text is invisible

Can't make the words appear on the screen, even if they doc displays the upper right. I've never had this happen before. I'm not a beginner.

Help please?

Thank you.



More information please, or maybe a step by step and screen shots.


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  • Why can I not use the features of text as invisible ink

    I have an iPhone 6s and cannot use the features of text as invisible ink or send messages with Fireworks and things.

    Those are features of iOS 10 be released 13. You can then update and get these feature.


    If you decide to update on the release date, the Apple servers could be very busy, so be very patient if you can not update immediately.

  • the text box changes color when you type in a google search and the cursor and the text becomes invisible.

    When I open Firefox, a cursor appears in the search text box, but I have to click on it before I can enter text. When I click on the text box changes color (from teal'c white to a light color) and the slider and I type text is invisible.

    Which may be caused by protection of typing"Comcast constant guard.

    'Configure the Anti-keylogger settings'-> disable

  • How to create A PDF with text OCR invisible and no Unicode font incorporated

    We have a code that converts TIFF (usually traveled and OCR'ed) in PDF format. Currently, I extend this code:

    1. be PDF/A compliant (or PDF/A-1b "Unicode" or PDF/A-2u).
    2. Add Unicode text 'behind' the image to make the PDF can be accessed, and
    3. while making (2), do not embed all fonts (which is allowed in PDF/A, as long as the text is invisible).

    I managed to generate a PDF file that pass the test of PDF/A preflight in Adobe Acrobat 9 (we have yet a license for a newer version), and which is also consistent with other requirements above, with one of the problems during their opening in Acrobat (9) or Acrobat Reader (DC), I get the error "cannot find or create the police."


    Currently, we use the following code to PDF in our output:

    3 0 obj
    <</Type/FontDescriptor/FontName/DummyInvisibleMonospace/Flags 34
    /FontBBox[0 0 600 1000]/ItalicAngle 0/Ascent 1000/Descent -300
    /CapHeight 700/StemV 0/MissingWidth 600>>
    4 0 obj
    /CIDSystemInfo<</Registry(Adobe)/Ordering(UCS)/Supplement 0>>
    /FontDescriptor 3 0 R/DW 600/CIDToGIDMap/Identity>>
    5 0 obj
    <</Length 374>>
    /CIDInit /ProcSet findresource begin
    12 dict begin
    /CIDSystemInfo 3 dict dup begin
    /Registry (Adobe) def
    /Ordering (UCS) def
    /Supplement 0 def
    end def
    /CMapName /Adobe-Identity-UCS def
    /CMapType 2 def
    1 begincodespacerange
    <0000> <ffff>
    1 beginbfrange
    <0000> <ffff> <0000>
    CMapName currentdict /CMap defineresource pop
    6 0 obj
    /Encoding/Identity-H/ToUnicode 5 0 R/DescendantFonts[4 0 R]>>
    7 0 obj
    <</Length 266193>>
    q 591.36 0 0 775.68 0 0 cm/I2 Do Q
    BT/F1 12 Tf 3 Tr
    % ...
    1.34762 0 0 0.88 308.64 576.624 Tm<0043004F004D00420049004E0045>Tj
    % ...
    8 0 obj
    <</Type/Page/Parent 1 0 R/MediaBox[0 0 591.36 775.68]
    /Resources<</XObject<</I2 2 0 R
    >>/Font<</F1 6 0 R>>/ProcSet[/PDF/Text/ImageB]>>/Contents 7 0 R>>

    Replace the name of fancy font with that of one of the 14 standard fonts, said Courier, does not help.

    Unfortunately, I was not able to find or create PDF sample files that show how to add invisible text without embedding a font. I could operate without a Unicode mapping, referring to the Courier not incorporated and using WinAnsiEncoding. However, in order to use the Unicode format, I have to add some police structures, so there's a ToUnicode mapping according to the PDF/A standard, and then I can't get rid of this warning, which of course would make it unusable PDF for our customers.

    I couldn't really find in the PDF specification or the PDF/A standard what exactly "do not embed a font" meant on a technical level. I assumed that this meant "leaving aside the tag /FontFile2 and police data, to which it refers", but apparently, this isn't quite the case.

    If this is not possible, I might incorporate a fake police, like empty Adobe but with (empty) glyphs that have a width, but it really shouldn't be necessary if I understand standards.

    Any help or tips at least are appreciated.

    Published by: Gerben your; separate long lines in the code.

    Published by: Gerben your; Comment on Adobe-Blank as police.

    But it's a required parameter with sense. Encoding is highly relevant for embedded and not embedded fonts. So it must be good, not just there... and it is not normal for a substitution font...

  • InDesign CS5 text around invisible object wrapping

    I don't know how to describe it other than to say that it looks like the text is wrapped around an invisible object, or there is some sort of adjustment range that I'm not aware of. See picture attached. In the large text box, the text is not all the way upward. I put a red box around the area problem (the red box is NOT part of the InDesign file.) All objects on this page have text wrap the text No dress upgame. I have the lag of page text box on this screen to show you how when I go outside the right margin, the problem goes away, it's what makes me think that this is a margin setting. I checked to make sure that no empty text boxes floating around, causing this, but I can't find anything. Thanks for the hints!


    Nothing wobbly at all.

    If you open the drop-down list of layer you will see there is a block of text with visibility turned off. He has applied film.

  • Device of blackBerry Smartphones, sending text messages invisible to the unknown mobile number

    Hi, just bought a unlocked 9360, having a strange, new problem in Blackberry, so be, permissions or something, but the device sends texts to a number of mobile which is not in my repertoire, recent calls or texts. My allocation of text on O2 came down, I changed to a Giffgaff sim and who goes down also.

    I know that the phone number as Giffgaff sent me a list of numbers, the texts were out to and they are all the same one.

    Sorry to be a beginner, if it's as simple as the app permissions.


    Let's be clear. There are SMS messages are automatically sent from the device and you're not sending them? If this is the case, then now, follow these steps:

    Turn off the mobile network radio. Perform a full backup. Do a security wipe. When you do the wipe of security, check the box to delete applications.

    See http://www.blackberry.com/btsc/KB14058 about security wipe.

    After clearing security, do a selective restore of just your personal data. Do not restore settings or application data. But, if you can start from scratch and go do a restore, do.

    Go ahead: set a device password and lock your device when you have eyes on her. Don't lend your device. Don't let anyone use it. There is a setting in the options to require the device password in order to install an application. I recommend that you enable that. Finally, be careful what apps install.

    My best guess is that there is a malicious application on the device. Maybe it was when you bought it, maybe someone put there after you acquired it, or perhaps you have inadvertently installed. Cannot be sure. But obviously this is not something you want, at the very least, and you don't know what it is to delete.   This is my reason for the security wipe.

  • The tables are all blacks in Dreamweaver CM³ and text is invisible

    I just spent CS3 to CC, and all my files imported right. Then the only problem is that when I go to change, all the tables where the text is has been missed to black! When I view the page in the browser, it is displayed correctly, but in DW I do not see the text due to the black background.

    I never had this problem during all these years of use of DW, what am I doing wrong or what I need to adjust in the settings to display correctly? Thank you!


    Try to do this-

    bgcolor = "c5c7c6."


    bgcolor = "#c5c7c6."

    That is why it is important to always show your code.

  • Why the CSS text is invisible?

    I am new to Dreamweaver, because I need to migrate away from GoLive. One of the pages created in Dreamweaver (v5.5 for Mac), text to be the title of my CSS stylesheet is visible in Live View mode, but is visible in Design view.

    Yes, I toggeld display of CSS styles, on 'on '. And submenu rendered Style, "" screen media type ' and "styles display" are checked. " I forgot something else?

    See this help article of police problems. Mac OS X


    Good luck

    Nancy O.

    ALT-Web Design & Publishing

    Web | Graphics | Print | Media specialists



  • The text becomes 'Invisible '.

    FreeHand changes suddenly, the text that I write. It is not normally visible, I mean, it kind puts a top layer, so I don't see it clearly. The font of the text is one of the avaiables, no effect... But when I copied another file open on the program it seems in good condition. What is this possible?
    Thanks for any response.

    Once more, I found what the problem was... First of all, sorry to be so boring here!
    Solution: In the layers panel, where the background layer is under the separation line, put next to each other. This means that all the layers on the separator albums are for printing, therefore, visible on the document area.

  • sent mail gmail text is invisible. When you open the gmail webmail page in IE8, see the text and the signature without problem.

    It apparently just started to be a problem today.

    Content of the entire message missing GMail (empty) after the title of the header

    In Firefox, if you have an extension "Adblock Plus".

    1. 'Ctrl + Shift + F' preferences (or right click on the symbol of the ADP and choose Preferences)
    2. 'Filters' menu > 'update all subscriptions'.

    Reference: https://support.mozilla.com/questions/896267

  • Make the text visible/invisible field based on the menu drop-down

    I currently have a form that automatically calculates dates based on the value in particular the "Text10" field with the current script of

    Custom calculate script for the field 'date '.

    (function () {}

    Get the date in the field

    var v = getField("Text10").valueAsString;

    Convert string to date

    var d = util.scand ("mm/dd/yyyy", v);

    Add 30 days

    d.setDate (d.getDate () + 31);

    Fill in this field with the result

    If {(v)

    Event.Value = util.printd ("mm/dd/yyyy", d);

    } else {}

    Event.Value = "";



    I want to thank this option to hide the field if one selects a particular value in a drop-down list. Allows to call the drop "decline.1" and values are just 'Yes' and «» Yes makes visible, hide it.

    Is this possible? I looked through the forums and can't seem to find a solution. I use Adobe Acrobat X Pro

    Thank you

    Yes, it is possible. Just add the following line, this isn't little matter so long it after the first year and before the last:

    Event.Target.Display = getField("drop1").value = 'no '? Display.Hidden: display.visible;

  • Trying to create lines of text, with invisible font.

    I can add an outline using the layer styles, but I want the contours without content inside them. What is the best way to achieve this?

    Photoshop CS4.

    You can use a layer style contour with the opacity of fill to zero.

    Like this:


  • How can we make invisible static value in a text field to the OPA

    Hi all

    I have invisible static value in a text field in the OPA.

    For ex: field contains the value 100 while we manage the maintenance should not display the value 100 or make us the text as invisible field. whenever we submit the interview the value should be passed.

    I made the background color of the text in white field, but it reflects all the text fields. I need to make the text of the particular text as invisible field. Can someone give me a solution for it.

    Use two different attributes (the one that is indicated in the interview to the need - for example, as "the id selected user" or whatever the phrase is appropriate) and a different attribute, which is the mapped attribute.  The second attribute must not be on any screen of the interview (by thus "invisible" for the user).  Write a table of rules that concludes that the value of the attribute mapped on is EITHER static value or the selected/expected value according to some logic is appropriate to make a decision in your model of strategy.

  • Invisible text in Flash Player Mac OS 10.6 Snow Leopard

    Since upgrading to Snow Leopard, I had problems with invisible text in Safari and Firefox on pages that use Flash Player.

    Here's what I know:

    They are always in Flash, but not all of the text is invisible.
    I created a new user account, and there is no problem.
    I use the latest version of Flash.
    I installed all the updates that are available from Apple.
    Text does not appear in Firefox or Safari, so it is not only a problem of Safari, but seems to be a problem with Flash.

    Here's what I did to try to resolve the problem:

    Book fonts used to check all the fonts and to remove duplicate fonts installed by Snow Leopard.
    Font book allows to disable the user fonts, since there were no problems with the other user account.
    Reinstalled Flash (several times).

    Used the Flash uninstall program and then reinstalled.
    Fix the permissions on the disk.
    You discover a problem with iWork, so I reinstalled iWork (although I was not having a problem here).

    Here is a screenshot.  It is the page Google stock. The small boxes along the lower right part of the chart are supposed to have letters that correspond to the links to the right of the graph. These appear in the other user account, but not in Safari or FireFox.

    <img src="http://homepage.mac.com/abramr/FlashInvisibleFonts.png"/>

    So, now what? Is there a plist or something I can delete to Adobe Flash Player? If there is a problem with a different user account, what should I do? Can I somehow easily move all my stuff (documents, photos, music, etc.) to the new user account and then delete the old root user account?

    Thanks for any help you can give me.

    I was able to solve the problem in my case.  I removed the fonts in the following folder:

    ~/Library/fonts (where ~ is your username)

    RELOADED Safari and it worked fine.  I think that the fonts in the user folder were in conflict with fonts in the main folder in the upper part of the repertoire of the library.

  • Fonts, text and menus, all gone.

    The texts are not displayed

    Fonts, text and menus, all gone.

    When I open Firefox and type some text in the address bar text is invisible. Although the texts are there can not see what I typed.

    Menu drop-downs do not appear.

    Look at the screenshot of my Firefox: http://www.maisinside.com.br/print_firefox.jpg

    I found solutions on the Internet where they were written for Firefox to restart without the extensions, but how do I have restart if I do not see the menus? I don't know where to click.

    Excludes already my profile and installed new Firefox but not solved the problem.

    I installed Thunderbird 14 also.

    Can someone help me? Thanks for your attention

    If the problem occurs in normal mode but not safe mode, why not try disabling Firefox to use graphics hardware acceleration? As this feature has been added to Firefox, it has gradually improved, but there are still some problems.

    You need to restart Firefox for it to take effect, so save any work first (e.g. you compose mail, documents online that you are editing, etc.).

    Orange Firefox button or classic menu Tools > Options > advanced

    In the mini ' General' tab, uncheck the box for "use hardware acceleration when available.

    If you restart Firefox, the problem is solved?

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