transfer the data from the portable hard drive

My computer laptop dv6910us primer is more. How can I transfer the data on the hard drive removed from my new laptop. I learn that the hard drive is "owner" for normal usb adapters that connect directly on the hard drive to transfer data do not connect to mine. Pls help!

It is not IDE is the normal dv6500 and superior hard drive adapter. As stated in the first post, if you remove the extra plastic piece... voila! an ordinary laptop SATA drive. It seems that it is part of the training, but I "guarantee" If you pull, it will detach.

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  • I deleted a file from my portable hard drive, can I get it back?

    I deleted a file from my portable hard drive, I need help to get it back?

    First stop using your portable player as your deleted folder is now considered to be unallocated space and can be replaced by new data. This would then make your chances of recovering your file much less likely.

    First check your trash. If it is not there then...

    There are some free and paid for recovery software. Just Google.

    If there are companies that specialize in data recovery. This would be an expenditure of significabt, but would probably be to maximize your chances. It depends on your expertise & how data is important for to know you which way you want to choose.

    One last point if your data is important, be sure to have a backup plan in place. Having your important data in one place requires trouble.

  • With the help of Windows Easy Transfer - need to transfer the old HARD drive to new computer - old HDD attached as external drive for the new usb port of the computer - help

    New computer installed Windows 7 and gave me an option to use Windows easy transfer to transfer files, data, programs, etc. from my old computer.  All I have from the old computer's hard drive; a lightning strike fried either food or his mother by car.  I have attached the hard as a disk to the new computer using the usb cable provided with the external hard drive case.  It is recognized as drive E: on the new computer.

    Trying to follow the instructions given by the Windows Easy Transfer software.  Get the software/folder from the old hard drive (drive E), but trying to run the software that I can't seem to do anything on the old disk.  When asked what is the former or the new computer - I respond to old, but no new file is created for the transfer.  When I answer again, a new file is created on the new computer (rather than the old HDD) and then he transferred again to new.  I can't create a file of whatever it is I want to transfer from the old HDD.

    I can't use an easy transfer cable because the old computer does not only the hard drive.  I can't connect to a network for the same reason.  I only have the hard that I can attach to the new computer.  But I can't get the new computer to process the old hard drive separately for transfer purposes.  The only other option I can think of is to attach the old HDD to another computer, and then try to run the software in this way, but I don't want just the stuff on the old hard drive a copy to the other computer.

    Can anyone help?  Suggest how to get the old hard drive files, data, transferred etc. to the new computer.  What are the steps?

    Thank you.

    Do yourself a favor, with the old drive connected externally, in the browser, simply copy the data files to the location of Documents of the PC win7. You can not copy programs, they need to be reinstalled from media origonal. You can copy all the downloaded files instalation

    You may need to take possession of your old documents folders - see win help to find out how

  • Replaced the portable hard drive, and I can't delete the EISA partition on original disk (which I want to reuse)

    I use a laptop 17 inch set that has two slots for drives 2.5 inch/9.5 mm, but it only came with a hard drive (in the primary).  I recently bought a 160 GB SSD and installed in the main Bay, by completely removing the original hard drive.  I installed Windows Vista Home Premium 32 - bit on my new SSD using my OEM Vista disc (as well as all pilots, maintenance SSD utility provided by its manufacturer, etc.), and it works beautifully.

    The secondary hard drive Bay was still empty, so I put my original hard drive (conventional spinning drives) return in this Bay. It was immediately found my BIOS and Windows, so I cut and pasted all the valuable data on my SSD (it is not many).  Then I deleted the main partition, for the purpose of releasing the entire disk for stuff like the music.

    Much to my dismay, the snap disk management in the utility included in Windows Vista computer management doesn't let me delete the EISA partition on my old hard drive. When I right click on the Visual representation of the partition, the only option I get is 'Help', 'Remove' or other useful functions (who did not appear for the main partition, and I was able to delete).

    I need the EISA partition because A) is not yet on my boot drive and B) I have all my original OEM recovery disks, and they are in excellent condition.

    If someone could tell me how I could delete the EISA partition on a hard drive formerly-primary but secondary now 111GB laptop to recover the last 9 GB for use by the illustrious Mozart and Tchaikovsky, I would be very grateful.

    I expect there to be a way to do this in Windows, I don't know, that's why I post here, but if not, I am willing to find and download an ISO to burn a disk Knoppix to start Linux temporarily just to delete the EISA partition (well I would really prefer not to do it for various reasons).

    I ended up downloading a free disk partitioning hard tool and he was able to delete the EISA partition without problem.  I then uninstalled the free tool I had just downloaded (honestly, I don't even remember the name of the program, but it was not hard to find in the list of hard disk utilities Softpedia search), and then used the disk management snap-in in the computer management utility to format the disk, which now has my music on it.

    I started this thread when I thought I was out of options, to quickly realize that some kind of solution could be obtained by downloading something from Softpedia, which was true.

    My apologies for taking up forum, but I hope someone in a similar situation finds this useful thread.

    Thank you very much!

    : D

  • Re: Which hard drive are built on the portable HARD drive


    I am planing to buy a portable hard drives 2.5 ".
    I wonder what hard drives are built into these phones?

    Anyone know?
    BR Alex

    I presume that the commune 2.5 SATA HDD. But most of the time the drive HARD details are on the HARD disc enclosure

  • How did you just watch and see which files/folders are already on the portable hard drive?

    Trying to access the site just to get a glance at what already on the disk. Haven't used in years. Think that it could possibly be this hard, never be you making fun of me!

    Hello Koolbreeze7,

    I'm not sure of the method that you use to access your external drive, but regardless of the type of drive, it's (portable hard drive, USB key, etc.) they are all accessible fashion.

    It works on all versions of Windows.

    Connect the USB hard drive. A driver installed the first time you use it.

    Click Start, then computer and double-click it to open it.

    You should see similar to this image of hard drive icons.

    When you plug the laptop drive, another icon of the disc is added to your list. This is the icon you open to access the content.

    If a new drive icon does not appear when it is connected, your computer does not recognize the drive and so you will have to go through the steps of troubleshooting of the error.

    Here is a video showing the same thing on a XP machine.

    Videofrom YouTube.

    Note: Where, he says, 'My computer' can be as simply "computer" depending on which version of Windows you are using.


  • Transfer of information from an external hard drive

    Due to a fault, my computer was brought back to factory settings. I have copied the C drive on an external hard drive, but now don't know how to transfer information from email to my old computer.  Probably very simple, but hope that I have not lost all my emails, addresses, etc.  I 'searched' for Windows Mail in the external device and have a number of files, etc.  Now I'm not sure where to send them.  Any help appreciated.


    Messages, you would be open Windows Mail, then click on file/import/Messages. Guide (Browse) to the external hard drive and find this path in the old folder hierarchy:

    C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows Mail

    Where is the name of your old account. It is the default location for the store of Windows Mail.

    Good luck, Rick Rogers, aka "Crazy" - Microsoft MVP Windows help -

  • How can I recover the modules and their data from a failed HARD drive (the lost BONE areas, but data files are readable)?

    The HARD drive that was my OS (Windows XP Pro SP3) failed and lost quite a few areas which are essential for the operating system running. Other data is still readable. A got another HARD drive and installed Windows XP SP2, Firefox and other programs. I was able to retrieve the bookmarks, security certificates, and other profile information using the information found in bandages.

    None of them addressed how do to recover the modules or their data. Specifically, there are several large, elegant scripts that took months to develop and customize.

    Articles related to migration and other do not work for me because they require the old copy of FF is functional, that is not because the OS on this HARD drive is damaged. Is it possible to recover these data, similar (or not) about how I could get the other profile info?

    Have you copied the entire folder C:\Documents and Settings\username \Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\ on the old drive?
    If this is not the case, can you?
    If so, make a copy and save this folder just in case.

    If so, you could replace this folder on the new facility by \Profiles\ [with your profiles inside] folder and the profiles.ini file [delete all other files / folders that may also be in the folder "Firefox"] -and then replace with the same folder named from the old failed drive. Note that you will lose what you already have with the new installation / profile!
    Your profile folder contains all your personal data and customizations, including looking for plugins, themes, extensions and their data / customizations - but no plugins.
    But if the user logon name is different on the new facility that the former, any extension that uses an absolute path to the file in its prefs will be problems. Easily rectified, by changing the path to the file in the file prefs, js - keep the brake line formatting intact. The extensions created after the era of Firefox 2.0 or 3.0, due to changes in the 'rules' for creating extensions usually are not a problem, but some real old extensions that need only "minor" since that time can still use absolute paths - even though I have not seen myself since Firefox Firefox 3.6 or 4.0.

    View instead of 'Modules' I mentioned the 4 types of 'Modules' separately - Plugins are seen as 'Add-ons', but they are not installed in the profile [except those mislabelled as a "plugin", when they are installed via an XPI file], but rather in the operating system where Firefox 'find' through the registry.

    Note: Migration articles can tell you do not re - use the prefs.js file, due to an issue that I feel is easily fixed with a little inspection and editing. I think you can manage that my perception is that you have a small shovel in your tool box, if you encounter a problem you are able to do a little digging and fixing problems with the paths to files - once you have been warned.

    Overall, if you go Firefox 35 35 or even Firefox 34 to 35, I don't think you will run in all the problems that you can not handle [that I cross my fingers and "hope" that I'm not on what it is obvious].

    With regard to the recovery of the 'data' for individual extensions - there are many ways that extension developers used to store their data and pref. The original way should save in prefs.js or their own file RDF in the profile folder. While Firefox has been developed more, developers started using their own files in the profile folder. And because Mozilla has started using sqlite database files in Firefox 3.0, Mozilla extended their own use of sqlite, as have extension developers.
    Elegant uses the file stylish.sqlite to store 'styles', but something in the back of my mine tells me that 'the index' maybe not in this file with the data. But then again, I can be confusing myself a question I had with GreaseMonkey awhile back where I copied the gm_scripts folder in a new profile and with already installed GreaseMonkey but with no script. These GM scripts worked, but I could not see them or modify them - they do not appear in the user GM extension interface window in Firefox.

  • W510: How do I access my data from a failed hard drive after the failure of the motherboard

    I made a mistake and has paid for major .

    This error pouring a drink sweet on my laptop. I know, I know, my keyboard can and protect against damage caused by the spill, but it was a drink together. In any case, I panicked and shut down the system and it has upset and removed the keyboard. And be the impatient person that I am, I made what was probably the ultimate error. I do not give everything save a sufficient amount of time to dry and I tried to boot the system. There is my computer. Or at least I think.

    Symptoms: It began at the start, kept a beep, sometime just close and will start.

    In any case, I guess that my laptop went kaput. Now to the point of this thread. I had not been a recent backup and can't remember when the last backup was actually made. Assuming that my hard drive is ok, I want to get all my data, so I saw several options:

    -Send the system to a data recovery service where I will not pay less than $300, but probably 2 to 3 times what

    -buy an equivalent model laptop and put the HARD drive in there

    -by an external SATA hard drive enclosure and mount it via USB on another computer

    I bought a box external and assembled this evening. I had read about the data access of difficulty with a system non-Lenovo because of encryption of the data. I proved that by linking it to my work (a Dell) laptop and I couldn't access my data directories. If I have access to an another Lenovo Thinkpad, I'll be able to access the data if connected via USB? I had read that I can access the contents of disc hard if it is connected to an another Thinkpad, but I knew not that if it means that I have it connected via SATA connection or if there is work through the USB port.

    I'll appreciate any suggestions for accessing my data.

    Best regards!


    Thanks for the suggestions.

    I was able to recover my computer and all data on it.

    Just to describe what I have done, here are the details.

    Because of my concern about a failure of the motherboard, I bought a used/given new keyboard and an external SATA drive enclosure. I was not able to properly take possession of the car from my other laptop, but I was able to access the data in Mode without failure. With my data, I plugged the hard drive and the new keyboard in and started without problem.

    Thanks again,


  • transfer data from a dead hard drive on a laptop

    I have a laptop death containing a hard drive of y hdd2183 which seems to be a non-standard connector.  It is not IDE or SATA.  The player has a FEMALE instead of male pins or blades.  The CONNECTOR that attaches the disk has male blade fits into taking the hard drive.  I can't find anything on the internet about such a configuration, and I need to get data on this disc, but no way I can find to make it an external drive.  I COULD take the connector on the laptop and MAKE a cable or convert to SATA or IDE, IF I knew where the contact was supposed to go to which pin on the connector.

    Anyone know anything on this subject?  None of the standard boxes or conversion devices mount this drive.


    I think that the non-standard connector, you describe can be removed.

    Remove the disk from its metal case as shown in the image below.

    Once this is done, you will find the connector can be removed from the HARD disk by dragging as shown in the diagram below (it may take some gentle persuasion ).

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Need data from an old hard drive

    I have an old HP Pavilion 8275. It's a Windows 95 machine with an ATX40R80 (8 GB) hard drive.

    I bought a new HP Pavilion, a6152n Vista running.

    Because I could use some of the data on the old disk, I bought a USB 2.0 to SATA/IDE, an ADA-2020, to see if it would work. That documentation is rare is an understatement, but everything seemed to work.

    Adapt in the caps, my Vista machine, said the USB mass storage driver correctly loaded, the leds came and the player seems to run properly.

    A new drive letter. No display of records or anything like that I know. Everything works fine, I think that, just no data in the view.

    Am I missing something obvious?

    -I ran the connection through a hub 4 ports and an extension of the short to join the back of the computer because it is in a very cramped place.

    After reading some of the other posts, I decided to bite the bullet and connect the player to the back of the computer.

    It worked. I now have a new reader J.

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  • I can't restore my favorites from a portable hard drive, why not?

    I backed up my favorites through "import and backup" yesterday my hard drive broke down and was replaced. I now have a new hard drive installed and try to restore the bookmarks on my laptop, but I get "failed to process the backup file". This is a JSON, bookmarks-2015-02 - 08.json file. Is that what I have now lost each of my favorites by trying to use the backup procedure? I have more access to the failed drive.

    Hi, I have tried that without success, but managed to bring restored by following the link of an earlier application ( Thanks for the reply.

  • Transfer of files to a backup hard drive resets their dates

    This is the first time I started to transfer my data to a backup hard drive. I ran into some kind of complication, however. All records to be transferred, whether by copying or cutting, have their dates reset. Their creation dates are listed not is more like when they were created originally, but when they were transferred to the new hard disk. Fortunately, this does not affect the dates of the files inside of them, but this has made the Organization of various files - not to mention the question of being able to check while they were facts of being very problematic.

    What is the cause and how can I avoid it? Can I return these dates?

    What happens if you zip files and then copy the zip file and unzip it.  The dates change then?  If this isn't the case, you could do it like this.

    You have search terms to suggest for such a thing?

  • Help create the VM hard drive external


    I am trying to create a virtual machine from a hard drive that was in my laptop.  It is a 80G drive and XP Media Edition installed with a recovery partition separate.  (Gateway)  I searched a few threads and continuum has a very useful post:

    by far the simplest to do that involves a few steps

    do it on a computer that has the installed desktop - allows you to call this machine adminhost
    the portable hard drive is used inside a USB connected to this computer box

    Carefully follow them

    1. open the adminhost diskmanagement

    • find the usb drive and note that numero_disque uses it - say for example it uses disk3
    • Right-click on each partition and remove the driveletters are subsequently assigned

    2. open VMware Workstation as an administrator!

    • create a new virtual machine using option "I will install later.
    • Select Windows 7 guestOS
    • assign the same amount of RAM as the old laptop used to have
    • store the virtual machine in a path with enough free disk space - Let's E:\vms\laptop-import
    • When the virtual machine is created will NOT start
    • Remove the hard drive that has been created with the wizard
    • Add a new hard drive - select disk physical option and select the numero_disque looked you up in step 1
    • Select use "full disk" and save the vmdk as E:\vms\laptop-import\rawdisk.vmdk
    • do not start the virtual machine and close the station work

    3. open a cmd as administrator

    • CD in the WS install directory such as C:\programfiles\vmware\vmware-workstation
    • Enter vmware - vdiskmanager.exe - a help screen should be displayed
    • now type vmware - vdiskmanager.exe - r E:\vms\laptop-import\rawdisk.vmdk t 0 E:\vms\laptop-import\new.vmdk
    • a process of conversion should start now - let the finsih - this may take some time

    4. open my computer again

    • Open the virtual machine and modify virtual hardware
    • Delete rawdisk.vmdk and add new.vmdk instead
    • Start the virtual machine now

    5. look what he does at first start

    • disc read error, cursor blinking at the top left of the screen... This means that your case is trickiert what you said to us ;-)
    • BlueScreen 7B - good - all right - to setp 6.
    • the virtual machine starts completely - congratulations - you are a lucky guy and your laptop used an Intelchipset

    6 patch the drivers

    • start the converter 5 betaor a recent version of different
    • 'Configure the machine' Wizard and select the new virtual machine

  • When the wizard has completed successfully, you are finished
  • 7. If the converter does not... no problem - download or create a Windows 7 recovery CD and attach the vmx file to your next post

    However, in step 3 during the conversion process it stops at 27% and gives an error.  I've attached a screenshot of it.

    Thanks for any help!

    Wow - this XP is not really to be converted.
    It has set up a strong resistance ;-)

    Converter is a not - we tried to any version.
    Finally, I had to use a LiveCD MOA and install the vmscsi driver manually.

    So at the end of the day, the virtual machine starts and we are facing by WoodyZ

  • Unable to access video clips of the external hard drive

    I've been using PE9 for six to nine months.  My normal workflow was to create a separate project on a 500g external hard drive. This file contains all the video clips (.mov files) and the Project.PREL file.

    This great worked until recently.  I can bring is no longer the .mov clips in the project schedule or sceenline from the hard disk.  By using the command 'Get Meda' a 'unfinished' file is downloaded, and when I try to drag the clip to the timeline, the program asks me where the file. Something has changed - and I don't know what or how to fix it.


    The image above comes from a project where I'm having this problem.  The clips that have images in them are downloaded from my portable hard drive.  Others come from my external hard drive - and those are the ones that the program cannot "locate."  That's what I'm trying to figure out how to fix it.  Yet once, this suddenly started happening - so somehow I changed something, I think.

    The same clips can be imported when they are stored on my hard drive.  When I try to import them when stored on a video card, the video importer PRE opens and I can bring them to the program in this way.  However, these are not viable alternatives for me.

    So what has changed, I can't determine.  Is there a setting, codec or something that I can study that this would cause? As I said, this just started happening?

    In addition, some previous projects to open correctly and some may not find the files - even if they are all stored on the same HD 500 g.

    Help, please.

    This ARTICLE will give you some general tips on editing of external HARD drives.

    My first guess would be just like John T - outside drive letter has changed in the operating system.

    Good luck


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