Under Fire Fox preferences, Search tab - nothing comes - it is a duplicate of another tab - how to fix this?

I use Firefox on a Mac 10.9.5 37.0.2. The 'search' tab was there when I started to try to get rid of yahoo and have my default search on the google toolbar, but now search will not show its own content. If I click on "general" in the first place, for example, and then click 'Search', no further information on the changes to search tab - it is as if she is still General. If I click on the applications and then search, search displays the same information as that which is under applications - and so on.
Another tab that is even is "Tab", so don't work as well search and tab.

Thanks for the help,


You have Ghostery? It seems to cause this problem. To work around the problem, disable Ghostery or access the settings of Firefox by typing about: preferences in the address bar. You can bookmark it for easy access.

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