the hard drive of my computer is purchased full.i a external hard change outside the primary disk so I can download music easily?

the hard drive of my computer is purchased full.i a external hard change outside the primary disk so I can download music easily.right now my external backup just my computer that isn't doing me good

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You don't want to change your external drive to your main drive.

You can move your music files on the external drive - or you can move other data on the disk to make room for your music on the internal drive.

What applications do you use to play music?

As described in the first link below, you can move your full "My Documents" folder on the external drive.  Alternatively, you can simply move your music files.  If such an arrangement would give you a satisfactory performance, however, depends on how your external drive is connected (for example, USB 1.1, USB 2.0, USB 3.0, eSATA, Firewire, network) and other hardware features of your computer.

Not all of the following conditions will be applied to you, but some of the tips can be useful.

There are a number of things you can do to- temporarily - free up disk space.  The only real solution, however, is to get a bigger internal hard drive.   You can move the data to your external drive, but if it's the data that you use frequently, slower access times may annoy you.  Therefore, I do not recommend that you move your My Documents folder in its entirety on the external drive, but you can certainly do this by following the related instructions.

  • You can run Disk Cleanup (start > run > cleanmgr > OK)
  • You can reduce the size allocated for the restoration of the system to about 1 GB (right click on desktop > properties > system restore > settings)
  • You can disable hibernation (if you don't use it) (right click on an empty spot on the desktop > properties > screen saver > power > Hibernate)
  • You can disable the indexing of the drive, which will also speed up your computer a bit (
  • You can reduce the size of your Internet browser cache (depending on the browser that you use)
  • You can remove most of the $NTUninstallKBxxxxxx files $ following the directions here: (read the warnings in the gray box first)
  • See also:

" How to recover disk space on Windows Server 2008 and Windows XP computers? ."

" Forty ways to free disk space ."

But none of these answers you will earn really large amounts of space for very long.  The term solution time is a bigger hard drive.

In the meantime, download and run JDiskReport, that will show you graphically what files take up more space and seem to so indicate what files you must move it to your external drive.  If you want to move an application, you will need to uninstall and then reinstall it specifying your external drive as the installation location.  You can not simply move the files.

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