Tecra M3 - questions about the RAM maximum and graphics driver update

Hi people,

I have a Tecra M3 (Variant FBCF with the Geforce 6600 w / 128 MB) and I have two questions that I hope someone here can help me with:

(1) what is the maximum amount of RAM that I can install here? The manual says 2 GB (2 x 1 GB), but I do not see why the laptop would be paralyzed this necessary way, cause as far as I know the 915G chipset can handle 4 GB of RAM. If anyone knows definitively what?

(2) the latest drivers from nvidia for XP are 2005. As most of you probably know, nvidia systematically more than past performance with versions driver and adds compatibility with some games that end up in trouble. The real driver from the nvidia site does not install because it says that it cannot find any compatible hardware. Can't Toshiba even a pilot updated annually? There is a driver of 2007 for Vista, I can't believe that if they did, they decide refresh the XP one while they were to him. Any chance of their audience on this here? I could force the nvidia.com driver to install, but I don't think that it's necessarily a great idea.

Thank you!


the maximum amount specified for this machine memory is 2 GB and 4 GB not but you can try it with 2x2gb modules.

With regard to your graphics: Don t use the nvidia driver since it is not suitable for mobile graphics chipsets and has no timing in the driver that is needed to run flawlessly.

I'd rather you to view laptopvideo2go and download some drivers here. :)

Welcome them

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    Welcome them

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    Advice on how to optimize the code would be appreciated.

    on {(press)
    If (project._currentframe == 25) {}
    else {}
    getURL ("http://www.studiojarch.com/contact/", "studio_james_cornetet");
    project.gotoAndStop (25);

    on {(overview)
    If (_parent. Contact.goalPos == 290) {}
    _parent. Highlighter.goalPosy = 299;
    _parent. Highlighter.goalPosx = 5;
    _parent. Highlighter.Reverse = false;
    _parent. Highlighter.Play ();
    Project.Reverse = false;
    Project.Play ();
    ElseIf (_parent. Contact.goalPos == 330) {}
    _parent. Highlighter.goalPosy = 339;
    _parent. Highlighter.goalPosx = 5;
    _parent. Highlighter.Reverse = false;
    _parent. Highlighter.Play ();
    Project.Reverse = false;
    Project.Play ();
    ElseIf (project._currentframe == 25) {}
    _parent. Highlighter.goalPosy = 259;
    _parent. Highlighter.goalPosx = 5;
    _parent. Highlighter.Reverse = false;
    _parent. Highlighter.Play ();
    else {}
    _parent. Highlighter.goalPosy = 259;
    _parent. Highlighter.goalPosx = 5;
    _parent. Highlighter.Reverse = false;
    _parent. Highlighter.Play ();
    Project.Reverse = false;
    Project.Play ();

    on {(deployment)
    If (project._currentframe == 25) {}
    Project.Reverse = false;
    else {}
    _parent. Highlighter.Reverse = true;
    _parent. Highlighter.goalPosx = - 10;
    Project.Reverse = true;

    on (release) {}
    If (animation_hl_contact._currentframe == 24) {}
    else {}
    _parent. James_Cornetet.project.gotoAndStop (1);
    _parent. Architecture.project.gotoAndStop (1);
    _parent. Awards.project.gotoAndStop (1);
    _parent. Blog.project.gotoAndStop (1);
    _parent. News.project.gotoAndStop (1);
    _parent. Publications.project.gotoAndStop (1);

    _parent. James_Cornetet.reverse = true;
    _parent. Architecture.Reverse = true;

    _parent. Architecture.goalPos = 100;
    _parent. Awards.goalPos = 130;
    _parent. Blog.goalPos = 160;
    _parent. News.goalPos = 190;
    _parent. Publications.goalPos = 220;
    _parent. Contact.goalPos = 250;

    _parent. James_Cornetet.about.gotoAndStop (1);
    _parent. James_Cornetet.CV.gotoAndStop (1);
    _parent. Architecture.category.gotoAndStop (1);
    _parent. Architecture.date.gotoAndStop (1);
    _parent. Archtiecture.bylocation.gotoAndStop (1);
    _parent. Architecture.typology.gotoAndStop (1);

    animation_hl_contact. Reverse = false;
    animation_hl_contact. Play();
    _parent. James_Cornetet.animation_hl_james_cornetet. Reverse = true;
    _parent. Architecture.animation_hl_architecture. Reverse = true;
    _parent. Awards.animation_hl_awards. Reverse = true;
    _parent. Blog.animation_hl_blog. Reverse = true;
    _parent. News.animation_hl_news. Reverse = true;
    _parent. Publications.animation_hl_publications. Reverse = true;


    One thing that stands out as being undesirable that recommended going is that you place on the items (using the on() approach) code.  The right approach is to assign instance names to your interactive objects and use them to place all code on the timeline where it is easily visible.  In doing so, you will find just that a lot of code that show you can be modularized in functions that can be shared by different objects rather than having each carrying a load full on his back. You will find that you can pass arguments to shared functions that do the same functions capable of supporting interactions with different objects

    Your call you (press) performs a conditional test useless.  If you change the status to be if (project._currentframe! = 25) you can avoid this.

    In all of your executed appeal of conditional statements, you have a few lines that are repeated in each condition, so they can be moved to the end off the conditional statements.

    Your call to it (release) has the same problem as your call you (press).  Use the _parent target overflow is also an indication that most of the code in this appeal would probably serve you better sitting in the _parent timeline and your button could just call this function

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    My question is:
    (1) how to ensure that "databases must be created using the UNICODE database"?

    (2) to take care of character, I'll use in the database creation script:

    create the db1 database...
    who will take care of him?

    create the db1 database...

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    Hi all.  Firstly a bit of background.  I am a former admin of system IT I got a C240 as a gift.  I tried to remove the music from Windows Vista section of the computer where the C240 is listed as a portable device.  Now, I can't get things to work quite right.  I seem to have the 8 original songs/5 albums that come with the device.  The number has doubled to 16, and half of them cannot play.  I'm not sure I want to do with this device, but I want to clear in addition to all the current music and load my own.  I tried to download the update of the firmware and it still just waiting and never took the screen "search for updates".

    Also, I have Media Player 11 and it does not recognize the unit.  So, how do Media Player to see the device, copy music to it and delete the prepackaged songs accompanying?  Any help will be appreciated.  I don't want to choose the format from the settings menu, unless it's the way to go.  Arrest me please make any more mistakes!  Thanks in advance for help a dummie MP3!  -Victor

    OK I got when I hit reset I changed the USB to MSC settings to automatic detection.  So I reset on MSC.  Now I see the Unit 11 MP so how can I delete and add music?  Thanks for bearing with me! -Victor

  • What is the most recent NVIDIA graphics driver update for 32-bit windows vitsa specifications

    I looked on the site of NVIDIA and Geforce I can't get the graphics driver for my compaq cq50 computer I'm right now 8200M graphics drive but I can't find an update for it that will support my OEM. Is could someone please help me update my portable computers graphics driver?


    nVidia <> Microsoft.

    I guess what you're saying, is that you have Windows Vista 32 - bit and a video chipset from nVidia GeForce 8200 M.  I guess you went to nVidia and their utility to scan to see if you have the latest driver graphics driver?

    What he have to note you (if it is authorized on computer laptop yor by OEM) is:

    Verde 285.62 pilot

    Version: 285.62 - WHQL
    Release date: Monday 24 October 2011
    Operating system: Windows 7 32-bit, Windows Vista 32-bit
    Language: English (United States)
    File size: 150,63 MB

    You could try to remove the currently installed driver and before rebooting, install the one linked above.

  • Tecra 8000: Question about the possibility of upgrade

    I have a tecra 8000 with a pentium 2 300 mhz processor and I was wondering if it would be up to class? any help would be appreciated thanks.


    Well, in general it is not possible to upgrade the CPU because the cpu is fixed and soldered on the motherboard. But sometimes the CPU is only mated. I'm not sure about this device, but as far as I know, this device was shipped with Pentium II 400 233 MHz, 333 MHz and 400 MHz Dixon.
    But if you want to upgrade the CPU to change many other parts because the plu processor produce more heat and this process can cause overheating problems.
    So if you want you can request the service of Toshiba for details.

  • questions about the virtual memory and CPU allocation

    Hi, I have 2 questions that I hope will be answered in this forum.

    First of all, I have a computer for video editing with 4 hard drives in raid0 2... also a separate hard drive to the system and programs.

    16 GB of ram

    My question relates to the allocation of virtual memory... I currently set at min - max, same... 1200 MB on each raid0 array and nothing on the c drive.

    Is it safe and effective, or should I create another set up?


    I have processor together for optimal performance for planning programs. I was wondering if the background services must wager together instead of programs.

    Thanks in advance for any help

    Sounds good to me. Distributed pagefile doesn't make much difference in a single dedicated pagefile and programs should take precedence over substantive services.

  • Tecra 8000: Question on the HARD disk and the password

    Hi all
    A market recently my son bought an old laptop Toshiba T8000.

    Personally, I have absolutely no knowledge of the laptop myself as a desktop is everything I've ever used.
    However, I recharged the battery and the power, it asks for a password, even if what I believe to be the HD is missing (Vacant housing, left under the keyboard and behind the battery)

    Our local store offers him an incredible £121 a new HD

    HA wasted his pocket money on it or can he get a password and the HD at reasonable price to fit?

    Any help is greatly welcomed.



    Especially the password appears at the beginning of the startup procedure because the BIOS password has been set.
    Unfortunately, you cannot delete or remove the BIOS password if the old password of BIOS is not known to you. Either contact you the person who sells you the device and ask for the password or you will contact the service partner in your country for a deletion.

    I guess that's a Tecra 8000 with the number PAT80XE.
    This unit is a little older and so I think that hard drives are rare, a little so more expensive.
    By the way: the device supports an EIDE HARD disk interface

  • Tecra A2 - Question about the different stacks

    You have a problem with getting a new battery for a Tecra A2 PTA20A 20R002. The battery that came out of the laptop is a PA3356U-2BAS. Product Toshiba says that the battery is a PA3356U-1BAS or PA3357U-1BAL (high capacity).

    Is the PA3356U-1BAS PA3356U-2BAS and PA3356U-3BAS (incidentally)?

    Also can I can use PA3357U-3BAL instead of the PA3357U-1BAL?

    I find it difficult to source the battery the numbers indicated on the technical specifications of Toshiba in Australia (can't find compatibiles). PA3357U-3BAL seems to be pretty easy to find.

    Thank you


    Very interesting! :)

    Thanks for this feedback!

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