Use 'Protection of HARD drive utility' in SSD drive?

I replaced the HDD with SSD and reinstalled my Windows. Accidentally, I installed "utility protection of HARD drive? It is absolutely useless in system with SSD? Should I uninstall this utility?

Thank you.

For a month I use SSD with my laptop satellite. I installed original recovery image which includes the protection of HARD drive utility. I can start, but it is inactive.

Strange thing is that with the HARD drive it was idle too. To be honest, I don't care about it. It is preinstalled but I have disabled auto-start.

I think you can remove the system.

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  • Portege M700 - protection of HARD drive problem

    Hello world

    I searched the net for a full day now try to find answers to this.
    Note, I am an accountant and not a computer geek.

    I have a laptop Portege M700. I am updating from Vista to Win7.

    Here's the problem:
    -Initially tried to uninstall Toshiba HDD Protection via Control Panel and got the message error "internal error 2753 setupftc.exe.
    -Then searched the Internet and realized that I had to stop the service first. Note that I does NOT initially stop the service in the Service Manager.
    -Now went in the Service Manager to seek Protection of HARD drive and it is not at all.
    -Returned east to configuration-Toshiba HDD Protection Panel is listed as a program. It will not always uninstall it... the activiates Assistant uninstaller, and after a few seconds, he simply says the same error message is ' «internal error 2753 setupftc.exe»»

    -a search on the internet about this error does no useful result. They underline that the registry cleaner programs. I have NOT installed the registry cleaners.

    - then I went to the registry and created a backup of the registry.
    Then tried all the items containing 'HDD Protection' and started deleting them hoping that it would work.
    Then I tried to uninstall.
    The computer popped up a message stating that a restart is required.
    Tried to restart and got a blue screen.
    Then restared in safemode, reloaded the old registry file and VOILA the computer is back to normal again.

    I can not even uninstall HDD Protection. Get the same bloody error.

    -then downloaded the site Web of TOSHIBA HDD Protection file.
    Try to install this file... I get the same error, i.e. "internal error 2753 setuptfc.exe.

    Ok.. now, I'm ready to give up.

    Really, I didn't wipe my comptuer clean to do a fresh install, because it's such a big hassle. And I'm an accountant, not a computer expert so I don't know what to do for a new installation.
    For the time I've wasted on this already, I probably just to find instructions on the net and then made a complete new installation.

    All the advice to fix it, pleeeeeeeeeeeease! : ??

    Thank you.

    So clean Toshiba HDD protection tool didn't help installation then some registry entries must be screwed to the top.
    Believe me, best you can do is to install the OS to aid installation of HARD - disc of recovery recovery mode or use if you have a.
    After a clean install of Vista, everything will work correctly, and then you can start with the Win7 upgrade procedure.

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    Once 1 turn off the HDD, its become ok protection.


    The history seems a bit strange and mysterious.

    First of all it s very strange that the laptop crashes without reason and that the protection of HARD drive tool reports errors.

    According to these two questions, I assume that your disk is not ok and it possible s it fails.

    In such cases and HDD replacement is desirable to check if it helps to solve both of these annoying problems.

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    It's a very bad situation, but at the present time there is no Vista for Tecra A8 drivers. Only thing to do is check from time to time and see if the drivers will be available in the near future.

    Good luck!

    BTW: :(

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    I also have Vista professional available and I would be willing to use 3rd party software as well.

    Thanks in advance for your answers.

    Hi Jan

    I doubt that this is possible
    Why? The point is that you need to use two hard drives in mirroring, RAID striping, mode etc technology
    Satellite A210 can't RAID. It s only a SATA controller without RAID capacity!

    Therefore, the final answer is; NO, it is not possible to use mirroring


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    Hi @ptr1959w!

    Yes, you can use an external hard drive on your laptop - just connect via one of the USB ports on your machine, partition and format it in disk management, and you should be ready to go. Here is an article with the steps you can follow to do this:

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    I hope this helps.  Good luck.

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    Even the hard drive can not put it in the bag laptop, but work with the HARD drive interface.

    Or is there any external HARD disk enclosure can be used to read the data hard disk, the data does not have compreesed.

    Thank you in advance.

    Hello! You need a new PC Yep!
    But there are other ways to do

    You can buy a SATA USB adapter that will allow you to plug in the HARD drive on another PC and the take-off data


    Good luck!

    Best regards: 1029rjmenvy17t

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    To help others find it and helps solve them the same or similar problems

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    I have a HP Personal Media Drive that is currently used to share files with another computer. However, it is very old and I want to continue the sharing of files. Can I use an external hard drive? and if yes, how I have set up?

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    Suppose that your external drive to your is connected to PC 1. When you open Windows Explorer on PC1 then this disk will appear as if it was a local, integrated drive. To make it accessible to PC 2, you need to "share". When you type this phrase in a Google search box then you will get many excellent recipes step by step on how to do this:

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