Time to Conversion Timestamp problem string


I tried to convert the time string timestamp, but I failed. What is wrong with it? I need a timestamp to create waveforms.


Hi beginner,

use ScanFromString:

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  • How do I add time to the timestamp string


    I have a problem with the addition of time to a timestamp string that is shown on the image below.

    What I need is to add some time for example. 1 hour, but if this change happens between 23:00 and 00:00, I need to change the date.

    Wanted for example results:

    14:53, 22.4.2015. --> 15:53, 22.4.2015.

    23:33, 22.4.2015. --> 00:33, 23.4.2015.

    Help, please

    Use the time to get based on seconds to get the time, use this form to add and subtract the time (to add an hour, simply add 60 * 60 seconds), use the entry timestamp in the Format Date/time function when you want an implementation of the chain.

    Bob Schor

  • Date conversion madness! String to date and vice versa

    Hello, I am working on an application targeting the OS version 4.5.x. I read a lot of messages and the links on this topic and can't seem to make the correct code.

    OK, here's the problem. I ask a timestamp date string to a server. The timestamp is the local time on the server (IS / PST etc.) and not GMT.

    My application must take time and subtract a number of days ranging from 1 day to 1 month. to get a "start" date The application must then provide the start and end date in a string format that it understands. Seems simple isn't?

    Here's the catch, however the time stamps should NOT be changed by the local what is using the device. For example, a device in Italy can contact the server located in Ottawa and ask a timestamp, the calculations shouldn't care about DST or time zone. Just take the supplied date and subtract a fixed number of days from her. Nothing more or less. This proved incredibly hard to do. first the HttpDateParser.parse (ServerTimeStamp) will be the subject of Date GMT and my problem is back to the zone specified in ServerTimeStamp.

    Thanks for any help in advance.

    My method

    public String getDAFIXMLRange (String ServerTimeStamp) {}
    String szRange;
    First analyze the incoming date and record them at the time of the last election.
    Day DAFIEndDate = new Date (HttpDateParser.parse (ServerTimeStamp));
    m_lLastPollTime = DAFIEndDate.getTime ();
    define the offset. Pre-programmed for simplification.
    lOffsetNumberOfSeconds long = 2 * 24 * 60 * 60;
    Calculate the start date by subtracting the offset. Multiply by 1000 to convert to milliseconds!
    Date DAFIStartDate = new Date (DAFIEndDate.getTime () - (lOffsetNumberOfSeconds * 1000));

    !!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW the DATEFORMAT OBJECT is used to get the output format ' yyyy-MM-dd' you HH: mm: "without the marker of time zone. The server knows that it is local to it. !!!!!!!!!!

    Now format the objects date as a string that includes the XML server.
    DateFormat DafiDateFormat = DateFormat.getInstance (); ' YYYY-MM-dd' you HH.

    !!!!!!!!!!!!!! THIS IS THE PART I'M CONFUSED on, with the HELP of zone to create the good date. !!!
    Time zone tz = TimeZone.getTimeZone ("IS");
    int adjEST = tz.getRawOffset ();

    Convert 'em in string format.
    String szDAFIStart = DafiDateFormat.format (DAFIStartDate);
    String szDAFIEnd = DafiDateFormat.format (DAFIEndDate);

    Replace the date calculated in the end segment ranges date XML.
    szRange = statItems.replaceAll (XML_DATERANGE, "TAGSTARTTIME", szDAFIStart);
    szRange = statItems.replaceAll (szRange, "TAGENDTIME", szDAFIEnd);
    Return szRange;


    Yes would be better if the server could provide you date to the GMT time zone, or date as a long.

    But if you can't ask the case on the server, one way might be to manually parse your string and create a new date of parameter values in a calendar, something like this

    Calendar cal = Calendar.GetInstance ();

    Cal.Set (Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH, date)

    Cal.Set (Calendar.MONTH, month-1)

    Cal.Set (Calendar.YEAR, year);

    ' set the new time with the values, you must cal.setTime (cal.getTime ()-,...);

    and then put the date with SimpleDateFormat.

    I think that this could be a solution if you know the format string you recived that date and it won't change.

    I'm not sure but maybe it could be a solution.

    Kind regards

  • Time zone conversion


    I get some information on events and a field has its time as:

    17:00 CEST

    Unfortunately I need at this time in HE, so I need to convert from UTC + 2 to UTC - 5. I've done to isolate the "05" and subtract the amount of time. BUT my problem is so he can understand if it is AM or PM.

    Any suggestion?

    Thank you very much


    If I understand correctly, then you can try something like this:

    The formula in B2:

    = LEFT (A, 8)

    This removes SSTC and leaves a string of numbers that is able to recognize as a time.

    The formula in C2:

    = TIME (HOUR (B) −7, MINUTE (B), SECOND (B))

    The result will be a string date and time, where the cell was formatted in does not show the part of the date.


  • receive the following error code when searching for a piece of music I did several times without a music problem but have recently updated Firefax: Fatal error: Call to undefined function AmazonData() in/home/boss/public_html/mc on line 13

    I am in the page web http://www.songarea.com/ and after searching a piece of music, I get the following error message:
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    I did this several times before without a problem, but have recently updated Firefox with the Skype add-on and wonder if the two things are related.

    URL of affected sites


    Hi John,.

    It is an error message from the web server providing this site. Specifically, it is something wrong with their PHP code.

    It is not browser specific and would go into another browser besides Firefox.

    You will need to contact the webmaster of this site to report this problem. A quick test does not show this problem, but you do not specify what search query, you tried:


  • Conversion to hexadecimal string

    Hello world

    I'm using Labview 2012 and receive data on my serial port which I want to convert a hexadecimal string. I have attached a VI that only allows me to convert the first part of the string, but not the rest.

    Does anyone know how to do this?

    PS: I don't want to have just the incator displayed in hexadecimal format, I really need to do a conversion of the string to be able to work around it after.

    Thank you.


    See that red dot on the number of function Hex String in the image of the code, which is your data gets blown into a U64 array.  Yuk.  Drag a loop around the spell function channel number and it is actually a little faster.  Goes against everything you think you know all LV, but it's one of those exceptions.

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    All 'Live' programs have their own forums. The experts he can better help you.

    Windows Live Mail Forum
    Bruce Hagen
    MS - MVP October 1, 2004 ~ September 30, 2010
    Imperial Beach, CA

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    I get the beginning of the muse of adobe, the error that the application manager adobe is damaged or not installed

    Now, I downloaded 2 times and installed the problem remains, however

    can someone here with rat page

    Kindly try to remove Adobe Application Manager to help cleaning tool and remove CC help | Uninstall the creative desktop application Cloud can download and install Adobe Creative Cloud apps.

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    I'm using Photoshop CS4 on an iMac with OS Lepord of snow.  Recently, I had to do a fresh install of the OS software, then brought back all my Apps, etc. back using Time Machine.  My problem is that now, my Photoshop does not start and gives me a message to contact Technical Support with error # 150:30... What should I do now? @

    You must click on this link 150:30 blue and start with message 11.

    Don't forget to leave a space after sudo python before submitting the script.

    Remember that you will not see your password when you enter it when calling to make.

  • How get/check out the time portion of timestamp with time zone?

    Using Oracle 10 g, I have a timestamp with time zone.

    We have treatment that uses hourly (as a shift of the day of treatment). I want to 'get' the time contained in a timestamp, so that I can compare it to one of our differences for example (pseudocode)

    If the time in the timestamp = 0 then
    treatment of midnight
    on the other
    do other hourly treatment

    I thought that "extract" was the right way to get the time portion of the time stamp, but it returns an interval based on UTC - so where I could expect

    SELECT extract (time OF THE TIMESTAMP ' 2009-06-08 00:34:56 Europe/London ') FROM dual

    to return to 0, it is actually 23 since it's time for the time zone UTC.

    Then... How should I be getting time in order to have it make 'sense' in the context of its time zone? I simply use to_char and analyze the time part?



    Not the literal timestamp ' 2009-06-08 00:34:56 Europe/London ' specifies TIMESTAMP (9) WITH ZONE TIME, subsequent DISTRIBUTION converts this TIMESTAMP value (6).

  • ORA-00285: TIME not given as constant string


    in 10g R2:
    How to write then:
    SQL> recover database until time to_date"('17-02-2009 06:27:00','DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI:SS')";
    ORA-00285: TIME not given as a string constant
    SQL> recover database until time '17-02-2009 06:27:00';
    ORA-01861: literal does not match format string
    SQL> recover database until time 'to_date"('17-02-2009 06:27:00','DD-MM-YYYY HH24:MI:SS')"';
    ORA-01841: (full) year must be between -4713 and +9999, and not be 0
    Thank you.


    TRY: -.

    DATABASE TO RECOVER UP TO THE HOUR ' 2009-02 - 17:06:27:00';


  • IMAQ JPEG image conversion problem string

    Hi, I'm using the format JPEG decode VI to decode an image string I get a camera at Black fins. It works fine when I run VI himself, but when I use it as a subvi the program crashes. Anyone have advice?

    This is a picture of my program

    It's the way the file is returned to the camera

    'I '. «#IMJxs0s1s2s3...» » Enter the JPEG compressed video image

    x = size of the frame in pixels:
    1 = 80 x 64, 3 = 160 x 120, 5 = 320 x 240, 7 = 640 x 480, 9 = 1280 x 1024

    s0s1s2s3 = size of the image in bytes (s0 * 256 ^ 0 + s1 * 256 ^ 1 + s2 * 256 ^ 2 + s3 * 256 ^ 3).
    ... = full frame JPEG

    Note that sometimes the 'I' command returns nothing if the robot camera is busy, then the 'I' command should be called as many times as necessary until a framework is returned

    I changed the format JPEG decode VI by changing the plans of red and blue color. I don't know if this caused the problem though.


    This can be useful for you:



  • cRIO timestamp into string

    During the first boot of a cRIO-9075, it shows in a TimeStamp, a time indicator system around 16:00 on 31 December 1969.

    If I take this timestamp value and pass it in a "Format Date/time string function" to get a string representation of the time stamp, the date and time the chain gets really messed up. The same code to run on a Windows system works perfectly.

    This could be the cause of the function format-stamp-to-string to fail on the cRIO?

    What time zone are you? GMT - 8?

    This resembles the cRIO gets reset at the time Unix GMT January 1, 1970 and there is no time set for this server update at the present time. The Unix timestamp code in LabVIEW can not really deal with dates before this point in time, as far as Unix is concerned the big bang, in which the world was created and computers began to appear that's happened right now

    Windows at the time of the January 1, 1601 and your date of 1969 is well above that and there is absolutely no problem to deal with this date there.

  • Timestamp problem DAQmx waveform

    I have a program that reads analog signals multiple DAQmx using a PFI trigger from a DIO card to start the acquisition.   It uses a registry to offset and Boolean logic to stop the DAQmx read the loop when the trigger is low.  I traced the result to a curve of waveform.  I have a 1000 S/s scanning speed.  I traced the data to a graph of waveform and eye on the individual data points and it is perfect.  Exactly 1 S/s.  The problem: when I increase my 5000 S/s scan rate... I see exactly 1 S/s, but the displayed duration of my test data is 5 x more time.  That tells me that my graph of the waveform is plotted in fact each data point individual 1ms apart.  So basically, there a 1ms all dt in the waveform, and it does not change.  How can I get the real dt of the analysis of data here instead of this arbitrary constant?  When I look at a text of my waveform data file, I see the timestamp below where I'm expecting something ending like that...  0,0010, 0,0017, 0.0025, etc..  Any help would be appreciated.  I'll post the VI if necessary, but other than the trigger power, is a fairly straightforward HERE DAQms read.  Thank you in advance.

    The time of LV start date is January 1, 1904 midnight GMT.  Since your shows up to 6 hours before that, he must be GMT - 6.  My horodateurs base are 19:00 31/12/1903, which is GMT - 5.  Eastern time zone.

    Are you any error coming out after your Subvi waveforms?

    You empty an array of waveform data to add.  The default waveform has a T0 zero and a detachment of the 1.  In the Sub - VI of waveform append inside your Subvi if dt' it does not raise an error, (in fact a caveat being the 1802 error code is positive.).  But she proceeds to add data and use the dt and T0 the first waveform which is initially as the default data in the initial iteration.  I think that if you start with an array of wavefrom that has the number of channels of the need, an empty array of Y, but a correct dt.  Then the dt should be correct.  That, or you can put in your Subvi a case structure where the first call, or if the incoming waveform is empty, it is not add and uses only the 2nd waveform.

    You have also a little a Rube Goldberg enters your Subvi.  It could be simplified as shown in the picture as an attachment.

  • How to preserve date/time the conversion to DNG?

    When to convert a file to DNG in Lightroom, it changes the capture time in the metadata for the date and time, rather than copy the data from the source.  Is there a way in which I can say from my dates alone?

    Normally the DNG conversion transferring metadata from the source file in the DNG format.   It may be that the source file does not have a capture time nested, in which case LR can sometimes become squirrels. The most effective way to solve this:

    --Select a source file that has this problem.

    -Post a screenshot of grid view of library showing what LR thinks, it is the date of capture under the tile.

    -Convert to DNG, but do not delete the original.

    -Download the DNG format and the original to Dropbox (or similar) and post the link here.

    Who must provide all the necessary information to understand what is happening and find a solution.

Maybe you are looking for

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    I just updated my computer from Windows XP to Windows 7. My graphics are blurred, and I can't set the resolution properly. I think I need an update for my graphics card. Help?