Tecra R850-1HU: how to connect 4 external microphones


I need to have the sound on an amplifier and I put 4 microphones through a mixture of als table entry.

How can we do with * only 1 mini-plug (* 2 mini-jack adapter?)

Thanks for any help



Never tried using 4 microphones but I think that you will need to use an external device, something like table 4-channel microphone mixer, but I think that this forum is the wrong place to talk about these issues because it is not really related to the laptop, but DJ equipment.

However, please share your experience with us once you have successfully connected 4 mic to the laptop.

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  • How to connect an external Microphone for Dell inspiron 14z 5423

    Hello I have a dell inspiron 14z 5423 and I try to use the external microphone that I need, but I don't know if the socket on my laptop is good.

    Hello Nicolas,.

    Thanks for the quick response.

    It is possible that the computer won't recognize microphone correctly because of corrupted audio drivers.

    I suggest to update audio drivers from this link and then try to connect a microphone.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you

  • Re: Blue screen on Tecra R850-1HU install Win XP Recovery disk


    I have a Tecra R850-1HU that comes with windows 7 pro

    I stopped the media recovery for win xp

    The installation is correctly with xp and when I reboot, I see the logo win xp for 1 second and then screen (0x0000007B) Blue

    I try safemode... nothing works

    I have load mini windows xp from a cd and I see all the files on the hard disk from the cd of recovery if it s installed

    I try to put the bios sata to ahci or compatible with the same problem

    I try many times with the same problem on a different machine with the same problem

    The laptop is returned to Toshiba (they have installed win xp from an original cd of microsoft, so I need activation, and I have to do this on 20 computers laptops and good course that no, the toshiba cd creator app, win the dvd...)

    I contact toshiba, I'm not sure that they understand what I want, I got a new dvd of restoration with the same problem

    Anyone has a solution I would be very happy

    Maybe something to change in the bios but I don't know what?

    Thanks for any help

    In General original Toshiba recovery image is tested and should work properly on certain model of laptop. If there is a problem with recovery original you should clarify this with Toshiba directly.
    As far as I know the BIOS should be set to default settings and nothing should be changed in the BIOS settings when you want to use the recovery image.

    All I can imagine is that there is something wrong in the image itself. In the past, I had a similar problem with old Portege 2000.

    Is done: If you want to use the original image you must clarify this with Toshiba. Toshiba must offer good job recovery image. If you want to use own WXP then you must purchase the license for this. Toshiba has nothing to do with the activation of the OS.
    (> I have to do this on 20 computers, laptops and of course not, the toshiba cd soft > creator, win the dvd...)
    How to understand this?
    You want to buy a recovery disk and install it on 20 laptop computers Tecra absolutely identical?

  • How to connect & activate external speakers to the Windows 7 desktop PC

    How to connect & activate external speakers to the Windows 7 desktop PC?

    Can't get PC to recognize external speakers


    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    According to the description, I understand that the PC recognizes not the external speakers.

    This could be due to hardware conflicts.

    I suggest you to refer to the suggestions of Fahimulla K replied on March 4, 2010 and check if that helps.


    Hope this information helps. Please let us know if you need any other help with Windows in the future. We will be happy to help you.

  • How to connect the external Qosmio TV and VCR

    I'm nowhere with this are there instructions written on this.

    Best regards Walter Bisset

    [email protected]

    [Edited by: admin]

    Hello Walter

    I put t know what Qosmio model you have but as far as I know everything is described in s operating manuals. One of my friends has a Qosmio F10 and I checked manuals s use of his unit and in the page 154 (9-13), there is description how you can connect to external TV using S-video output port.

    Good luck!

  • How to connect multiple external monitors to Portege R830

    Anyone has any advice on how to connect more than one external monitor to a Portege R830?

    I have a monitor through the station home, but when I attach a second monitor to the port of the laptop do not recognize at all.

    It is used to work on my old Portege, but for some reason not on the R830.

    Any tips or advice?


    You use the same port in the docking station and Portege R830?
    Docking station replica ports in order to use the Portege docking station port or port.

    If you want to connect more than one external monitor to the laptop then I would recommend using something like Toshiba Dynadock

    Welcome them

  • How to connect an external monitor to the hp slate 21 pro

    I have a HP Slate 21 Pro. Anyone know how I can connect an external monitor to reflect what's on my tab


    There is no way to connect an external cable monitor such that HDMI port is entered only.

    Your only solution would be to use the wireless display option in the settings, but you would need a monitor/TV/adapter that would work as a Miracast receiver.  I'm not sure specific screens that function as receptors, but I used adapters are the PTV3000 Netgear and Actiontec SBWD100A01,.

    I hope this helps.

    Kind regards


  • How to connect an external monitor to a Dell Vostro 1500?

    What is required?  cables? See: the screen is black and the need to obtain files/photos to the computer.


    You can connect an additional monitor to the laptop.

    To learn more about how to connect to an external monitor, please refer to: set up multiple monitors

    After the back if you have any questions.

  • How to connect the external monitor to Satellite T130-C17?

    It has a HDMI port on my laptop and I would use it to connect to a monitor...
    The monitor supports DVI and VGA...
    So I thought that buying a VGA-HDMI would do the trick...

    Unfortunately, when I plug it almost doesn t do something...
    I want to use the monitor as my monitor 3rd btw. That's why I want it on the HDMI port.
    The resolution isn't really a problem for me because I put t want to do something great graphics on it anyway.

    For me, it makes sense to use the HDMI Cable DVI and not to use the VGA port.

    This third monitor is a little strange to me.
    You want to connect two external screens/monitors to your laptop satellite?

  • WT8-B-102 - how to connect the external monitor


    I have a toshiba WT8-B-102 Tablet and I need to connect an external monitor (vga or hdmi).
    My tablet doesn't have an hdmi port.

    Any solution?

    Best regards


    WT8-B-102 does not therefore support other output micro HDMI port the connection to an external monitor or TV isn t possible.

    But as far as I know the Tablet supports the wireless display technology (Miracast / Intel WiDi) and if the TV supports the same technology, you should be able to output the internal display on TV s screen too.

  • How to use an external microphone with lifecam?

    Original title: lifecam mic issue unresolved

    I have not found a viable answer on how to use a different microphone with the lifecam. The construction is far away from me. I look six miles away. The camera is great for sure, but he's obnoxious I can't choose my mic source. Can you help me?


    You can change the audio source to the other microphone on the application you're using. You will not need any additional software to do this. Also check your recording volume control. You may be able to change this for all applications.

    You can also view: set up a microphone: http://www.microsoft.com/resources/documentation/windows/xp/all/proddocs/en-us/speech_setup_microphone.mspx?mfr=true

  • Tecra R850-1HU output external VGA in 1280-1024 (4/3)


    Is it possible to have the resolution in vga as 1280-1024 external output or using the display port?
    I just saw the 1024 / 768 resolution 4/3 format

    Maybe in the graphics card of catalyst I look into it without success

    All the output resolution is in 16: 9 format

    Thanks for any help


    Display port supports 32-bit max 2560 x 1600 resolution.
    But the external resolution available depends on the external display and the driver graphics card.
    If the two would support the preferred resolution (1024 / 768), you should be able to select this

  • Inspiron 7720 SE 17 ": how to connect two external monitor?

    Is possible to connect this laptop external monitor 7720 to two (don't mind if computer screen is disabled or duplicate).

    I have two samsung 21 '' monitor (HD).

    If so, how?

    Hi, I would like to participate.

    I wonder if one of you can confirm that it is impossible to use this inspiron 7720 in a configuration triple monitor (no duplication but only stretching from the screen)? I wonder because it is usually possible with maps of optimus and win7/8 but not this time - could only manage to run 2 of the three.

    And to answer riscy00: Why use a splitter? Simply use HDMI and vga, and turn off the screen of the laptop. I did it today.

  • How to connect an external usb drive to a virtual host

    IM using esxi 4.0 u1, have several virtual hosts running.  I use the vi client to manage, no vcenter.

    I want to connect a drive external hard usb to one of the virtual machines.  How do I do this in vi client?

    Thank you

    Not directly supported in the current version of ESX (i). You can try passthrough. Take a look at the http://vm-help.com for directions. A future version of vSphere will be the real answer.

  • How to connect display external 24 "to a Satellite A210?

    I use an LCD TV as a monitor external for my satellite a210, connected with a vga cable. But I can't use the external monitor, I can use both at the same time. Also, the maximum analysis I can get using them at the same time is 1280 x 800, as is analysis of the laptop, I suppose. Are there drivers, that I need to download or is it something that I can not solve?


    In General, you can switch between the devices using the FN + F5 key combination.
    It should be possible for the video signal on both devices (laptop & external screen) and only on the external display.

    I think you should change the resolution of the external display at a lower level
    As mentioned above, the 24 supports the high rate of pixel and I would reduce this to the same thing as supported by the screen of the laptop.

    PS: you can also update the graphics card driver if a newer is available.

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