The activity of Vista users: you can monitor?

Is there a way to see what's been used, changed downloaded into my computer. I mean like what Web sites were to visit the people or things that people downloaded on my computer? Beacasue some guests came and used my laptop. My dad says there is a way without having to download anything to see when exactly people have done stuff

IM using windows vista edition homw

Thank you

Ah ok thanks, but y at - there a way to check what they were doing?

If your "guests" are given a guest to use account, they cannot change or add anything in your computer.
Why are concerned about what they were doing?
If you do not trust the person, don't let them use your computer at all.

You can check the guest browsing history by...

Log on to the guest account > open browser > press Ctrl + H together keys. There is navigation on hostory.

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