Video bug?

I was watching one of my videos (youtube video not really mine got it on using Any video Converter Professional Evaluation Version) and I have disabled the power by accident. Then when I turned on my back rocket started normally, then the screen to screen music (music > songs > random song > music on the screen) with what is supposed to be the album art is on the side right of the screen instead of the left side, sometimes the normal side (in 'the art of the album' a picture, part in the video is there not moving not) "rocket" going to be frozen if you go somewhere other said etil play but his break. If you press the home button, it goes to the home button, you can always scroll but there is no pictures (picture of headphones for listening to music, broadband video image for videos etc.) If you are going to choose a song then music then it freezes (oou maybe it freezes at a random time). To turn it off you have to do the soft reset (or something hold the switch powere for 15-20 seconds). Then, after the words theres the 'your refreshing media' (or something). Can you if you please correct it (bug or not?) in the next firmware. I don't know if this is a bug or if there is something wrong with my rocket. I also have the V01.02.26A firmware.


Cool and weird display, is not?  With a small thumbnail too.  I noticed the bug.

To recover, a soft reset (now the switch to 15 seconds) will give the "rocket".  When turning the power on, the database is updated as a result of this fault.

To work around this problem, simply to stop video playback before stopping.  As soon as voltage, you can use the function "summary of current position" to resume the viewing.

Oh, another question here: the resume function will also have to refine.  This feature is not present with version.26.  I liked the version of the firmware.22 recovery options.  If you regularly use the video feature, reinstall the version.22 is a great option.  Otherwise, tapping the Home button and the output of the video works well.


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    Hi guys, first of all, not English mother tongue. I work around a versatile educational project, a combination of one of the tutorial of Andrew Kramer and imagination. The thing is: Advanced lightning doesn't really what to do?

    I know I should have sent via the form, I tried but I don't like not too formal, forms, and perhaps they have not yet watched the video I did, where I explain exactly what is happening with my 03:00 Frustration.

    I want just you guys for this bug, and maybe someone figures somehow a solution (I've tried a lot, really), I was a little mad when I edited the video (5 minutes ago now is 03:30 ). I have fought this plugin for hours? Because I discovered the little bug after that I did some work for each change I had to do, had to be done in each model using the effect...

    Looks like Andrew Kramer has not had this bug so routes... In addition, it seems that no matter if it is full resolution, quarter; Method of speculative preview or Fast project... 8, 16, or 32 bpc, for me is the same thing, self-promotion lightning...

    BTW, using AE CS6.

    Here's the video attached (non-public/no listed): & feature =

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    Good night!

    Animate the decomposition and other parameters affecting the multipliers of value by segment, so that what you see is perfectly in the design of the effect. You just expect it to work differently, and I think I know what you want - you want to calculate lightning once and then simply animate 'growth', but this is simply not how it works.


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    Adobe Flash plugin has crashed - avoid that it happen

    It is also possible to watch videos in the HTML5 video player, if you turn off the Flash.

  • Questions of HDCP with Hyper V and AMD video drivers


    I bought a legitimate copy of Windows 8 Pro and have acquired two films through video, I also have a Netflix Xbox account. Whenever I try to view purchased videos or play a movie through Netflix, I get the following error.

    After much research, I understand that it may be caused by a combination of different things.

    • AMD video drivers
    • Hyper V
    • Windows Media Player/Xbox Video bug
    • Bug in Windows 8

    Here's my computer specification

    As you can see I have the latest driver installed, I also tested video playback of these applications on all previous versions of the video driver. I need also Hyper V and Windows 8 (as what) for work so these things can not be compromised.  I also opened messages in the following forums so please do not try and direct me to someone else.


    Hyper V



    I had the problem as well. I solved it by uninstalling Hyper-v.  Not a great solution because it is the reason why I went to Windows 8 Pro.

    It's a big problem. Another work is about (I wrote this for WMC), but it applies to any other protected content.

    Of course, if you run these programs inside of a virtual machine, it does not help.


    MVP Windows Entertainment and connected home

    My Blog -

    Connected world Blog Reader Windows 8 App Barb-

    Windows and Surface drive Windows 8 App community

    Please mark as answer if that answers your question

  • Native integration WebRTC audio/video on all AIRLINES, including Adobe Media Server platforms

    Hey everybody,

    It is obvious that Adobe is very busy trying to deal to improve and fix audio and video bugs on all platforms. Fortunately, the month last Adobe finally made a video H264 with Nellymoser audio stream work on androids! That took some time to make this work. But even if it works, no AIR on androids can still transmit a H264 video. Also AIR on iOS cannot view the videos on-line, but rather the video must be wrapped inside an Apple HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) format that introduced way too much latency for live audio and video streaming. Also AIR cannot transmit Audio AAC and cancellation of echo with Nellymoser just doesn't cut.

    Everyone knows that Flash Player can only the video/audio stream smoothly for users 1 to 10. There is just too much for Adobe to do to get the video to work and work for everyone on all devices.

    So because WebRTC has much more development effort going in there, and because it is presented as a free source to try to make the world exclusive licenses to rethink H264 / AAC audio, Adobe should maybe just focus their efforts on the implementation of the WebRTC libraries existing and especially functional in Adobe AIR.

    Because these libraries are becoming so popular, Adobe may also integrate support for WebRTC the Adobe Media Server for recording, peer-to-peer negotiation and firewall perforation.

    See here my native integration feature request WebRTC video/audio on all platforms & ID = 3728399

    If you vote with me for WebRTC in Adobe AIR and Adobe Media Server?

    Adobe could essentially disapproves of many existing features requests and bug fixes related to video audio and solve many problems with WebRTC as:

    Implement the Opus Codec: & CFGRIDKEY = 3016518 & CFGRIDKEY = 3331640 & CFGRIDKEY = 3633142

    The problems of improved Microphone: & CFGRIDKEY = 3711062 & CFGRIDKEY = 3521224

    Add support for AAC, HE - AAC v2 audio stream, allowing iOS to be an endpoint that can receive audio and video: & CFGRIDKEY = 3694393

    Add support for transmitting video H264 since an Android: & CFGRIDKEY = 3648262

    A decrease in video latency and performance on the Androids independently processors from Intel ARM 32-bit/64-bit & CFGRIDKEY = 3648268

    Improve the video quality and bandwidth:

    HEVC H265, VP9

    No there no updated day nor comment from Adobe regarding adding support for WebRTC. According to the roadmap for this year, they are reserved! It seems that we will not see WebRTC in the ActionScript platform this year unfortunately. In March, I made some predictions as to what might be considered a higher priority to Adobe to work on. It seems that this list is still being developed by the team of Adobe AIR/Flash. They have not yet finished iOS support 8, and they have several more months to get finished video hardware acceleration. VideoTexture is still in beta and will likely be in version beta version 19 very air I guess. Then AIR 64-bit runtime ends Q3 as well as improvements of HTML5 for the 4th quarter. It seems that Adobe is fully booked.

  • Flash Plugin QA

    I'm just curious as to why Adobe don't QA is better Flash plugin (or perhaps I should say, more aggressive)?

    As an employee of the company using the Flash as a core of intellectual property it is, I must say that whenever a new version of the Flash plugin is released to the public I have to hold my breath and wait for the potential impact.

    Last summer we had to fade a number of video bugs with the 11.3/11.4 provided and more recently, we try to fade the huge percentage of users who report all-out crashes when broadcasting.  For example, the last bug when broadcasting with the codec Speex had no business turning it into a public Flash release and the most basic Adobe QA procedure would have captured it.  Or, perhaps, Adobe did catch but you spell it anyway?

    We have recently implemented a ticket from a customer who says more than 1/3 of all sessions are destroyed by Flash client with the latest public version... is catastrophic in our industry.  It literally makes your useless client apps.

    I can go on and on, and I'm sure that others here as well.  Adobe would be much better to turn off the public releases much less often and just QA your work much more.  None of these extra bells/whistles means a thing if you can't keep your plugin stable and functional 'at least' as well as the public version in front of her.  If Adobe continues on this path of chance turn off "garbage" releases, it will accelerate the movement to HTML5 and WebRTC and Adobe will have to stick to the basics, like Photoshop.  The beauty of Flash is the ability to achieve great things without an additional client download.  The forces of instability of the Flash developers to control the point to point with a local application (outside the plugin).  For example, connect to a "add-in" plugin that allows to immunize yourself from the inherent weakness of your public releases.  Without this, you would have no customers if you had to rely on the features / stability of what the rest of the world uses.

    I think Adobe is at a crossroads with Flash - I hope they make the right turn.

    Kind regards


    Hello, it's already available.

    11.8.800.168 all_flash_player_ax.exe all_flash_player.exe

  • Put pictures in double in a music video composed with movement (error/Bug)

    I am running FCPX on El Capitan 10.11.2 10.2.2 - system specs are: MacBook Pro (15-inch, mid-2014 retina) 2.5 GHZ i7 / 16 GB of DDR3 memory

    Context: I took photos 71 (6000x4000px each / .jpg) that were placed on my calendar FCPX to serve as the beginning of the period of night movie.

    The problem: Because I only took 71 pictures and I needed about 4 x that I had duplicate the Group of 71 photos 4 times to fill the void and coincide with the music. Also, because I wanted to add some type of movement to the clip, I decided to put all the pictures of 284 in a compound clip and add Ken Burns. When I do that the framework 'reset' at the end of each photo 71 defined (which are nestled in a clip made up with the other pictures). It becomes a very shocking experience with framework re-sizing very suddenly back.

    Here is a video that I uploaded which shows the frame break:

    Here's my workflow leading to the jump frame:

    Troubleshooting: I read that I should not use the pictures that were larger than 4000px so I resized pictures of 4000x2000px and the same thing happens.

    Is this a bug FCPX? Is there anything I can do to avoid this frame break?

    Update: I'm sure that it's a bug because when I tried again (for the 10th time) he's just playing smoothly and the pan have crossed without fault the clip; However, when I tried to play through it for the 11th time, the pan started jumping at the end of each series of 71 photos (in the compound clip).

    Thank you


    What is the sequence look like before you take the compound? And what happens if you use a real Ken Burns effect rather transformation animation?

  • driver killed by updating bug video

    upgrade vista service Pack 2, now, I have no driver video windows, bug in the shipwreck video driver system. you will need to reinstall the video driver or add a wile see blue screen only. and of course killing bug, any help?

    did I mention that I saw a blank screen? I don't know the good enough program to do these things by touch, anyway thanks for the help. I found and loaded old windows hidden on the disk sector. then loaded skybot and knocked out the virsus. Thanks steve

  • Bug Video Renderer increased - where do I report it?

    I found a bug in the Enhanced Video Renderer when used with DirectShow.

    If I use the IGraphBuilder::Connect to connect some pin from the source to the input pin was, and then immediately call IPin::ConnectedTo, then connected sometimes returns VFW_E_NOT_CONNECTED.

    I check the result of IGraphBuilder::Connect, and he succeeds. Also when I insert a loop to try again with a Sleep (1), the second attempt usually succeeds (and I have * never * seen the third attempt fail until now)!

    So I'm sure it is a bug, and I would like to report it. However, I don't find a place where I can report bugs Windows SDK or Core.

    Can you tell me what I need to do to post this?

    I have this problem, since the work of new attempt-loop bypass, so I of course won't open a ticket paid for it. However, I think it should be fixed.

    This issue is beyond the scope of this site (for consumers) and to be sure, you get the best (and fastest) reply, we have to ask either on Technet (for IT Pro) or MSDN (for developers)

    If you give us a link to the new thread we can point to some resources it
  • Get BSOD under control of bug, I found the issue was csrss.exe. I uninstalled the video drivers intel, but the machine is still crushing.


    I Keep getting this blue screen under bug death check I found that the issue was csrss.exe. I uninstalled the video drivers intel, but the machine is still crushing.! 162 & authkey =! AKZFqC6arezz-QI & ithint = the file % 2czip

    I join the crush dump files.

    Kindly help.

    First, you must upgrade to the Service Pack-1

    Service pack 1 update.

    Learn how to install Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1)

    Additional resources:

    After that, if you're still crashing

    These accidents were related to the corruption of memory (probably caused by Kaspersky).

    Run these two tests to check your memory and find which driver is causing the problem.  Launch auditor.  You don't need to run memtest again unless the auditor is not the cause, or you want to.

    If you are overclocking anything reset by default before running these tests.
    In other words STOP! If you don't know what it means that you're probably not  

    1-Driver Verifier (for full instructions, see our wiki here)

    2-Memtest. (You can learn more about running memtest here)
  • BUG: last AE / ME mess of ends for audio files in .mp4 video!

    I'm runing last AE and ME on a retina end 2013MBP with latest OS X.

    After trying to make my AE of the sequences using a pre-defined custom .mp4 (with it for 3 years now), I get screwed up the audio portion of video files with endings. The endings usually begin to blow up random hollow places in audio. For example: say I have a sentence: 'my name is Tomas' in my sequence. Final video scheduled for ME will have the sentence as: "my name is T my mas is" (the length of the file remains the same). Please correct what I have tons of files to be delivered to the TV broadcast daily. Thank you.

    P.S.: same problem persists after mov to mpeg2. Oh Please fix this thing!

    Yes. This is a bug that knows the AE team. They are working on a bug fix, but it would not hurt to file a bug report too.

    There are two workaround solutions for now.

    Restored queue rendering of AE (which is what I do all the time anyway) and then take your intermediate file in Adobe Media Encoder to create your deliverables.

    Or make your publication a few seconds longer, but keep the Garni work area where you want your video to the end. When that is sent to the SOUL, it works fine.

  • New Bug: Multiple video playback...

    I discovered a new bug that has to do with the video playback.  It seems that if you have more than one video integrated into an article, the software only allows the user to click a button to activate a video. If she is tempted to click a different button, if a video is already played, nothing happens.

    Scenario: I have an article that has videos integrated in a MSO. 1 State has a video and a button to launch full screen, 2nd State has another video and a button start fullscreen, 3rd State, not video, 4th State has a navto action which launches a linked video (iFrame, embed tag).

    1. I can play the video on the 1st, then the State 4th, jumpto and State play the external video, but I can't go back and play the video on the 2nd State

    2. I can play the video on the State 1, but I can then play the video on the 2nd State, yet, I can still play the exteriors on 4

    3. I can ignore the video to State 1, go to State 2 and play the video and of course still can play the video on 4 ext

    4. I can play the video on State 1, close the video, so I can't play the video from the sidelines.

    5. I can play the video on the State 2 (if I do not play the 1 State), but I can't play the video once again to State 2 from the button.

    I think this covers most of the scenarios. I need attention to this quickly because it is a large-scale project that was supposed to go live yesterday, but has been post-poned because the system has been for so long.

    Thank you


    ONE THING OF NOTE IN THE WORLD!  Before you report a bug, make sure that you have rebuilt your. File IPA (your app) as the new update can only show the improvements with a new Viewer implemented.

  • Bug which means video event HTML5 will not play if you are using a skin

    There is a bug, easily reproducible, which prevents the HTML5 video work in certain circumstances.  I hope that someone can think of a workaround I can't tell my client that Captivate doesn't support video!  To see the problem:

    (1) start a new project of 7 Captivate

    (2) add a video of the event to the first page

    (3) add a skin to the video - I used clearSkin3 but I do not think that makes all the difference

    4) go to project-> skin Editor

    (5) uncheck the read command

    (6) either publish to HTML5 or HTML5 Preview in browser

    You will see the video only plays not - the reason is Captivate JavaScript code throws an exception: object doesn't support property or method 'modifyAlternativeAccessibleText' - and then not play or display the playback controls.

    If I put the video to have no skin (so play with no. controls at all) then it works, so it's not a problem of encoding or anything like that.

    If anyone can think of a solution where I can play the video of the event in HTML5 without control of playback from captivate project (but with the video) I would be very grateful!

    Thank you

    cp.modifyAlternativeAccessibleText () is a function that is not in the project files. First of all, I have commented the function call (8 places) and my video worked, the I have uncommented and added the function in the CPM.js file and it worked.

    Add this at the end of the file CPM.js and the magic:

    cp.modifyAlternativeAccessibleText = function () {}

    It is an empty function


    I might add that 13 029 lines of code for a screen with a video about it is a little exaggerated as. See how you can achieve the same thing in a real page of HTML5 in a few lines inside the body tag. With zero javascript.

    He actually had 349 characters (562 249 in the CPM.js) total to do exactly the same thing with the same background of captivate. If we exclude the video file which is the same, my account was 5 k, CP was 7.08 MB.

  • Flash CC gum tap Bug. Mac only? (video included)

    I have reported this bug, but have not heard an answer since I introduced the screencast video, they asked.

    This happens in Flash CC on MacOS X (10.8, 10.9 tested)

    The problem: when you use the tap Eraser tool to delete lines that overlap, the line or the contiguous group next to the target will disappear sometimes. Undo only bring back deleted intentionally, rows not those who vanisheded on their own.

    Therefore, I can get back all the overlapping lines, that I intended to remove, not being designed, that I wanted to keep.

    I know that this bug doesn't market not to get in CS3 (after the use of this tool intensively for a week on an animation project)

    I've not seen this bug still occurs on Windows, but if people want to try to reproduce the bug showed in the attached video, the results could be instructive.


    We could reproduce the problem. Thanks for the file, and sorry for the inconvenience. We will try to solve this problem as soon as possible.

    Thank you


  • 2 bugs in Viewer?  1. cover is missing 2. online video let iOS visible beam

    Just noticed 2 bugs while you look at my last folio via the content viewer.  First of all:

    Using the Viewer 2.9.0

    Folio Builder Viewer Version: 23

    When I was on the last page of my folio, I typed the title twice to reset all pages to the top of each article, then typed again to return to the cover.  Arriving on the cover there was nothing... just a gray and white page.  I couldn't get it back no matter what I tried.  Finally, I had to archive and download the folio.

    Then I noticed in this last Viewer, when you develop an online video when the video is done and you return to the page, the news top iOS bar (signal strength, time, battery life) remains on the screen - blocking of the upper part of the folio!

    I did read on one of these issues yet so thought I would post.

    The DPS team is aware of the issue of online video you mentioned. There should be a difficulty to v25 (tentatively scheduled for early February).

    There is a page that shows the bug fixes and ongoing critical bugs that require a fix, but it does not provide a complete list of bugs.


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    My arrow 'Back' disappeared from my Firefox toolbar. How can I get it again?

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    I currently have a TC 3 TB connected to a cable modem. I turned on the signal my cable modem wireless turned off and use the TC as my wireless network. It works perfectly and I am very happy with its performance. I had just bought a new iMac and want

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    Hello My current experiences require the acquisition of 18 channels (6 HAVE custom voltage with excitement, voltage AI 12) data at a sampling frequency of 50 kHz. My question is if it is faesible using a single cDAQ-9172 chassis. Used modules are 2 x

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