The 2015 CC/brush flash pencil tool does not work with Cintiq

I recently bought a Wacom Cintiq 22HD and all new Adobe software.  I mainly use Photoshop and Flash to the drawing and animation. (Before I was running cs6 products on windows 7 on a Tablet and everything worked fine).

My configuration: Lenovo IdeaPad Y 50-70.  Windows 8.1.  Wacom Cintiq 22HD with latest driver. Adobe Flash CC 2015.

The main problem I have is in Flash.  Everything works fine in Photoshop, I can draw on the screen without problem.  But I can't use the brush or pencil in Flash tool. When I draw the mouse, all right. When I use the pen, he made this super long line on the side of the document.  If I try to draw something, he's going to draw, but super far from where it is supposed to. The strange thing is that when I use the brush with a normal mouse tool, it works fine. When I use the online tool, pen tool or other tools, my cintiq pen works very well. It is ONLY the brush and pencil tools when using my Cintiq. I have to be able to draw with my Cintiq in Flash.

Are there any solutions for this problem? Help, please!


Hi all

The problem associated with the brush and the pencil drawing in Flash Professional CC 2015 configuration dual monitor with Wacom devices has been fixed in the latest update. Please update Flash Professional CC 2015 v15.0.1.179.



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    Hi Julia,

    This problem is possibly due to an incompatibility with the latest Wacom drivers (6.3.14 - 1) which has already been fixed internally. The fix will only be available with the next release of Flash Pro. In the meantime, can you try uninstalling the Wacom drivers and install the previous version of Wacom Drivers(Get it from here: Legacy Drivers |) Wacom). Restart your computer and then try to use Flash Pro.

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    All parameters have already were OK except:

    Advanced tab: HTTP1.1 settings tick the two boxes HTTP1.1 (second box was disabled)

    Security: check the box 'Enable native support XMLHTTP', (has not shown on my system)

    After the restarted and tried change, problem still there.


    So I decided to run CC Cleaner, after running Flash Player 9 has worked well!

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    Thanks for your help


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    Thanks for the ideas.


    Looks like the kind of question reset preferences will probably correct.

    Press and hold Shift Cmd opt immediately after starting Photoshop

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    It was clarified at the beginning, to the official announcement of Lightroom 6.1/Lightroom CC 2015.1

    It lists the features currently available in Lightroom CC (which isn't Lightroom 6), and there is an asterisk next to Dehaze, the asterisk is said "Please note that these features are not available in the stand-alone version of Lightroom 6.1."

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    I tried to update the drivers and reinstall the device and the adapter from the Device Manager. We have a similar setup on my brother's computer and it works fine.

    Another thing to watch, would be what battery is used.  I know from personal exp some devices work with Toshiba stack, vs the MSFT pile up.  Do a search and see if anyone else uses a different battery with these devices. Network systems engineer * Zvetco biometrics * Windows Server 2008 R2 * Core 2 6600 @ 3.30 GHz * 16 GIGS RAM * NVIDIA 9400GT * * > please VOTE MESSAGES ALSO USEFUL TO HELP OTHER USERS

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    Hi all

    We have a custom user interface to display the content from the content server and use the below code to retrieve data from the content server. But somehow SortSpec does not work with CRMI. Any pointer?

    DataBinder requestBinder = idcClient.createBinder ();

    requestBinder.putLocal ("IdcService", "GET_SEARCH_RESULTS");

    requestBinder.putLocal ("SortSpec",

    'order by dDocName ASC, dInDate DESC');

    requestBinder.putLocal ("QueryText", queryText);

    DataBinder answer =

    idcClient.sendRequest (idcContext, requestBinder) .getResponseAsBinder ();

    error: oracle.stellent.ridc.protocol.ServiceException: unable to retrieve search results. Has encountered an exception during execution of a query.

    env: Webcenter content

    Thank you


    Hi Olivier,.

    Instead of

    requestBinder.putLocal ("SortSpec",

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    requestBinder.putLocal ("SortSpec", "CSA sddDocName, dInDate DESC");

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    Thank you


  • Brush control with CTRL + ALT + click right + mouse/pen movement does not work with the tool liquify (photoshop cc 2015): what should I do?

    Brush control with CTRL + ALT + click right + mouse/pen movement does not work with the tool of liquefy; I can't change the size of the brush or hardness. OS win 7 Professional 64 bit, wacom tablet intuos 6.3.14 - 1 driver s pro, Photoshop 2015 CC worm.  2015.0.1 20150722.r.168

    What are your settings of GPU acceleration?  As I understand it, the Alt right click size and hardness adjust needs acceleration GPU to be turned on, but I have a feeling Brush hardness is always set to easy when using fluidity.  You can still see the quick mask as representation of the soft brush when Alt right click, but you can't change the hardness.

    Is that you can change the brush size and pressure (framed in red in my screenshot) Alt right click drag left and right changes size and down to pressure changes, and you can see what is happening in real-time by looking at the sign on the right.  It works independently of your acceleration GPU (IME) settings, but you don't get the effect of soft red quick mask.

    Does this fit with what you see, or you are not able to change things at all?  If not, then I've always found that fluidity consumes system resources, if you could check the Task Manager > Performance tab to see what kind of RAM and CPU use is using the fluidity.  That's what I see after direction the lens above with a big brush continuously for 10 seconds.  Note This is on a fairly quick NLE System.

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