The upgrade of my iMac for the new year: advice requested

I intend to buy a '5 K' 27"iMac very soon in the new year. My current iMac is great, but the new iMacs can support 64 GB of RAM (from trust OWC), and mine is only 32 GB, end of story. I really need the impetus of extra RAM for my work. Right now, I'm still on 10.8.5, as are the many benefits I know. But I simply must have the biggest capacity of RAM. My concern is the operating system. Can someone please give me some advice on how I should migrate my relatively valuable software without problem?

In the past, I managed to carry around with only a few bumps, but I realize the Mavericks realize / El Capitan are slightly different beasts OS to the Lion. So, in general, I'm in Logic Pro (of course!), with Kontakt as my pillar. In addition, plenty of third-party plugins and related software that could be a minefield. What would be my best strategy for getting up and running relatively smoothly? I ask this, because my time is at a premium, it is never really a period I would call convenient to do this, as I'm sure that many pros will understand.

I want to just be prepared for eventualities, that perhaps the community already have experience. Sorry, I really do not have to trawl all the threads though. He is currently a deadline after another, but I don't know that I can migrate successfully if I have good info on the new OS.

Really appreciate any help on this! Thank you...

Might help to know what equipment will be attached to the new beast. There has been some problems with El Crapitan from the beginning, but I think that most of them have been flattened, even if Apple OS latest have more load. Apple is trying to get os x and iOS under development platform even if there were a few bumps. Just make sure that your plugin is model compatible as well as all third-party drivers.  Bloom time is is more directly supported.

These can help.

Information on the compatibility of 10.11 El Capitan - Important.

El Capitan 10.11.1 compatibility information

Info: Working with 10,11 El Capitan

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    I have the same iPod, also use it as a music player and alarm...

    Had the same problem and just thought that maybe changing the date (say in 2015 or earlier) should fix.
    Did not try again, since at work now...


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    My name is Lynne and I have a few questions that I am struggling to solve

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    Your impotent!


    Hi Lynne999,

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft answers Forum. For questions about Microsoft Dynamics GP, visit the Forum Microsoft Dynamics GP here.

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    I am able to pass parameters in the URL of the APEX that defined the points of the application as below

    : http://application-tier server: port/pls/apexdev/f? p = 1001:1:APP_CLIENT_NUMBER, APPLICATION_NUMBER:0001285, 0000051:

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    The problem seems to be that the value of point of application has not been set at this point, and therefore the values are null.

    If I change the application process process Point to something that runs to each page as On Load: after the header, then the values are available. It is not suitable as only wish to run once at startup of the application.

    I can't find discussion of this documentation.

    1. I would be able to access URL parameters in the application process with Point on a new Instance of the process?

    2. are there any other equivalent task for access to URL parameters at the start of the application?

    Thank you


    APEX runs only on the new process Instance when a new session has been set up. As you discovered, URL items are not yet saved in session at this point State. You can use a level app process before header instead, with a condition that makes that make it run when certain elements that you want to initialize are null.

    Kind regards


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    Since midnight January 1, no data are available for any channel in the guide, even though it says that it has successfully downloaded the latest announcements of guide. Does anyone else have this problem?

    I tried a new analysis for the services and set up the guide even once.

    Hello PGreenhill,

    Please see the thread below because there was a problem with the program guide in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It must be corrected. If not, let us know.

    Check also that all your Windows updates are up-to-date.

    Thank you


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    I bought a new iMac 21 with the retina a few months ago, but have had trouble and wasted hours and hours trying to figure out how to do many things that were so simple on the PC I had for years!

    I've now stored in its original box and put it in stock at home because I can not just use it.

    Are there sites with tutorials that will teach me how to use the software as pages, numbers, iTunes and Photos?

    If you click on the desktop (a black space on the Mac screen), you will see next to that the Apple icon in the upper left of your screen, the word "Finder". You are at the basic level of the Mac where it all begins. If then click on 'help' you will see the option to select "Get to know your Mac" as in the screenshot below part. You can also see the tutorials similar to this web site of Apple

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    Hi, I recently got and 660 GTX ti as a gift from a Guild mate. Unfortunately, the stock PSU is a potato (very) disappointing 300W. Who also likes to scream when I'm still so things like move my mouse. Wonderful innit!

    in any case, I've been shopping around for a PSU that could fuel at least my graphics card for the recommended specifications, 450w, unlike what is 240 R7 in the system right now, which is recommended to have 400w... And I managed to find one that meets at my expecations in size and power output.

    I just want to see if someone has comments on the sizes to enter in the case of Pavvy 500-329.

    Since your Canadian, I took the liberty of a few analyses available of the PSU.

    Your current system has a R7-240 which is inspired by 30W.  The GTX660ti attracts 150W.  The net difference is 120W.  The original power supply is 300W but it is a maximum.  You'd never see your car top SPEED!

    I would like to see you get a Corsair CX CDN 96,19 600W as your choice. Here are the specifications.   It's 80 + efficient power consumption curve and focus not on your system. It is also an RIGHT in your system.  If cost is a concern, then I suggest you step down for the 500W version.  It's 20 less CDN.  Its also an exact adjustment.

  • The day of the new year, the guide of the media on Windows Media Center (vista) are deleted. And it is still. Advice please?

    Everything works very well, and I turned off the computer several times. Photos, music, etc. work fine, but cannot see TV TNT at all, so can't record programs or see the hours of television programmes. Thank you, Piers

    Hello Piersifa,

    Please see the thread below because there was a problem with the program guide in the United Kingdom and Ireland. It must be corrected. If not, let us know.

    Check also that all your Windows updates are up-to-date.

    Thank you


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    Thank you.

    Sorry to hear about your health problems, I hope you can recover quickly.

    I'd be happy to see what can be done in addition, if you wish to contact me by private message.  Just click on my name in blue, and then on the next page, click on the link "send private message" and send me your name, etc.. Thank you.

    Kind regards

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    Don t work under El Capitan and I don't get an update/upgrade? I've used until yesterday an old MacBook pro and Lion, everything was perfect with an opening. Now, with the new element (iMac) and El Capitan, I have problems.

    It is not possible to update the version of Aperture is 3.4.5

    What can I do?

    You can only update if you have a version of the AppStore of Aperture - if your version of Aperture appears in the history of your purchases on the App Store. Update and then reinstalling.   See this tip of the user for more details:

    Update to Aperture 3.6 after the publication of Photos

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    How can I upgrade my Photoshop CS5 to my new computer laptop of my older imac. I want to have access to the same tools, preferences, brushes, etc. on both computers


    You can install Photoshop CS5 on your new machine from this link: Download Adobe Creative Suite 5 products

    See this article for the location of the predefined settings that you can transfer manually on the new machine: functions of file Photoshop CS6 preferences, names and places

    In addition, you can check this link: Migrate presets in Photoshop CC

    Kind regards


  • Best version of Photoshop for use with the new Mac Book with El Capitan upgrade

    As I spend my computers to El Capitan, I discovered a lot of confusion on Photoshop works on the version.

    Here is what I have



    • iMac from 2009, updated for Snow Leopard to El Capitan.
    • Photoshop CS5, which, after having installed the new Java works very well.
    • It was already installed, not uninstalled and reinstalled.  I just quit all programs there when I did the upgrade.


    • Mac Book Pro of Mavericks 2012, until ordered to El Capitan
    • It seems impossible to download my license remaining CS5 on the Mac Book

    I was on the cat 4 times, forums with no response for the moment and even talk to someone.  I get this CS5 (CS6 apparently too) are no longer updated or supported for Yosemite or El Cap.

    CS5 does not work on El Cap, but it does not work on my old computer.  Hmmm...

    I hear CS6 may not work either, but information is really confusing, some can, some can't.  Is this true?

    So is the best way to go is to use the CC (CC)?  Which I suppose is where you get your monthly subscription of CS6 of?  I am ready to do it if it will work on both computers and will work with Nik and other line Andromeda plugins

    Nik software will work with CC?

    Why CS5 does not work on my 2009 iMAC but not Mac Book of 2012?

    Any thoughts?

    Hi ulrichf,

    Please click on the link below and follow the steps provided.

    Error "Licensing has stopped working". Mac OS

    I hope this helps.

    ~ UL

  • LR 4.4.1 crashing on iMac osx 10.8.5 when you use the exposure and shadows. Does not restart with about reset surge protector. Worked perfectly for 1.5 years of upgrades to 4.4


    Thanks for any help you may have. 4.4 LR worked perfectly on iMac 27' OSX 10.8.5 for 1.5 years until October this year when close downs began before making the adjustment on mainly the exposure sliders and shadow. Unit will not re-start less wait reboot power surge will become after 10-15 minutes. Apple replaced the card main and erased the disc. Backup LR 4 recharged and upgrade 4.4.1. New protection against overvoltages or directly in decision-making makes no difference and stop occurs immediately after moving the cursor. An old man can make suggestions or auto checks? This is the teacher/student version.

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