Time zone conversion


I get some information on events and a field has its time as:

17:00 CEST

Unfortunately I need at this time in HE, so I need to convert from UTC + 2 to UTC - 5. I've done to isolate the "05" and subtract the amount of time. BUT my problem is so he can understand if it is AM or PM.

Any suggestion?

Thank you very much



If I understand correctly, then you can try something like this:

The formula in B2:

= LEFT (A, 8)

This removes SSTC and leaves a string of numbers that is able to recognize as a time.

The formula in C2:


The result will be a string date and time, where the cell was formatted in does not show the part of the date.


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  • Time zone conversion issue.


    I'm having a problem with the following command.
    select CAST(from_tz(cast ((to_date('2013-03-31 01:01:00','YYYY-MM-DD HH24:MI:SS')) as timestamp),'Europe/London' ) AT TIME ZONE 'GMT' AS DATE) from dual;
    ORA-01878: specified not found in datetime or interval field
    01878 00000 - "specified field not found in datetime or interval.
    * Cause: The specified field is not found in the datetime or interval.
    * Action: Make sure that the specified field is datetime or interval.

    Please help remember me what is the problem here.

    Thank you.
    Mr. lonely

    What you have given is not a valid time in Europe/London.

    If I'm not wrong, for Day light saving in the specified time zone, DST started on Sunday, March 31, 2013 to 01:00 when local clocks went forward 1 hour.

    If you try another date, the code works. Or if you try any time other than 01:00-01:59:59 - this is going to work...

    Search for "dst in europe/london", you will get more details...

  • Time zone conversion - it'S time (summer time British) 11 GR 2 IS

    Hi all
    I used the FROM_TZ function to convert the British summer time IS by using the following query.
    select FROM_TZ (TO_TIMESTAMP (TO_CHAR (sysdate - 1, 'mm/dd/yyyy hh24:mi:ss'),
                                          'mm/dd/yyyy hh24:mi:ss'
                    ) at time zone 'EST5EDT'
    from dual;
    ORA-01882: timezone region not found
    01882. 00000 -  "timezone region %s not found"
    *Cause:    The specified region name was not found.
    *Action:   Please contact Oracle Customer Support.       
    Why it does not recognize the UTC time zone... or am I missing something?


    Try like this...

    select FROM_TZ (TO_TIMESTAMP (TO_CHAR (sysdate - 1, 'mm/dd/yyyy hh24:mi:ss'),
                                          'mm/dd/yyyy hh24:mi:ss'
                    ) at time zone 'EST5EDT'
    from dual;


  • Time zone in Javascript conversions

    I've gone through some of the previous posts on the issue of time zone conversions, but I was hoping someone could reduce it to someone not as familiar with Javascript.

    My task is to create a form that will calculate hourly pay for a business trip. I have written code to calculate the hours between the hours of departure and arrival. The question that I have is to make the form more user-friendly, I have a drop down menu of all major cities with zones that the user will be able to choose because most of the routes are local time which facilitates travel on difficult zones. I want to write code that automatically set both (internal and not visible to the user) to the hour UTC or GMT, based on the time and the time zone entry, will do the calculations that I created in the script, I've already written and then display the number of hours. As you can see, I plan in my head, but I'm not sure how to put it to 'paper '.

    I only need help with time zones, because I'm over my head, but I don't need someone to write the code for me just if all goes well will explain how can I implement these tools in an existing program that will calculate the hours between the departure and arrival without compensation in time zones. I have a feeling that I will need to use the Olson database and possible GeoNames or Earthtools.

    Olson database







    I'm not sure but maybe if you were to set the offset of the time zone for the items in your drop down list you can then use this value to correct the UTC or GMT or other. Then on the link for your DOF tab, you must set the values under specify point values, so you have, use the boundItem() method to retrieve the offset value.

    It's just off the top of my head, I'm not sure I would try to write something like myself!

  • Planning reports > user time zone is not defined.


    It gives below error when I select the snapshot recorded under REPORTS and continue.

    The user's time zone is not defined. Please click on the link 'Préférences' in the upper right and specify you the zone to proceed further.

    In the preferences there is no option to set the time zone. Please notify.

    Kind regards

    There are 3 options of profile which must be equal-

    1. "allow time zone Conversions' should be set to 'Yes' at the level of the Site.
    2 ' server Timezone' must be set at the Site level for the time zone in which resides the database server.
    3. "time zone of the client" must be set for each individual user in the user level based on the location of users (not if the default user level the value "Server time zone").

    For customizations, see MOS Doc 304670.1 pl (how to remove a customization of the OA framework)


  • Time zone issue

    How to convert UTC to the time zone to the EAST in Adobe Air? or a conversion from the local date (GMT) at EST.


  • Having a problem in DateFormat when the time zone is changed...

    Hi, the following code converts a Date string to a Date which I am able to successfully... The problem I am facing is when I put the Moble zone as the format of Casablance (GMT) and my Format for a Date string is "2009-09-27 03:02:00:00 of" "" then I am to get the hour of the date as "kills Sep 27 03:02:00 GMT 2009", but when the time zone is changed to Canberra, Sydney (+ 10), the Date is "Mon Sep 28 19:37:13 Australia/Sydney 2009"... which is not the correct date in strgin Format ' "» nicely in this matter helps no matter what time zone after the conversion, I should get the date given to a string date... help kindly with respect to thei...

    public static Date getDateTmeFrmStrgFormat(String strDate)
             Date date;
             String month,day,year,hour,min,sec;
                         month = strDate.substring(0,strDate.indexOf("/"));
                if(month.length() < 2) month = "0" + month;
                strDate = strDate.substring(strDate.indexOf("/") + 1);
                day = strDate.substring(0,strDate.indexOf("/"));
                if(day.length() < 2) day = "0" + day;
                strDate = strDate.substring(strDate.indexOf("/") + 1);
                year = strDate.substring(0,strDate.indexOf(" "));
                strDate = strDate.substring(strDate.indexOf(" ") + 1);
                hour = strDate.substring(0,strDate.indexOf(":"));
                if(hour.length() < 2) hour = "0" + hour;
                strDate = strDate.substring(strDate.indexOf(":") + 1);
                 min = strDate.substring(0,strDate.indexOf(":"));
                if(min.length() < 2) min = "0" + min;
                strDate = strDate.substring(strDate.indexOf(":") + 1);
                sec = strDate;
                if(sec.length() < 2) sec = "0" + sec;
                //sec = "00";
                date = new Date (HttpDateParser.parse(year + "-" + month + "-" + day + " " + hour + ":" + min + ":" + sec));
                //date = new Date (HttpDateParser.parse(year + "-" + month + "-" + day + " " + hour + ":" + 00 + ":" + 00)); 
                return date;

    Like this.  This code is NOT tested, it is presented only to explain the use of the calendar in this situation.

    public static Date getDateTmeFrmStrgFormat(String strDate)     {         String month,day,year,hour,min,sec;         month = strDate.substring(0,strDate.indexOf("/"));         strDate = strDate.substring(strDate.indexOf("/") + 1);         day = strDate.substring(0,strDate.indexOf("/"));         strDate = strDate.substring(strDate.indexOf("/") + 1);         year = strDate.substring(0,strDate.indexOf(" "));         strDate = strDate.substring(strDate.indexOf(" ") + 1);         hour = strDate.substring(0,strDate.indexOf(":"));         strDate = strDate.substring(strDate.indexOf(":") + 1);         min = strDate.substring(0,strDate.indexOf(":"));         strDate = strDate.substring(strDate.indexOf(":") + 1);         sec = strDate;         Calendar cl = Calendar.getInstance();         cl.set(Calendar.YEAR,|Integer.parseInt(year));         cl.set(Calendar.MONTH,|Integer.parseInt(month)-1);         cl.set(Calendar.DATE,|Integer.parseInt(day));         cl.set(Calendar.HOUR_OF_DAY,|Integer.parseInt(hour));         cl.set(Calendar.MINUTE,|Integer.parseInt(min));         cl.set(Calendar.SECOND,|Integer.parseInt(sec));         return cl.getTime();     }
  • Time zones

    Okay - I'm pulling my hair out and going nowhere, even after research and reading on this for a few hours. Any advice would be appreciated.

    I need to get the current time in the United Kingdom - with summer time.

    My current code is:

    Zone londonZone = TimeZone.getTimeZone ("Europe/London");
    Calendar calendar = Calendar.getInstance (londonZone);
    Date DateNow = calendar.getTime ();

    Could someone explain what I appear to be wrong?

    I always seem to come at the wrong time, regardless of the settings of the DST.

    Note that all Blackberry devices, everyone, to this instance (and assuming that the unit's clock is set correctly) will get exactly the same value when they arrive at the present time by using this call:

    long currentTime = System.currentTimeMillis ();

    Time they get is GMT or UTC, UTC, according to me, but there is little difference as I understand it, at least the difference is too small to worry here.

    If the value of type long is still the same.  When they display this value, the display mechanism is usually set by default to the time zone of the device and thus factors in the correct difference from GMT and DST.

    So if you want to display the current time for an another zone hourly, all you do is zone the DateField time zone you want, and it will handle the conversion.

    With this in mind, can you explain your problem again?

    You say you want to get the current time in the United Kingdom.  How to do this will depend on what you will use this value for.

    But here's an inefficient code which may help:

    Zone londonZone = TimeZone.getTimeZone ("Europe/London");
    Calendar LONDON_CALENDAR = Calendar.getInstance (londonZone);
    an = LONDON_CALENDAR.get (Calendar.YEAR);
    month = LONDON_CALENDAR.get (Calendar.MONTH);
    day = LONDON_CALENDAR.get (Calendar.DAY_OF_MONTH);
    hour = LONDON_CALENDAR.get (Calendar.HOUR_OF_DAY);
    minute = LONDON_CALENDAR.get (Calendar.MINUTE);
    s = LONDON_CALENDAR.get (Calendar.SECOND);

    String londonDate = Integer.toString (year) + '-' +.
    Integer.toString (month + 1 + 100) .substring (1,3) + '-' +.
    "Integer.toString (day + 100) .substring (1,3) + ' t ' +.
    Integer.toString (+ 100) .substring (1.3) of the hour + ":" +.
    Integer.toString (minute + 100) .substring (1,3) + ':' +.
    Integer.toString (s + 100) .substring (1,3);

  • Convert to shape with LUN-JJ-AA, HH, time zone (GMT or PST)


    I use the query to get time with the time zone information schedule format below.


    Now the requirement that I got is that I need to convert the format to LUN-JJ-AA, HH, time zone (GMT or PST)

    Please suggest me how to convert this format. Or is there any alternative option to time stamp to do the conversion.

    Thank you

    Sudhir_Meru wrote:
    Thanks for answer you, can get this ' MoN-DD-YYYY, HH24 format?

    Why not?

    select to_char(
                   current_timestamp at time zone 'GMT',
                   'DD-MoN-YYYY, HH24:MI'
                  ) gmt,
           current_timestamp tm
    from dual;
    GMT                TM
    ------------------ --------------------------------------
    07-Jan-2013, 10:59 07-JAN-13 PM ASIA/C
  • At IST time zone

    Hi all
    How can I convert the standard time zones such as EST, MST, HAE in IST (Indian Standard Format)?
    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards
    SELECT SYS_EXTRACT_UTC(SYSTIMESTAMP) + (5.5/24)  from dual;

    Similar post on the zone conversion: Re: difference of Indian and Irish calculation time.

  • Date formatting according to UTC time zones

    Using MySQL, php


    Before installing my paintings, I need to better understand the relevance of the datetime property and conversion of this area.

    I am based in th UK (UTC, Greenwich mean time), but my host is in the States, which means that the date of "now" and time is based on US time (UTC?)-

    I did the formatting of the date, for example <? PHP echo date (, d/m/Y ', strtotime ($datetime ['DATETIME']));? > but don't know how to approach the problem compared to all visitor's time zone in the world.

    I have a sniffer script that detects the language of browsers, but I don't see that to be very useful.

    The site requires registration/login so I guess I could have a preference of UTC (UTC + 3 or whatever) in their folder. This could then be used to something like that.

    <? PHP date echo (se, d/m/Y ', strtotime($datetime['DATETIME']+$row_recordsetuser['UTCTIMEZONEPREFERENCE']));? >

    Does make sense?

    I know that the formatting will be a challenge as well because the United States use d/m/Y,

    Or is there a way to format the data of MySQL before its even called?

    .oO (RichardODreamweaver)

    > OK - think I have sussed it.
    > All the date fields will be VARCHAR, with the Time() stored form function
    > Seconds UTC/GMT.
    > The user can choose a preference for the time zone (GB, TCU, Etc/GMT + 1)
    > In addition, the user can select a time format which is strored.
    > Login, these preferences are stored as Session variables and used on each
    > page to set the time zone.
    > putenv ("TZ =". $_SESSION ['timezone'] "")

    You must use date_default_timezone_set() instead:

    | Note: Since PHP 5.1.0 (when the date/time functions were written).
    | every call to a date/time function will generate an E_NOTICE if the
    | timezone isn't valid, and/or a level E_STRICT message if using the system
    | the parameters or the TZ environment variable.



  • Acronym for time zone in Date.

    Hi all

    I have a string is something like this "* MON Aug 10 10:07:12 EDT 2009."

    I want to convert this string to a Date.

    I don't know how to take into account this EDT in my conversion.

    Is someone can you please tell me what is the acronym for the time zone in Oracle.

    I'm trying to do something like this to convert this string to type date

    Select to_date (' Mon Aug 10 10:07:12 2009', 'DY MY DD HH24:MI:SS YYYY') of double / * this will work as it comes without EDT * /.

    Select to_date (' Mon Aug 10 10:07:12 EDT 2009', ' ') of double / * don't know how to convert it * /.

    Thank you


    Do not use a date but a timestamp with time zone here.
    TZDS is not available when you use TO_DATE.

    See: http://download.oracle.com/docs/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14200/sql_elements004.htm#BABEFHFG

    SQL> select to_timestamp_tz('Mon Aug 10 10:07:12 EDT 2009', 'Dy Mon dd hh24:mi:ss tzd yyyy') ts from dual union all
      2  select cast(to_timestamp_tz('Mon Aug 10 10:07:12 EDT 2009', 'Dy Mon dd hh24:mi:ss tzd yyyy') as date )  from dual;
    10-AUG-09 AM +02:00
    10-AUG-09 AM +02:00
    2 rows selected.

    Published by: hoek on August 10, 2009 17:12 the man, you are so fast... I knew that I was a little slow on this topic, but anyway... learned something too well ;)

    Published by: hoek on August 10, 2009 17:14 tpyo

  • Change the time zone of Novosibirsk

    Hi, in Russia/Novosibirsk time zone changing on UTC + 7, but time.euro.apple.com send UTC + 6. When I solve this problem?


    It is a forum for user help. You do not discuss Apple here.

    To submit your comments directly to Apple using this link http://www.apple.com/feedback/

  • Cannot set the manual time zone on ipad

    IOS is updated. I'm try cnange my time zone manually. Whenever I select a city in new Madrid for example, the time zone remains as Sydney. I am unable to change it. Auto zone has been disabled because it acknowledges that Sydney. Looked far from a solution, but nobody else seems to have this problem.

    I think that 'set automatically' refers to the time, not the time zone. Apple devices are quite picky about having the correct time zone for the location, then you will not be able to change it.

  • I use thunderbird in the New Zealand House and time zone settings, and when I invite people NZ for a new event it automatically creates a calendar for UTC entry

    I bought my computer laptop to the United Kingdom and installed Thunderbird there initially, but remains in NZ and reset home location and time zone accordingly. However, when I send invites to an event it resets the invite calendar for the recipient to UTC/GMT. My record of entry and invite calendar still shows what I entered in, but not their end. And it's the same thing in reverse, they send me something for 15:00, I get like 03:00.

    ... to restore the original location and time zone accordingly.

    Where exactly did you do that?

Maybe you are looking for