Unable to save the .pdf file in Adobe Reader 7

I have download Adobe 7, but I can't change the default for adobe 6 .pdf extensions so that pdf open with adobe 7.

Adobe 7 works well if I open it and I can read PDFs with it.



Check with Support Adobe and their Forums.

Adobe - Support

Adobe - communities

Adobe - Forums

I hope this helps.

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  • Unable to save the PDF file to comment on


    Today I wanted to save the PDF file (created by exporting from MS Word) as a Reader Extended PDF that allows you to comment on and I failed, I find myself with a message saying something like "you don't have permissions to write to a file. It's in Polish, so I'm not sure that this is a correct translation. In any case, it's something I've done for hundreds of files, in the same way. So I'm not sure what's going on? These files are not protected. I use the same account all the time.

    Thanks for the tips.

    Zrzut ekranu 2015-09-17 o 15.04.42.png

    Hi piotreba,

    Create a new user with all the privileges on your system account & then try to reproduce the problem.

    Kind regards


  • Unable to save the PDF file

    Hello.  I use LiveCycel designer TO create a PDF to fill several and save the PDF files to fill static forms on-line.  I use acrobat X pro to allow the extension of the detector so that users type in the data and save the form, however, the right pdf file cannot save the data entered, except the data entered in the first field.  What did I miss?

    Thank you

    On the first field, look at the object/link tab and see what the link is set to... something .prpably like use FieldName. Now let's look at another field that is not saved and see what his relationship is set on... I bet that it is set to None. If so change it to use FieldName.


  • I can't print the pdf files of Adobe reader 9.5.5, instead, it prints to file.creating a NDS. I can print individual pdf pages from the same document usung photo shop elements 4, but it is laborious. Help, please.

    I want to print a document that contains 20 pages. I can print individual pdf pages from the same document usung photo shop elements 4, but it is laborious. Help, please. I've updated the Adobe reader to the latest version. This fault is developed when I was at Midway through a series of 20 pages of printing documents.

    In the Advanced Print dialog box disable the entry "print to file".

  • Unable to save the pdf files downloaded from databases

    When I download PDFs of databases (e.g., SpringerLink) I can download to READ only (there is NO toolbar to print/economy/etc.). I am y access through a University Library which gives access. Y at - it a setting I need to change? OR some files are restricted to read-only? If so - how can I know which is the case before I download?

    It sort! Right-click on the gray toolbar & reset toolbars - click the "print" key reappears Phew!

  • Whenever I try to save a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat DC (Version 15.1), I get the error "the document could not be saved. There was a problem reading this document (21). »

    Whenever I try to save a PDF file using Adobe Acrobat DC (Version 15.1), I get the error "the document could not be saved. There was a problem reading this document (21). "When I click ok, an error message appears saying:"insufficient data for an image. "I tried to do a repair on Acrobat, but it has not changed anything. I also tried some updates, but nothing that is. I did hours of research on the Internet and have found nothing so far. Does anyone know why this error keeps appearing?

    Thank you!

    Hi all

    This problem has been corrected and is implemented to come or update.

    Kind regards


  • Save the pdf file

    Hi This is Barry to solve corp. I already passed through a post and saw the field of locking and save as a new pdfhttps://acrobat.com/app.html#d= * jSHIzy-zFVL-QNo6KCQ1Q. But I am unable to view the scripts. By the way, I'm using 'adobe acrobat pro', here, I have only the java scripts and Im using the trial version. Can someone help me get the scripts for the locking controls and save the pdf file in the "adobe acrobat pro. Or is it difficult to use the trial version

    You will need to open the file in LiveCycle Designer to be able to get to the scripts.


  • My Photosmart HP 7520 now trys to save the PDF file instead of print it when I try to print it - it printed previously.

    My Photosmart HP 7520 now trys to save the PDF file instead of print it when I try to print it - it printed previously. What should I do to get it to print rather than life-saving?

    Clear the PRINT TO FILE option in Acrobat or Adobe Reader. It will be somewhere in the print dialog boxes.

  • [locked] Allows you to save the PDF file

    I noticed that using the form of Distribution via e-mail, Acrobat.com or a shared folder on the network, the user can save the PDF file, correct? I understand that correctly? Another thing, what happens if I don't want to send an email to but want to just the PDF form available on my site, the user will still be able to save a copy of the completed form for themselves, to print or to do what they want?

    aljCharlie wrote:

    I want to put my form on my site, and when the user fills out the form they can save at least a completed form for later printing or by e-mail, but with only the player. Is this possible?

    Yes. Go to Advanced Options > enable Adobe Reader usage rights. Activate the file, re-register and then publish your site.

  • How to flatten a pdf file in Adobe Reader XI?

    How to flatten a pdf file in Adobe Reader XI?

    Adobe Reader and Adobe Acrobat is not the same.

    Adobe Reader is the old name and Acrobat Reader is the new name of the PDF Viewer free.

    Adobe Acrobat is not free.

  • How to save a PDF file in Adobe so it appears correctly in the Firefox default drive?

    I have seen discussions on how to change your own settings of Firefox for poster correctly PDF files (documents to look at a PDF in Firefox 19 +) However, I'm looking for a solution on how to save a PDF file so that they display correctly in the new default Firefox reader. Our files PDF is bad looking and I can not go in the browser of each clients and difficulty settings (http://www.cherrybekaertbenefits.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/07/ACA_Infographic_072114.pdf). Meet them all parameters within the Acrobat Distiller is going to fix this without the Viewer to enter their own arrangements?

    Hmm, not a subtle difference.

    We did not have many experts PDF or Adobe Illustrator users post advice here; those who might be sprinkled around on other forums, blogs or support sites.

    I noticed when you view the properties of the PDF in Adobe Reader that the PDF has been created with optimization for active fast Web view. This is a feature that allows the progressive rendering of PDF files over a slow connection (http://helpx.adobe.com/illustrator/kb/optimize-native-pdf-file-sizes.html#...). You can try to re - generate the PDF file with this feature turned off to see if that makes a difference?

  • Unable to save a PDF file to the desktop or the Paticular folder

    Hi all.

    I had problems for the last two days trying to save my PDF invoices, etc. When I download the PDF and select, "save under" another window will open that displays usually my files I have, but now it appears white. No idea why this is happening and how I can fix this problem?

    I want to save my PDF files on certain folders on my desktop and in the Cloud Drive.

    Thanks in advance.

    Try the following: open Acrobat Preferences (Edit > Preferences), then go to the category "General" and disable the two options 'display... online storage '. ». Which solves your problem?

  • 10.1.3 Adobe is unable to open the pdf file in Safari 5.1.5


    After the Adobe Reader 10.1.3 update everytime I try to pen a PDF in Safari 5.1.5 I get the following window:


    What is going on?


    Hi David,

    Please note that if you use OS X 10.6.x, then you need to run Safari in 64-bit mode. You can do the same in

    1. go into Applications, command-click Safari to open the context menu.

    2. now click on read the information

    3. in the new window that appears, uncheck the box "Open mode 32 bits".

    This is because on OS X 10.6.8 Safari 5.1 in 32-bit mode is not supported. Refer to the release notes for more details on changes to the systems requirements.

    If above information was not useful,

    Please let us know your OS version and the question of whether this problem occurs with all PDF files or any specific file?

    Also try to "Recharge" the PDF file in safari when gray window is displayed by pressing "control + R?


    Post edited by: Shashi Kant

  • Save button to a PDF file in Adobe Reader App Android?

    I am a software developer and recently made a web site for one of our customers where they download in PDF format to fill, fill them out and then upload them to the site. While this works fine on a desktop computer, we had problems with them doing this process of their tablets (Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 10.1). After the meeting with them, we discovered that when he thought they were 'save' files, they were in fact "feel" PDF files into a PDF file new, which caused the documents read-only and is no longer to fill. We discovered that you can save changes to the PDF files and keep them on the screen by pressing the home button in the Adobe Reader application to 'close' the open PDF fillable.

    Is it possible to save a PDF file in the Adobe Reader app for android (as a record button) as it saves the changes to the file, but still allows the PDF to be complete? The current solution, we found with "closure" of the current file by pressing the button home work, but I was wondering if there was a simpler way more clear/Save the file.

    Hi Chris,

    Once you fill out a form and close it, it gets automatically saved to your device. When you open the file the next time, your form will always be complete. There is no other way to save the file.

    Thank you.

  • Cannot open a PDF file. Unable to save a PDF file on my MAC computer

    Hi I have problems with my Adobe Reader software on my Mac... Mac OSX version 10.7.5.  It all started when I update my Adobe Reader class.  Since then, I always get a saying of the window "Adobe Reader could not open '_' because it is not a type of supported file or because the file has been damaged (for example, it was sent as an attachment to e-mail and was not properly decoded."

    I couldn't open any PDF on my desk.  I could also save a document as a pdf, but it looks like a notebook on my office file... not the normal red pdf file.

    I don't know how I can fix the problem.

    Hi jcs174,

    If you want to save a pdf file open in Safari on your machine, use the Save as option in the player window. Simply click on one of the buttons below screenshots to save a pdf file to any location on your computer.


    To summarize the question, if you had opened a PDF from the Internet in a browser plug-in, you must use the backup feature in the plug-in, but not the Safari file > Export PDF or file > save as...

    Please let us know if this solution works for you and you are able to save and view PDFs files locally.

    Kind regards


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