Update graphics card on Satellite Pro A120

Help, please!
I have a Satellite Pro A120-129. He will not play some of the newer games and im trying to find out if I can upgrade the graphics card. Anyone know?


I think the answer you will find in this document

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  • Update graphics card on Satellite A120

    Hi all, 1st post so my apologies if this is the right place.

    I'm new to the world of laptops and I # have just purchaased an A120-151, to replace my desktop computer, but I've heard nasty stories that you can not improve the graphics cards in laptops.

    As a player it is a little shock. Can someone please enlighten me and it if it is possible to upgrade, if someone could recommend an option for me it would be in the same range as desktop nVidia FX 5200 geforce...

    See you soon!

    Hi Alan

    Usually, if you want to buy something again, you should take some info about it at first. This nasty stories are just the facts and nothing unusual for mobile computing. Unusual is that your local dealer did not ask you for what purpose you need for laptop.

    Why you haven't posted anything on laptops and games until you have purchased your Satellite?

  • Can I replace the graphics card on Satellite Pro A100

    Hi all

    Just a quick question about the graphics card in my Satellite pro a100 computer laptop. I heard different stories about this.

    The ATI RAdeon Mobility x 1400 card can be replaced on this laptop. If so how easy it is to do and how I could tell which cards would be compatible?

    Thank you


    You cannot remove, replace or update the graphics card.
    The graphics chip is attached to the motherboard and it of not possible to remove it.
    In addition, the motherboard is compatible only with the current graphics chip.

    Good bye

  • Problems with the graphics card on Satellite Pro M10

    Hi, this is my first post on the forum. I'm not a pro with computers or anything... the problem I have with my laptop is similar to the one in this thread:


    I spent half the day trying to figure out if my graphics card is broken, but since I'm a newbie with this stuff, I'm still not sure. :(

    This is what makes my M10. I'm trying to describe the symptoms that detailed as possible, but I'm German, so please excuse my lack of words in some places.

    1. when I turn it on, the laptop goes through the BIOS and give me scrambled BACK-screens and a slightly Warped windows loading bar. There is the consistency check, marked by black bars connecting the top of the screen down. After the audit, the screen goes black and nothing happens, or the screen of will just show me consistency check, do nothing. Be that as it may, I have to turn off the power (I think) and restart the laptop.

    2. sometimes the laptop goes through the BIOS checking & conistency with a few graphical shortcomings. The office is anything but shredded when he gets to the screen of the Windows user. The static method is if serious I don't even know where is the button turn off.

    3. sometimes Notepad starts very well, with the only graphic problem being the windows loading bar. When I go into Windows, the laptop pulls me a blue screen and stops immediately.

    4. sometimes, the laptop works fine for about an hour or two. After I rebooted, I have the same problems listed above, once again.

    5. If I open Device Manager and disable the graphics card, the laptop works very well. I have to lower the screen resolution and colors, but I can watch videos on youtube and everything. Finally, the laptop gets very hot on the bottom and the screen goes crazy again, so I turn the damn thing off.

    I don't know what that means! If my graphics card is broken, the screen should be all static, ALL the time? Not just sometimes more,... could sometimes less be some sort of communication problem between the graphics card and cpu? Please help me with this!

    Another thing I'm not sure about, even after reading the thread I linked above - can I replace the graphics card or not? Everyone said something different in the other thread...

    see you soon,

    Edit: maybe I will add when I got the screen scrambled and everything. I installed Civilization 4, just to check if my satellite pro can handle, and everything went well for a while. The screen then haywire and I rebuilt my whole system, but display problems did not disappear completely. They were gone for almost a month, and now they are 'back' or something.

    Hi Cozmo

    I'm not a technician but here nobody needs technical knowledge to see that there certainly is hardware problem. I also believe that this problem occurs due to the graphics card. Graphics card is part of the motherboard and it cannot be traded separately. The entire motherboard must be exchanged.

    In my opinion, you have two options: either contact the authorized service provider in your country and speak with them, what can be done, or try to get the motherboard used. If you are lucky, you can find it on eBay. I already bought several hardware components for my old Satellite P10 on eBay.

    Sorry Cozmo but I do not see any other logical solution for you.

    Good luck!

  • Need the latest drivers for the graphics card for Satellite Pro M70

    I have had this PC for a few months now and I was disappointed to hear that my drivers are WAY outdated. The only drivers I can find are here and they are only something v.8 (although the game reads this as an older version).

    The problem comes when I want to play games like Half Life 2 and CSS, the game crashes because these drivers are up-to-date. Where can I get the LATEST drivers for the ATI Mobility Radeon x 700 for the Toshiba M70 Pro card?


    You can check the different graphics drivers form the papers that were delivered with the same graphic card as your Satellite M70 Pro.

    Further, you can view different websites which also offers some graphics drivers, for example the site omegadrivers.net.

    Please note:
    According to several threads here in the forum of the graphics driver installation non-Toshiba is at your own risk!

  • Update graphics card on Satellite A200

    Is it possible to change the graphics card on the Satellite A200 and if its possible how he and witch card to use?

    I agree with the statement made by the above user.
    The point is that the laptops card mother layout is completely different and the slots are not the same as on the PC desktop motherboards.
    The GPU chip is mainly fixed and soldered on the motherboard and cannot be removed on simply average.

    There are also a few other reasons for which the graphics card can not be updated but I n t want to write a full A4 page now.
    You know. The point is; It s is not possible.


  • Update graphics card on Satellite A60

    I use a Satellite A60 (I don't know exactly what type of A60) and I am wanting to increase my performance by playing games and using other programs. I plan to buy an upgrade of RAM 1 GB because I know it is compatiable and I don't know how to install it, but I don't know anything about graphics cards. I would like to know if is possible put level - and where can I buy an upgrade so that it would be reasonable to upgrade to. Thanks in advance.


    I Don t know if that new users do not use the search function but to the explain it once again (and again):

    It s NOT possible, because the graphics card is SOUDEE & CABLE to the motherboard.

    Which means: no, you cannot update the graphics card.

    Update your RAM and be happy. :)

    Welcome them

  • Update graphics card on Satellite P200

    I recently bought a Satellite P200-13Z and am curious to know if there is any anvliable update for the integrated graphics card that would break not guaranteed.

    Does anyone know of a product that I could buy?


    Please don t waste a time to search for any portable computers internal graphics card.
    You cannot upgrade the graphics card on the laptop.

    The GPU is soldered on the map and you will not be able to replace it!

    Technology of laptops is just different as a desktop PC and hardware upgrades are almost impossible.
    You can upgrade a device like RAM or HARD disk but not a GPU (graphic processor, card)

    PS: of course, you will lose warranty if going to disassemble the laptop

  • Update graphics card on Satellite P200D

    Is it possible to update the graphics card on my laptop (P200D PSPBLE)
    I just installed Photoshop CS5 and it is said that the graphics card is good enough.
    Thank you


    Before starting to discuss this control please this document

  • Update graphics card for Satellite A10

    Can I update my graphics card in my laptop?

    If so, what type of card can I buy and where to buy?

    If this is not the case, how can I increase the use of the memory of the graphics chips on board?
    When I check with the graphics controller, it shows
    Maximum graphics memory: 64 M
    minimum graphics memory: 15 M
    graphics memory in use: 17 M


    officially, you can't put the graphics card.
    Theoretical, you need a graphics chip with the same chipset and a driver that works on laptops. It is not easy to find (if it really exists).
    Then I suggest to not not to do that.

    On your on-board video memory, you don't need to do anything. The card will automatically take as much as it takes up to 64 MB of memory.

    Good bye

  • Need info on updating graphics card for Satellite P25 s507

    Can someone give me a list of a toshiba satellite p25 s-507-compatible graphics cards? for example, is a "nvidia geforce 6800 go" ultra compatible?
    10 x a lot

    I guess you want to know which graphics cards are compatible, because you want to upgrade the graphics card. Am I wrong?
    As you probably know, mobile technology is not the same as the desktop PC simply and it s is not possible to replace or change the graphics card.

    Especially chips are set on the map and it of not possible to improve it. Also the BIOS, chipset utilities and other application would not accept the new graphics card.

  • Updated graphics card on Satellite L300D - 222

    I have a laptop L300D - 222 and I was wondering if I could change my graphics card ATI Radeon 3100 with a better, faster version.

    Because it has 4 GB of RAM and is fast. It has a shared graphics card which includes a dedicated 256 RAM graphics card. Could you please tell where I can get it done if possible and where I can get a new graphics card than this laptop?

    I would appreciate it if you could also tell me an average cost of a chart of the laptop, if possible.
    See you soon.

    I can see Akuma already answered your question, but here is an interesting link http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm

    Good bye

  • Update wireless card on Satellite Pro A30

    I just received an A30 Pro of the Satellite with no wireless capability. I would like to add, but there is no help on the Toshiba site on which card is the right one.

    Can someone help me with the cards from any manufacturer that will work?
    Thank you!

    Are you sure that this laptop model can be improved with the card 100% wireless?
    Antenna WLAN is available?

    What model do you have?
    Please send the exact model name and model number.

  • Satellite Pro A120: I have problems with the installation of the graphics driver for W2k

    I installed windows 2000 on an A120, the system is fully packed and service updated before I even start to install the necessary drivers, I am unable to restart the system. I once, install as recommended drivers that I have problems with the graphics driver because it will not be installed because it requires a reboot and then I can't install new programs that require a restart that the driver has not been installed correctly.

    The laptop is a Pro A120, age of 1 week and came with XP home, because of this toshiba will not offer me support I changed the o/s even though they obviously support 2000 on this laptop, because they provide the drivers.

    Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.


    Did you use and install the drivers from the Toshiba driver page right?
    The drivers of Toshiba W2k for Satellite Pro A120 have been published and are ready!

    But please pay attention to the Toshiba drivers.
    There are two different sets of Satellite Pro A120, with different drivers W2k!
    After choosing the good laptop and download the drivers please follow the proper installation order that is indicated in the document "installation instructions"! Check it!

    I think that if you follow this guide line everything works and runs correctly. Good luck

  • Can be upgraded the firmware on my Satellite Pro A120 to accept SDHC cards

    I have a Satellite Pro A120 and use the slot for SD card frequently, however, the capacity of memory cards can sometimes be restrictive, is it possible to update the firmware for SDHC cards and if so, how.


    Unfortunately not possible since it s card reader has NO firmware and it s a stand-alone device that has nothing to do with the BIOS (firmware) of the machine.

    So, if she can't simply do not support. :/

    See you soon

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