SanDisk Sansa

New Mac user report

I just wanted to report my experience with a rocket on my Mac [OS 10.4].  I wanted to use it mainly for pictures, with music as a bonus and FM Recorder files and voice as a bonus bonus! Target had a sale on a rocket of G Black 4 for $60; I have the g

Sansa fuze will not play and flashes pink message

I love this player the "rocket" 4 GB, better than the 260e I used to have. But I had only used 1 hour when he stopped playing and flashed a box pink with black letters. "Synchronize to continue your music subscription" which is strange, because all m

Fuze corrupt and not recognised in Explorer

My Sansa Fuze 8 GB said "FAT is corrupted. Please connect the device to PC and recover FAT. "It's not displayed in Windows Explorer either. "I tried to reset to hold the switch for 15 seconds in the on position and taking too. Any help to get this de

No Ogg sucking your battery life?

I've been torture test two clips, load them completely and then play an album repeatedly and measure how long the battery lasts.   My Ogg bitrate tests are much shorter than mp3 VBR tests, as much as half the battery life for Ogg Q8.5 vs mp3 V0. Can

database of songs vs clarification of usable storage capacity

Any new rocket today. My 2 year old Toshiba Gigabeat is dead - like, but the battery capacity was pitiful. Have a Shure headphones and look forward to this player. I read a few posts on storage and this issue has been raised. Question: A poster wrote

Problems with FLAC and blank tracks

I'm not sure how the word this problem, so if it has already been covered, I apologize. I'm trying to load a mixture of FLAC and MP3 on my rocket. I have all the songs are sorted into folders by artist and then album. Some FLACs tags are recognized.


I installed some of my images on my ROCKET.  Easy!  Then, with others, I get a msg that says: UNSUPPORTED MEDIA FORMAT.  They are ALL .jpg or .jpeg.  What is the problem?  Why do I get this message?  How can I fix it? Thanks for your help!

Fuze causes problems with the new Gigabyte mb

I know this may sound weird, but with assistance from others and a lot of time to put into it, I found that the "rocket" poses problem with my new motherboard Gigabyte EP45-UD3R. I was getting problems strange behaviors and reboot, flaky stuff.  Once

How long the "rocket" can be connected to full load?

How many time the rocket can be connected to a computer source or power at full load until the battery or the system is affected?

Fuze won't turn.

I was listening to my ROCKET while walking around the city, and I stopped only to resume again a few minutes later to find he had himself cut, one would not come back. IT didn't take a fall or come into contact with any liquid. I gave her a load when

Audiobooks don't play no not in order of detonators

I'm trying to get my rocket to recognize the tags that I entered manually so that it will play audio files in order. It seems to play my files in a random order, which puzzled me. Here is what I tried and my info. Rocket: 4GB Total. 250 MB of free sp

Where to buy music a.99 cent per song?

I scrolled around emusic - and found their selection leaving much to be desired.  I decided that Amazon is a good place for a dollar a song - I can only pay for something I want to hear. But even with Amazon - I find the songs that I can't find.  for

What is the best revision 1 or revision 2

What is the best revision 1 or revision 2 and what is the difference?

When read by the detonators to cuts SOUND system

I'm in a band and the members bring frequently new songs on an iPod so that they can share, by plugging the right cable into the headphone jack and playing the device through our PA system or guitar amps. When I try this with my rocket songs cut to c

The Firmware update deleted my songs!

I've updated my Fuze (version 01. ([something].11) to version 01. [something]. 22A.  After the update of the firmware, my music list has been reduced by approximately 350 to 50 dish.  Do I have to re - transfer all songs to the device again?  That's

I have a fuse promblem

I got a new computer and I plug my fuse with it and it does not appear on the computer. So I change it to MSC mode and it manifests, but none of my music files or videos appear. When I add new files that appear but not the 'old'. And when I unplug my

Access the micro SD card

I have a Fuze 8 gig and 2 gig micro SD card (SanDisk). I can put files on the card very well, but how do I selectively play the files (songs, images, no matter) of the card, rather than the internal memory?

New: Audiobooks and ID3 and Fuze

Hello I want to use the "rocket" listen to audio books. I heard Sansa players are very good for this aproach. Now I have tagged all my audio books with ID3 tags, but the player don't always play them in the right order. The directory structure is "Na

Songs appear on the computer but not on sansa

I fixed the tags on several songs using Mp3tag and then transferred to my sansa using windows media player, and he showed all was fine and that they were now on my sansa, but when I unplugged my sansa to play songs that were not on the player. All th

Problems with e250 and SD memory card?

Basic information about the player: e250, 2 gig, version 1, 01.02.24 has Basic information on the SD card: Sandisk micro SD, 2 GB I have my sansa for a year and a half, and I have never had any major problems with it so far.  Recently, I had to remov
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