Vendor portal, manage applications, order of the image.


It is possible to choose an order of the image of our app on the App World?

The vendor Portal I can add pictures, but I'm not able to give the images the correct order.

Thank you.


I asked the support of the seller this question. Here's their reply dated 26/03/2010.

"Thank you to contact our customer support BlackBerry.

Unfortunately, at this time, the portal provider does not specify the order the images are displayed.  This will be fixed in a next version.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us directly by phone at one of the numbers below, or by e-mail at [email protected].

Please still contact us. »

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    How can I manually arrange the order of the images re: creation of slideshow in organizing elements?

    It's exactly the same thing in PSE11 and PSE12.

    On your screenshot I don't see if you have a selected album.

    The option appears only if you have selected an album first in the left panel. Make sure you that the left panel is visible, expand the list of albums to see your album, highlight your album so that only his own photos are selected. Then, you should have the default album order.

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    I'm trying to burn a dvd of pictures in the order in which they were taken.  I have access to XP and Vista Home Premium.  I have incorporated pictures taken by the camera several in a single folder, sort the folder containing the files by date taken and their fame in this order.  When I burn it to dvd, the images are "reclassified" files followed *.1 of file *. 10, folder *.11 etc.  1, 2, 3 order disappeared.  I used another program to sort and rename using a three-digit suffix and the same thing happens when I try to burn the dvd.

    If you sort the pictures and select all... you can right click / Rename
    the first photo Birthday Party (10001)... and press ENTER...
    the remaining photos will be renamed in sequence. They should
    stay in the order on the DVD.

    Birthday Party (10001) .jpg
    Birthday Party (10002) .jpg
    Birthday Party (10003) .jpg
    John Inzer - MS - MVP - Digital Media Experience - Notice_This is not tech support_I'm volunteer - Solutions that work for me may not work for you - to proceed at your own risk

  • Where my application should store the images when I don't want to see them built in app Gallery?

    I was storing images cached in shared/downloads/myappname but they appeared in the gallery app.

    So I stored in tmp / but it seems that they are endangered after restarting the application.

    Then I moved the data int / which seems OK, but I can't use MediaPlayer as an icon of NowPlaying.

    What is the best place where store the images cached Internet I want to share with other applications?

    Y at - there no way how programmatically exclude some photos of the gallery app?

    If I'm not mistaken, the misc folder is excluded.

    Files or folders starting with a point should be ignored, because the convention under QNX is to hide the files/folders to the user. Not sure if the media indexer adheres to it.

    You can also try to put a .noindex or .metadata_never_index file in the folder that contains your images (notice the period at the beginning)

  • Recovery Manager fails to restore the image after the changes made to the hard disk Partition

    Hi support forum.

    I use a HP dv7t quad ed. ive decided to partition my hard drive of 750G. While the partition is on progress, all of a sudden, the monitor turns off and had no picture. I think that, maybe, he had disappeared "sleep mode". I don't have no mode 'sleep'. I'm trying to scroll through the touch pad in the hope that the image will reappear again. but nothing happens. thinking that it is just the monitor was in mode 'sleep' and the hard drive still flashes, I still waited 45 minutes for the process to be finished and maybe it will just restart it self. After an hour of wating, power the laptop off and the power button flashes. I assumed, but in doubt that the partition has been completed, I press the power and it turned off. as I press the power button to turn it on, my computer does not start, and I knew that my computer it was damaged. Ive tried the 3 options to access the F11 recovery but nothing works.

    I hope you cud help me guys. TNX


    Judgment of the laptop.  Tap away at f10 you start Notepad to open the menu of the bios.  Under Advanced Options or diagnosis tab, you will find the possibility to run tests on the hard drive and memory.  Post back with the details of any error message.


    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Can I reverse the order of the images in my image file?

    I am constantly sending pictures over the internet.  I use OS X on my Mac mini.  When I go to my image file, it lists all my images stored by oldest images first.  I have to scroll LIKE NEVER to get recent pictures... those I'm most likely to use.  Can I reverse the order so that the most recent images show first; Save me time in research?  Thanks advance.

    If I go into my pictures folder in the Finder and use the display of the list, I can click on the column modified date to sort normally or inverse. The ^ symbol will change with the sort order

  • Order of the images in a slideshow...

    I'm sure this has been asked before, but I can't find the answer with google or here.

    I use lightroom 3 - How can I change the order of images in a slide show... I'd like to be able to slide / move images in the order that I want to but it is not possible to sem... so how do I do this please?


    You can order your photos in the library, in the grid view Module. To be able to establish a user sort order, you must be either

    • A collection (not smart collection)
    • In a case of low level (no subfolder more below)
    • In a level bottom-no folder, but without having scored "Include Photos from subfolders"

    A collection is my favorite for slideshows, way since you can

    1. Select the photos you want to
    2. Order them as you like.

    Gossweiler beat


  • change the order of the images displayed in Windows Media Center

    I'm changing the order that pictures are displayed.  To try to change their order of appearance, I changed the photo taken date of some photos.  When I go through the pictures in Windows Photo Gallery, they appear as I intend.  When I go through the same pictures in Windows Media Center (by date taken) some photo are out.  But they are not the photos that I've changed.

    Once they appear in the correct order, I intend to burn to DVD with background music.

    Thanks for your help.

    Hello donb113,

    ·         Have you tried to update the media library of the Center once you have changed the order in which the photos are sorted?

    You can delete and any location where you have saved your photos (media files). This will refresh your Media Center Library and sort files in the order that you have sorted your computer.

    1. on the start screen, navigate to tasks, and then click settings.

    2. click on the library settings.

    3. click on remove the folder to watch and then click Next.

    4. According to the where your digital media files are stored, click one of the options under which folders you want to add?, and then click Next.

    5 navigate in the folders that you want to add by clicking on the - and + buttons, and select the check box next to each folder. (Files in subfolders will be included with your selection).

    6. When you have selected all the folders that you want Windows Media Center to watch, click Next and then click Finish.

    After you have finished adding files, it may take several minutes for the files in the libraries.

    Follow the same steps and add the folders back.

    This will add the files in the order that you have saved on your computer.

    Thank you
    Irfan H, Engineer Support Microsoft Answers. Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • How to debug the image won't load does not intermittently exclusively on Firefox?

    The image (GIF67) is to be generated and sent through binary stream from the server (using the secure connection), Explorer and Chrome still display the image, Firefox intermittently fails to load without separate ground of success-failure.

    I checked that it is a matter of Firefox, by analyzing the tcp packets and confirmed that the response from the server still the same bytes either on the success that the scenario of the failure of level.

    How could configure Firefox to log the process of rendering the requested image?

    Action taken:

    -Tested with versions of Firefox from 10 to 28, fails
    -Tested with Chrome and IE, image still renders correctly
    -Follow-up: & As = AAQ & As = AAQ
    -Updated the Chrome and IE require headers to imitate demand of Firefox, image renders correctly
    -Updated the headers to mimic Firefox asks chrome, fails
    -Packet tcp analyzed, answer is the same for failure and success restore
    -Reconstruct the image correctly retrieving the tcp packets of the application for a successful rendering, as well as for a bad record.

    Sometimes, it is possible to make 50 applications and see the image correctly, some other times you could do 50 applications and not see the image displayed, but above all it is possible to load the image 20 times and have 1 fail.

    Thanks in advance!

    The mime type was wrong: "Image/png".

    I currently have shame because it was the second thing to check on my list and in some way I missed it.

    I faked a stressed server by creating a Web Service to send the image via streaming and the thread to sleep after the rinse a small amount of data, I was able to reproduce the problem (Chrome and explore renders fine image and fails in Firefox) and I could also see fixed it by setting the right mimetype (don't you?).

    This surely isn't a bug, but I find it interesting that Chrome and Explorer are both able to accept that the data and show the Gif so that Firefox gives up on the stream if it takes a few milliseconds after receiving a package and mimic the gif type is not correctly set.

    I thank very you much for the people who have helped me through.

    PD: Anyone knows the real reason for Firefox to get this behavior differently than Chrome/Explorer at the level of the stream/encoder?

  • print the image mirror on HP6510 all-in-one

    I can't find the option on my printer dialog box to print a mirror image of an iron on transfer... Can anyone help?

    Hi katmat,

    I see that you want to print images mirrored for iron on transfers, I can help you with this.

    Instead of looking in the dialog box to print to the rear mirror/market implementation, you can see the software application to reverse the image before printing!

    What program you print and what operating system and version? Mac or Windows?

    Here are points of reference for you to review if you wish. You might find something useful. Impression of Mirror Image and Printing T-Shirt transfer; Mirror image.

    I look forward to hear from you.

  • Has anything recently changed how the check of the Image on the forms?

    Has anything recently changed how the check of the Image on the forms?


    In these few days we noticed the verification of the Image on our forms does not preclude the submission form when the values do not match.

    Form design

    To create our forms, we use the procedure described here: . Basically, we create the form with all the fields we want to, including the verification of Image ({module_captchav2}) outside the BC. We then put the code form on a page in British Colombia and tap the Actions button then choose optimize the content.  This creates a Web form (Site Manager > Web Forms).

    The form will not work correctly: we could submit the form and get an email and Image verification would prevent the submission form if the values don't match.

    We have confirmed on two other sites, forms correctly thwarting form submission when the captcha does not match are now allowing these forms to submit (emails are always received).

    When we create a form in British Colombia, verification of the Image fact work. So we guess something changed with what happens when the button optimize content or how the check of the Image. 

    Although some not, we believe that we used to display the field of captcha with the other fields of the form when you look at the form in British Colombia (Site Manager > Web Forms), but we don't see it now.



    JQuery validation check required fields, including the field of Captcha, are not empty.

    We create forms using the procedure described above, because we want to use controls of sensitive form of the Bootstrap instead layout table tags generated during the construction of the form in British Colombia.  Be able to generate startup code, while the form of construction in British Colombia would be ideal.

    We believe that if we were to display the captcha field with the other fields in the form when you look at the form in British Colombia (Site Manager > Web Forms) that the Image verification will not work correctly.

    Verification of image above refers to the choices under the Site Management > forms > misc. However, when you look at the page in the browser it actually says 'Enter verification word in the box below.



    Here is an example of an already optimized form on my site in sandbox (feel free to submit the form):

    Thank you


    This guide, that I personally would not follow because it neglects several key elements you need for BC forms work properly, I'm surprised that has no mention of the use case or notes of those somehow.

    -Because you have carved in the script BC for the captcha form part you will not get a correct script error on submit for the captcha. This is the first problem there.

    D ' other hand you him have not set to force validation captcha on the form in the admin. Under Site Settings > Captcha is where that option life.

    Nothing has changed in British Colombia for the captcha feature, your missing just parameters and code to make it work as expected.

  • Customizations out-of-box Manager application to Service Manager


    I wonder if someone is attacked in a way to port on customizations so ideally placed in the request handler for vCloud Director to the Service Manager product.  Essentially, I don't want to reinvent the wheel.  The customizations in the product manager application out of the box are a good starting point, IMO, for a Service Manager Director vCloud implementation.  In addition, and before anyone asks, we went with the product Service Manager Manager to ask for the extra features, such as modifiable workflows.

    I asked my SE and it came with nothing.  I tried also to port on the changes myself, a screen and the setting at the time, and I got the results mixed, coupled with an acute loss of my hair and the patience.

    Help or direction is appreciated.

    Thank you!


    Your best option is to look into the VSM CP, a flavor of the Service Manager has been developed specifically around Cloud integration with vCloud Director and that includes some of the customizations apply to Manager.

    You wondered about this product and if he doesn't come back with something, contact me.

    Thank you-


  • Manager application preferences requires a location "install".

    Manager application preferences requires a location "install". Is the "place" to the Manager Application itself or the programs it installs? My Win 7 64 bit OS has two locations of separate program for 64-bit and x 86 programs. Which one should I use?

    I'm waiting for your instructions, but if it means "under the hood" with the database settings, I'd rather not. Really this situation should not be allowed to happen in the first place. If there was no explanation as to what the 'place' field means in the UI, so obviously most peaople he would leave well alone, unless they know what they are doing. Like it's just it looks like an empty field that MUST be filled. Developers NEED to get it quickly and sorting! It's a VERY bad UI design. And, as a result, it is now necessary for a reset option, also required urgently.

  • Loading images order & miniature oriented image directly


    May I ask 2 questions here.

    1) If you click on this link & Imaginery.html, you can see all my 14 drawings that had been lined up one after the other, try to load at the same time. Is it possible to set priorities, whereby the 1st image load first and second 2nd image loading and so on.

    2) If you click on this link , you will find under "Concepts & imaginary ', I had posted 14 vignettes for the link above. All the images are related to the webpage above (14 images). Now, if you click on any thumbnail, it will open the link have been all most 14 large images are displayed from the market. My question is, can we device a way by which, if all first if we click on each image, it points to enlarge the image on the & Imaginery.html.

    Which means, if I click the last thumbnail 'Keep clean city', it will open and directly points to the last image on the linked Web page, based on the vertical scroll bar down, were that enlarge the corresponding image is displayed.

    Friendly note: I am an artist and posting my work on my website. So, I really appreciate your answers.

    Thanking you,


    The anchor tool to create named anchors on your Concepts & Imaginery .html page.

    Place the pegs above each picture.  Code might look like this:

    On the parent page, your links would look like this:

    Link to image 3

    Link to picture  4

    More on Named Anchors

    I think we can feature a simple script by which include the order of the images separated by a comma ', ' and if the browser will not load the 2nd image until it has completely finishined the 1st loading image. Correct me if am wrong.

    You can use a script pre loading image if you wish. But the order in which the graphics appear on the screen is always determined by the browser.  Some browsers first loading in small files. some loading of large files first.  Other loading the files in the order received.

    Related link:

    Best practices for speeding up your Web Site

    Good luck with your project,

    Nancy O.
    ALT-Web Design & Publishing
    Web | Graphics | Print | Media specialists

  • Change the image when the drop-down list value form is selected

    I really thought that it would be easier but I can't function.

    I have a consignment of Paypal with a drop-down list. The list to select the color. I want to change an image on the page to display the correct color when the color is selected in the drop-down list. So a black image occurs when black is selected, a red when red - etc...

    I would be very grateful if anyone can share some brief, the browser compatible code. Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


    You are right that this is not as simple as you might think at first.  You asked for succinct, but there are several steps involved in mode Code (horror!)

    1) first add this script just before the closing tag () on your page head and then insert all your path/imagenames where see you mine.  Notice of the ORDER OF THE IMAGES must match the order of your choice to be called with the list of drop-down selection in your form! :

    2) in second place, in your form, add the below onchange event for thetag.  Note that in this example, the ID on the we will work with the tag is "theImg", change that, as needed.  If youdo not already own one identifying the tag (see further below), just use "theImg".

    So here's a form with a select field.  Use whatever values you need to do this, just add my onchange event as shown:

      <>name = "productColors" id = "productColors" onchange = "diva_imgBySel ('theImg', this.selectedIndex)"> "

    3) Finally, you can click on thetag, then click on the Tag/behavior window, click sound + plus sign and select "Preload Images" and adds all imagenames so they will appear more quickly when the selection list is used.

    Hope that all of the senses.

    E. Michael Brandt scripts and Dreamweaver Extensions PictureWindowJustSo PhotoAlbum, et alia

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