HP 2540: HP 2540 default username and password?

When I go into EWS in my browser and you want to configure the network to use Web Services it askes for a username and password, I assume that by default, because I never put one in place in my user's guide it doesn't refer to any, I have tried

admin/admin, admin/white, white/admin, I tried the prrint password 54495359 live, etc, nothing works, can someone advise how knowledge, scereen shot attached

Hello @Currimundi ,

Welcome to the HP forum.

I understand that you are either prompted for a user name and password, when you try to access EWS printers.

I want to help you with this.

Authentication should not be held. The user guide does not because it shouldn't be there.

It can be configured for in SAP, but technical support will normally advise against that.

Most of the time when authentication has been put in place, restore the default settings of the network clears the question.

That is the problem. To restore the default settings of the network there is no option on this printer.

Also, there are no instructions to reset the default printer.

If you are in warranty, I would call technical support.

They may have to reset or another option.

Please contact our technical support at the 800-474-6836. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number. http://WWW8.HP.com/us/en/contact-HP/WW-phone-assist.html

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    Kind regards

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    BR, Jari

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    Hello, Garrett,.

    Thanks for your post!

    Looks like you're having need for information on how to find the information of your 9792 newspaper. When you use NEITHER-WSN 1.1 allowed us users to define the initial password and this is still the case for the 9791. The 9792 is a gateway OR WSN node and a target time LabVIEW Real-time. Its default log in information or lie in a (KB) Knowledge Base using LabVIEW or helping MAX. You use LabVIEW 2009 SP1 or LabVIEW 2010?

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    Help of LabVIEW

    Start > all programs > National Instruments > xx LabVIEW > LabVIEW help

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    Help MAX

    Open MAX > help > MAX Help (can also press F1 if open MAX)

    Then go to... Help MAX remote systems > LabVIEW Real-time targets Configuration > Device Configuration > logging into your system

    The help link above LabVIEW is called in 9792 under Related Documentation start guide that directs you using LabVIEW.

    NEITHER Wireless Sensor Network Getting Started Guide


    Is the information you were looking for? Please indicate if there is something else we can do.

    See you soon


    WSN PES OF R & D

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    SUCCESS! This is the solution I needed. Thank you very much. After resetting my preference signon.importedFromSqlite on the topic: config page by default, deleted the file logins.json in the current profile folder and then I drugs and dropped my old code of my saved files file and VOILA! All of our usernames and passwords reappears.

    Thanks Cor - el. Thank you help and time to solve my problem!

  • Photosmart 6520: Miss username and password to access Photosmart 6520

    Miss username and password to change security etc. by web app to the printer

    I understand now. You are in the built-in Web server and can't access the Admin settings. In order to reset the password to the parameters, we need restore default settings of network on the printer, and then reconfigure the printer to your wireless network again. You can use the following steps to restore the default settings of network on the printer;

    1. Tap the icon of the small key (settings) you see in the upper right of the touch screen of the printer.
    2. Press the wireless Menu.
    3. Navigate to restore the default settings of the network.

    Once restored, go to the Wireless Setup Wizard in the Wireless Menu and reconfigure the settings.

  • PC can see and access the laptop without asking for a user name and password but the laptop cannot access the PC because it asks me a username and password that I don't know.

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    I just got a laptop with windows 7 on it and I want to connect to my other PC for it, they are on the same network through a router. the PC can see and access the laptop without asking for a user name and password but the laptop cannot access the PC because it asks me a username and password that I don't know.

    If someone could answer this question, it would be great.

    Maybe this can help.

    Win7 when configured on the peer-to-peer network has three types of configurations of sharing.

    Group residential network = only works between Win 7 computers. This type of configuration, it is very easy to entry level users to start sharing network.

    Working network = fundamentally similar to previous methods of sharing that allow you to control what, how and to whom the records would be shared with.

    Public share
    = network Public (as Internet Café) in order to reduce security risks.

    For the best newspaper of the results of each computer screen system and together all computers on a network of the same name, while each computer has its own unique name.


    Make sure that the software firewall on each computer allows free local traffic. If you use 3rd party Firewall on, Vista/XP Firewall Native should be disabled, and the active firewall has adjusted to your network numbers IP on what is sometimes called the Zone of confidence (see part 3 firewall instructions

    General example, http://www.ezlan.net/faq.html#trusted
    Please note that some 3rd party software firewall continue to block the same aspects it traffic Local, they are turned Off (disabled). If possible, configure the firewall correctly or completely uninstall to allow a clean flow of local network traffic. If the 3rd party software is uninstalled, or disables, make sure Windows native firewall is active .


    If your network consists only of Win 7 and you want a simple network, use it.


    After you have configured the homegroup, scroll to the bottom for the Permission/security section.


    Win 7 networking with other version of Windows as a work network.

    In the center of the network, by clicking on the type of network opens the window to the right.

    Choose your network type. Note the check box at the bottom and check/uncheck depending on your needs.


    Win 7 - http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows7/Networking-home-computers-running-different-versions-of-Windows

    Win 7 network sharing folder specific work - http://www.onecomputerguy.com/windows7/windows7_sharing.htm

    Vista file and printer sharing - http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb727037.aspx

    Windows XP file sharing - http://support.microsoft.com/default.aspx?scid=kb;en-us;304040
    Sharing printer XP - http://www.microsoft.com/windowsxp/using/networking/expert/honeycutt_july2.mspx

    Setting Windows native firewall for sharing XP - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/875357
    Windows XP Patch for sharing with Vista (no need for XP - SP3) - http://support.microsoft.com/kb/922120

    When you have finished the configuration of the system, it is recommended to restart everything the router and all computers involved.


    If you have authorization and security problems, check the following settings.

    Point to a folder that wants to share do right click and choose Properties.

    In the properties

    Click on the Security tab shown in the bellows of the photo on the right) and verify that users and their permissions (see photo below Centre and left) are configured correctly. Then do the same for the authorization tab.

    This screen shot is to Win 7, Vista menus are similar.


    The Security Panel and the authorization Panel, you need to highlight each user/group and consider that the authorization controls are verified correctly.

    When everything is OK, restart the network (router and computer).

    * Note . The groups and users listed in the screen-shoot are just an example. Your list will focus on how your system is configured.

    * Note . There must be specific users. All means all users who already have an account now as users. This does not mean everyone who feel they would like to connect.


    *** Note. Some of the processes described above are made sake not for Windows, but to compensate for different routers and how their firmware works and stores information about computers that are networked.

    Jack-MVP Windows Networking. WWW.EZLAN.NET

  • How can I find my username and password for Windows xp media center? don't remember setting but cannot get back in after the restart.

    How can I find my username and password for Windows xp media center? don't remember setting but cannot get back in after the restart.

    Hi Carol_971,

    1. Did you the latest changes on the computer?
    2. You have security software installed on the computer?

    Method 1

    I suggest that you try to start in safe mode and then try to log on to Windows using the default Administrator account and then remove the password for your account, check if it helps.

    A description of the options to start in Windows XP Mode


    Method 2

    If you are unable to log on to Windows in safe mode, refer to the article below and then try the steps mentioned, check if it helps.

    How to connect to your Windows XP-based computer if you forget your password or if your password expires


  • Username and password required to access the security settings

    I have a HP5520e printer all in one. I'm putting it to scan to my computer. The instructions say I should activate Webscan from the administrator under settings and Security Options. When I try to access the settings of the administrator I wonder a user name and password. Should what username and password I enter here?


    Welcome to the HP Forum.

    Start with the standard:

    admin = admin

    password = password (or leave the field blank)

    This assumes, of course, you have not used EWS (built-in web server) and a password for her before - what you CAN do using the integrated Web server.  Once you do not set a password using the EWS page, whenever you want to watch some settings, set some parameters, you must enter the password that you set up.

    EWS is simply the webpage to the printer interface - as if you use a web page to talk to your router software.  Same thing: sort of, except that you type in the IP of the printer on your browser instead of router, of course.


    If it won't let you

    You can try to reset the printer.   Be aware that if you do this, you need to re enter all previously entered information (wireless settings, etc.).

    You may be able to reset the printer on the front panel - settings > settings default (or similar).


    Troubleshooting > troubleshooting > printer keeps no connection Wi-Fi

    Fourth step: reset the printer and wireless router and then restart the computer

    Follow these steps to reset your printer and your wireless router, and then restart your computer.

  • LaserJet P1102w username and password to access the settings

    I just set up my P1102w and after configuring network settings, it works smoothly.

    I'm trying to access the web interface to see how many pages I printed, but it requires a username and password. I don't really know what one is. I tried several very probable combinations of what I would have used, but none seems not to work.

    Is it possible to know what the UN and pw are, without completely restoring the default settings? Then I have to go back and change all the settings to where I now. I can do it, but it would save a lot of time if I could simply reset the UN and pw.

    I get this request if I'm accessing via a laptop or desktop wireless cable.

    HP LaserJet p1102w

    This reset will erase all the settings of the printer.

    There's no other way you can just reset the name US and Pssword.

  • SP2 for vista asks you a username and password and the ease of accsess does not work?

    While the installation of sp2 it says windows will perform a clean update I read what was going to happen and gave go ahead and his now ask me a username and password, but I don't have vista sp1 version. I belive microsoft 1) I forgot to add a NAME AND PASSWORD of the user default or 2) messed with sp2 for vista completely...


    The problem is solved?


    How to solve problems when you install or uninstall programs on a Windows computer


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