Username and password Html coding

I have a questions about a html code. I'm working on a site for my various clients. I am trying to put a username and password never on page so that each customer can see their image and no one else can see them. Currently I'm using Wordpress Web site and they have a way for me to make a private page and put a password on it.

I think on the use of muse from adobe to build the Web site and add a html code that is a user name and password but I don't how or if it will work.

When I looked at the codes I found Wordpress coding and javascript. But I don't know coding like this and don't know what to change in the coding to make it work on different pages.

There are a few widgets out there that are part of the feature you're looking for. I came across a widget that allows you to create a membership basically site and have the features you are looking for. A quick search on Bing it should appear.

With regard to the programming it yourself, it's pretty easy if you understand how to program what you want. A great way to start is to buy a membership on Codecanyon site (there are hundreds of them) and then you include it in your site from Muse.

I hope this has helped!

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