VI server activate remote control only for some controls

Hi guys,.

Is anyone know to allow control of only a few orders of façade when using web publishing tool? I have a few commands that I don't want not used remotely (it could be dangerous) and others I want to use remote.

Thank you!

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    Hi Victor,

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    Thank you!


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    I'm sorry, but you can understand how annoying it can be when someone does not even time to read your question and posts nothing but completely irrelevant, canned solutions (who would would realize that they were not relevant if they had taken the time to read it instead of just copy - paste * based on the title of the post). It's worse than no help at all, because then people who might bring if not actually useful assistance will see oh, "this question has already been answered" and move to one that was not. In any case, I'll try to ask in this forum. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Satellite X 200 - 15 K and problem remote control

    I installed windows 7 x 64 on my x 200-15 k and the remote control does not work.
    I installed a few irda drivers found on the download page of Toshiba X 200, but still nothing, and it does not show any device irda in device manager...

    Is - this remote controller only for windows Vista (originally on my computer when I bought)?

    Thank you

    > I installed some drivers irda...
    Sorry, but you cannot use some drivers and later wonder if the remote control will not work correctly.
    I checked the Toshiba download page and drivers Win7 for Satellite X 200 PSPB9E are not available.

    So when you have appropriate Win7 drivers, we can discuss about the functionality of remote under Win7.
    All you can do now is to test it with the drivers for the 64 bit version of Vista and hope it will work...

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    RemoteScan files must be in the user homepath. These files should be as follows:

    TWAIN_32 (folder... RemoteScan internal folder)
    TWAIN_32.dll 44KO

    All these RemoteScan files should be in the folder windows homepath from the user. To confirm the homepath from the user, you need to connect to the server as the user and then display a command prompt. Type set home.

    If you have questions contact RemoteScan to 406-721-0276.

    Thank you

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    Hello, you can simply click on "Never remember passwords for this site" - this will not affect your stored passwords currently for gmail but will not show the doorhanger to new passwords Panel...

  • Want to buy the remote control full size for Qosmio X 500-116


    I am looking to buy a full-size remote for my Qosmio (little disappointed he did not come with one).

    First question is my machine not come with a remote control means that my machine will not work with a remote control? (the manual says that some machines come with them and others do not)

    I have looked on the toshiba site and did some research online, but nothing yet.

    If someone can point me in the right direction, I would be grateful



    PS - It's the full-size remote, I am after not the slim size it (both are listed in the manual)

    Hello Bren

    In my opinion the situation is clearer:

    Some models are delivered with and without remote control. For remote control, you need equipment that send the signal (remote control you have in hand) and the device receiving the signal.
    Receiving so-called is built-in the laptop.
    If your laptop comes without remote control, I presume that he doesn t also have receiver inside.

    Following this logic, I don't think that your laptop works with remote but I do not understand what kind of remote you are writing about.

    I can only imagine that third part product with external remoter that can be connected to your Qosmio as USB device, you can buy. I'm sure that Logitech has these products in order to check a little Logitech page to see what they have to offer for multimedia application.

    Good luck.

  • Need remote control for Satellite P100


    I bought a new P100, and I would like a remote control to use with WMCEdition and WMPlayer. How can I get a?

    Reply soon,

    Ian Dodds


    As far as I know the remote control was provided with some models.
    For the use of the remote control you unit should support an infrared receiver window.
    This window is placed near the volume control on the right side.

    However, if the remote control has not delivered, then I guess that you unit does not support.
    But that is only my suggestion. I'm not 100% sure.
    Generally all the parts, you can order the Toshiba ASP. Perhaps also the remote control.
    But don't forget that it is compatible with your device.

  • Need help with my Toshiba remote control and receiver for Qosmio G30 161

    Hi all

    I have a Toshiba Qosmio G30-161 and with her, I have a Toshiba remote and a Toshiba remote control receiver, this is the first time that I used it (tried of that is), my problem is that the remote control does not work on the computer, when I press keys on the computer program does nothing.

    I installed four new AA batteries and the remote works fine its send signals to the receiver, the receiver of the remote control as a red light detection is displayed whenever you press a button and with regard to the computer, I checked the drivers and the USB is off the hook as a remote E-reception receiver which I checked with Toshiba and which is correct , so overall the remote control works, the receiver is picking up signals and the pc has detected the receiver but nothing works, I have installed remote control manager but was still nothing done to. I talked about support and assistance of Toshiba, and the end result is that they are not sure what is the problem. Can anyone help I need the remote control for the slide shows for clients like ja? m a photographer.

    Also to confirm that I'm under addition of Windows XP MCE.

    Anthony Worlock


    This remote will work, if you use it without any special drivers and special software, only in the Media Center.

    But if you install stuff like [WinLirc | winlirc.sourceforge .net] then you should be able to get some functions for your presentation.

    Please try this tool and check if it works.

    By the way: if I were you I would first read the manual and the WinLirc FAQ before you start because it s a little bit tricky to manage the program. :) (Too many parameters: D)

    Welcome them

  • What software to use on Presario V3918 for XP remote control?

    Hello everybody, my problem is, I've downgraded successfully to XP my presario V3918. Everything works ok, but last week I received a remote from tx1330 Pavilion. This remote works on my machine, but its function is reduced, because I can use only a few buttons. For example, keys windows media center and DVD are useless on XP. Is it possible to do their job? The editable functions button or something?

    Also, I wanted to ask why my microphone does not work on XP, my audio device is detected as Conexant HD audio, but I can't activate the microphone in the volume control because the option is not available.

    Hope someone can help me with this, sorry for my English. Thank you.

    Hi Lil-k

    The remote control driver was built HP Quick Launch Buttons.

    I have had no experience with tx1330 remote control, but I can assure you that it works with remote dv2000, dv6000 and dv9000.

    .NET framework (before quick launch)


    HP Quick Launch buttons


    Uninstall the current sound driver, install an updated driver the below:

    Conexant SmartAudio 221


    Use it for audio. Unzip in a folder. Run the Setup program.

    If it errors use Device Manager.

    In Device Manager, right click "Audio Device on HD", choose Update driver, not to communicate.

    Install from a list or a specific location, select do not search.

    I will choose the driver to install,

    For the hardware Type select 'show all devices '.

    Remove control "Show compatible hardware" and click on 'disk '.

    Next... Navigate to the unzipped folder and choose the "WiSVHe5.inf".

    Ignore XP when it complains.


    I got V3700 series and it work very smooth with XP.

    Message edited by Mariza on 22/11/2008 20:25

  • Satellite A300-15 has - remote control for ExpressCard 54 slot

    I have a Toshiba satellite a300, and there an ExpressCard54 slot.

    I need a remote for it but I can't find the name of the product. Anyone know what it is called and where I can find one?
    Also do you know any good guys ExpressCard54 to Add on? As graphics boost or boost its etc... (I hate these ports USB ExpressCard54, so not even worth mention them)
    I've seen some ExpressCard54 remotes made by hp and dell, work on toshiba?

    Thanks for your help

    > I need a remote for it but I can't find the name of the product. Anyone know what it is called and where I can find one?

    I m not quite sure if a remote control is available for your notebook series but if it s is available, so you could order on a local ASP (certified partner).
    If this part is not in stock, then the guys would be able to order it directly from Toshiba.

    See you soon

  • Re: How to reconfigure the remote control for Qosmio F50?

    I have a Qosmio F50, which came with a standard remote control for applications like media library etc, how do I reconfigure the keys to do exactly what I want it to do?

    For example the button power on the remote control to completely stop the machine instead of standby

    Thank you

    Hello Dan

    Why do you think something like this is possible? What is this described in s operating manuals.
    If something like this can be done, it must be described in the manuals?

    In 10 years Toshiba has offered several different notebooks with the remote, but something like this was never possible and remote control buttons were always with defined function.
    You have some really cool ideas.

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