upgrade to El capitan now HP Photsmart will only scan in black and white

I just upgraded my iMac to El Capitan. My Photosmart HP 7520 analysis now only Launchpad and in black and white? any ideas?


Go to the App Store and try to run another software update. If your system does not automatically detect a new HP update... ?

Try > http://support.hp.com/us-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-Photosmart-7520-e-All-in-One-imprimante-s erie, 5199461, model, 5199462

Also have a look at > the basics of the Mac: using a scanner - Apple Support and try to use the Image Capture Scan-ware from HP instead.

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  • HP Photosmart 7350 will not print in black and white

    This camera has served me well for printing color photos and other things for several years.

    Ink is EXPENSIVE, and I have several text documents I want to print. I have several

    56 ink cartridges (black).

    I can simply not a black and white "no photo" to print.

    I tried with the 56 and 57 (beside him) inside AND out. I tried to select in grayscale,

    in all three sub-options (high quality cartridge, black only, optimized for the FAX). Tape

    is NOT yet on the 56 cartridge. I do not use any mode of 'keep the ink' I know.

    The best I can get using the FAX setting optimized (I think) is very pale, a bad quality

    print page - words too dark, I can barely read (light grey). I suspect it is sucking

    the cartridge (cyan-magenta-whatever) 57 to print it.

    I have trouble-shot days before that by typing. I googled this problem both

    in the HP forum and out through Google. What I'm trying to make is so basic and...

    I dare say, 'simple', that I can't believe is not possible.

    Thanks in advance!

    The print head is the rectangular silver part at the bottom of the cartridge on this particular model.  It would seem that the question be electronic printer failed, but before you give up, please try soaking in hot water with one of the printheads. It is possible for the accumulation of ink on the print heads to leave a stain on the fabric during the test, this could be confused with the strong task resulting from a cartridge to work.

  • HP3209a not printing black and white enamel but will display the web page

    I'm on Mac OSX10.8.  My HP Photosmart 3209 has suddenly stopped printing yesterday and had a pop up that says I got printhead problems.  I spent two hours on the phone this morning with two so-called experts feel, the first who said that the problem was with my iMac (he couldn't find it) and the second who said it was a problem with the printer (he couldn't find it).  The printer is connected to an iMac by USB cable.  It will not print e-mail or most of the pages of black and white but now curiously print a web page. BTW, I put new ink in it and did not help anything, and Printhead Cleaner ran about two dozen times.  I try to run an alignment but the page it prints which is for most of the blocks of color blue on half a page is not recognizable on the scanner when I try to run the alignment.

    I think that you always print head problems.  Go to System Preferences > print & Scan.  Click on your printer, click Options & supplies.

    From there, go to utility > Open Printer Utility, then clean the print head.

  • My screen seems to have gone out.  Everything worked well then there black and white vertical lines on the screen.  Had to make a hard stop, bury ashes hold the power button. Now no display

    does that mean if my screen on m MBP15 inches starting to show black and white vertical lines and will not again after that I tried to restart my computer?

    This looks like a bad graphics card. What happens if you hold a flashlight on the screen, you see the desktop or not?

  • JPG of Windows Photo Gallery will not be printed in black and white / grayscale, than by the color.

    All of a sudden, for some reason unknown to me, my mon imprimante printer does not print images JPG from Windows Photo Gallery black and white or grayscale. No matter if I turn it on to or black and white color option / shades of gray option, it only prints in color. If I remove the color of my printer ink cartridge and leave the black alone to, and order the printer to print in black, the printer behaves as if it was printing but the page comes out blank.

    If I try to print, for example Word documents in black and white / shades of gray, they come out, as requested.

    Help, please! Thank you.

    Hi Ulap,

    A. from when what happens?

    B. you are able to print the other black and white file formats?

    First of all, check if you are able to print black and white photo viewer.

    Then, run an auditor of system files (sfc scan) on your computer in order to replace the files corrupted on your computer.

    1. click on the Start button

    2. on the Start Menu, click all programs followed by accessories

    3. in the menu accessories, right-click on command line option

    4. in the drop-down menu that appears, click the "Run as Administrator" option

    5 If you have the enabled User Account Control (UAC) you will be asked to consent to the opening of the command line. You simply press the button continue if you are the administrator or insert password etc.

    6. in the command prompt window, type: sfc/scannow then press enter

    7. a message is displayed to indicate that "the analysis of the system will start.

    8. be patient because the analysis may take some time

    9. If all the files need replace SFC will replace them. You may be asked to insert your Vista DVD for this process to continue

    10. If all goes although you should, after the analysis, see the following message "Windows resource protection not found any breach of integrity.

    11. once the scan is finished, close the command prompt window reboot the computer and check if the problem persists.

    Bindu S - Microsoft Support

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  • I upgraded to el capitan, now I can't use illustrator without installing Java and Java will not be installed

    I've upgraded to el Capitan and now can't use Illustrator without Java and Java is not installed.

    What Java did you install? There is the old V. 6 of Apple and a newer version of Oracle. What version of Illustrator do you use?

  • upgrade to el capitan, now error message at first upward...

    last night I clicked on free upgrade to el capitan on the itunes site... download for a long time, then when done... the system restarts and I get the following error message

    and it does not start... Please help...

    If you do not already have a current backup, please backup all data, and then reinstall the OS. * you don't need to erase the boot volume, and you won't need the backup unless something is wrong. If the system has been upgraded an earlier version of Mac OS X, you may need to the Apple ID and password to use.

    There are ways to back up a computer that is not fully functional. Ask if you need advice.

    If you installed the runtime Java distributed by Apple, and still need, you will need to reinstall it. It goes the same for Xcode. All other data will be preserved.

    Related support article refers to OS X 10.11 ("El Capitan"), but the procedure is the same for OS X 10.7 ("Lion") and later versions.

  • Upgrade to el capitan now cannot receive e-mail.


    I upgraded last night at el Capitan and welcomes most of my programs work. Who would have guessed that I would not be able to receive my personal e-mail? The settings are good. I can also receive mail business through the Web site account. Error message says it can't authenicate personal email. Why not??

    I am able to receive my personal email on my iPad but not on my iMac 2009. Have used the utility disk and CleanMyMac3. No errors. Email is online on RoadRunner, so the problem is on the computer and it seems with El Capitan. Any suggestions of what to do next?

    Thank you for your help,


    There are three main types of e-mail account: Exchange, IMAP and pop. Is what type?

    If you are unsure, open Mail's preferences window, select the tab accounts and then select the account in the list on the left. Under account information, the account type is indicated.

  • Recently upgraded to El Capitan, now Mail to automatically synchronize each account?

    There are two Macs that run my business (for my father & I, then we can exchange emails), when we recently moved our Parallels and the operating system, we have encountered many problems with our old email accounts.  They were all set up as accounts pop.  We have been informed of all our POP accounts change in IMAP, so we did.  Now, every email that comes in is synchronized between the two computers.  Whenever he receives an email on his e-mail account, it appears both our computers as a new email.  Should he read it in his computer, it automatically gets "read" on my computer.  We are also two other accounts that are more universal for our society, that many of our customers will initially write us to inquire information.  The same problem also happens with these accounts.

    Is there a way to reverse the trend?   Do we need to reroute other accounts to get sent to MY email?

    Any advice would be helpful.

    What you describe is exactly the operation when using IMAP accounts and that is what most people prefer.

    To reverse the trend, switch to the use of POP to access email accounts.

  • my iphone 5 c opens more after that I was invited to be updated with itunes. now, the display shows only itunes usb cable and logo. read some tips here, but nothing happened. any help will be much appreciated.

    My iPhone 5 c opens more after that I was invited to be updated with iTunes. now the display shows iTunes logo and the USB cable. I have read and applied some tips here, but nothing happened. Any help will be much appreciated. Thank you.

    https://discussions.Apple.com/message/30014877#30014877http ://

    Read the post from sierrawren . It helped me to fix my phone. Now it works perfectly fine. Hope it can help others too.

  • I went to upgrade to El Capitan, it was last night. I have a blank white screen. I tried to turn off my computer, but when I turn it back on all that I get is a status bar that shows its about 3/4 downloaded and then it goes back to a blank white thyristo

    I tried to download El Capitan. Has started last night. all I have is a blank white screen. I stop my computor waited awhile and he turned his back. I work around a status bar indicating that it is about 3/4 full, then it goes back to a blank white screen?

    I had this problem too on my iMac (21.5 inch, late 2009) and I tried to restore to the previous version and then do the update again, but I got the same results.  I also tried to reinstall OS X option of the application of the utilities on the recovery disk that took a few hours but got the same results.  Finally, I tried to restart and make a secure boot (hold down the SHIFT key when the bell rang and rejection when the Apple shows up) and I was able to get the computer to boot.  When I logged in a window pops up saying "Complete Installation" and still had 6 min.  When he finally finished, I was an able to connect as usual and everything works fine now.   My mid 2009 Macbook Pro has no problems with the update but my iMac has been a pain.  I hope this helps you and anyone else who may have this problem.

    iMac (21.5 inch, late 2009)

  • printer will be black and white copy nbot

    I have a HP C4180 printer.  An older printer that I use for my PC.  Simple.  I print B & W only (receipts and emails) and from time to time to do B & W copies.     Recently, a message says, "Remove and check color cartridge."  I have not buy a new color cartridge since I never print photos or color.  However, even now printer will not copy when I break through the B & W copy button.  It still prints B & w in my PC.   How to replace it?

    I'd hate to spend $50 for a carton of color just make a dozen copies of each month.

    Thank you


    Hi James,

    -Don't you make changes to the computer or the printer prior to this problem?

    You can read these articles and check if that helps.

    Search results for HP Photosmart C4180 all-in-One Printer Support: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/searchResults?tmp_product=HP+Photosmart+C4180+All-in-One+Printer&product=1141647&tmp_qt=Remove+and+Check+Color+Cartridge&cc=us&dlc=en&lc=en

    How can I delete message problem error and check the color cartridge? : http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Other-Printing-Questions/How-do-I-fix-error-message-remove-and-check-color-cartridge/td-p/1269031

    Alternatively, you can also post this question in the Forums of HP Support: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/t5/Printers-and-All-In-Ones/ct-p/InkJet

    Thank you.

  • Updated to 23.0.1 and now toolbar bookmarks displays only the tabs open and not bookmarks. How do I fix it?

    Running Win 7 Home Premium. When I've upgraded to Firefox 23.0.1, the bookmarks toolbar is no longer displays my favorites that are in the toolbar bookmarks but open tabs. If I uncheck 'View Bookmarks Toolbar' disappears from the empty toolbar, stay tabs open position here. If I check "View Bookmarks Toolbar" an empty toolbar opens again but open the tabs are on the toolbar. I tried to move a bookmark from the toolbar, but it only just opening a tab of the location of the bookmark I tried to position the toolbar.

    Hello, please try to restore the toolbar by default as described in the Navigation buttons such as back, home, bookmarks and recharge are missing

  • My 1394 color cameras decides now appear in black and white?

    Has anything else changed on your computer?  Facilities of software/driver?  A possibility that's happened is that the color pictures were Bayer decoded before, but now they are not.  I would check this parameter Measurement & Automation Explorer to see if TI Bayer decoding is switched on.  Here is a document that describes a related problem.  Your current image, has a checkerboard?

  • HP officejet 8500 has more will not print black and white because the color cartridge is low

    I have entered the property and set it to 'levels of gray' and 'use black ink only', but the printer still will not print because "the yellow ink cartridge is low.

    incredibly frustrating that the cartridges of color completely stop you from printing, even if you are trying to print in color.

    Proffessional OS-windows 7

    is there a known solution for this?

    Unfortunately, the printer does not print until the replacement of the yellow ink. There is no work around for low ink message.

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