

    * QOSMIO * X 500-118 *.
    * PQX33E *-* 01M012PL *.

    2. is it possible to come up with something this motherboard (with the graphics card)?


    >.. .in Poland, no one can fix it.
    It can be fixed, but I put t know what you expect under the attachment. Problem is when the graphic card is faulty entire motherboard will be exchanged and it can be done by the service provider in Poland.
    If you wish to contact ASP, addresses and phone numbers, you can find on http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/generic/ASP_SUPPORT/

    It is not easy to get the info or part number exact for motherboards. Always is it that Toshiba offers two models Qosmio X 500 and looking PQX33E mainboard.
    Have you tried to find a company in Poland where you can buy refurbished mainboard?

    By curiosity, but what is the problem with your Qosmio?

  • Need info on the type of hard drive inside USB 1282E device - 1 12


    I want to know what type of hard drive interface inside this external USB (ATA/IDE) device and which hard drive is hidden inside.

    Thank you

    Hello Volker

    I wonder just who should have this info. This info is probably available in some non-public documents. You have this HARD drive?

    To be honest this number doesn't help much. Did you check in Google? No results at all.
    Are you sure the description of the HARD drive?

  • Need info on the screen on my Satellite C855 - 17L model


    I got my broken screen and Toshiba support wonder model to provide a quote to replace the screen.

    Could someone give me this information or help me by software or similar?

    Useful, if the laptop model no: PSKC8E-050002CE

    Thank you!

    It's very strange. Provider authorized services has access to the database, so what they need is the exact model name and model number to see which screen must be ordered.

    Contact Toshiba service and not technical support.

    Anyway, your laptop Satellite has display with following specification:

    Display Type - color display TFT LCD
    Size (diagonal) - 15.6 "(HD)
    Resolution - 1366 x 768
    -16:9 aspect ratio
    Type of lighting - hublot, CCFL

    I hope I could help a little.
    If you need assistance, you are prompted.

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