Trying to backup computer, get the error message "the C: drive has errors" "Windows has detected corruption of file system on C:. You should check the drive for errors before you can restore it. »

I'm trying to back up my computer and so I went to back up files and attempted to save DVD RW Drie (f), then recovery (E :).  Then in the form following, I clicked on next, and I get the message "the C: drive has errors" error "Windows has detected corruption of file system on C:. You should check the drive for errors before you can restore it. "I hit the" check the drive for errors and it told me that windows can't check the disk in use then I hit the schedule disk check. "  and then nothing happened.  What should I do?  How can I save my files?


I planned it, rebooted, and nothing happened.  I have tried three times now

Hey Ruffscicle

read the information on how to run the check disk at the link below

If the first method does not work, try the other methods

have a Happy New Year

Walter, the time zone traveller

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