want to make a sound move from left to right

don't know if there is a function or I have to do it manually...

I have a piece of his (kind of Chorus), who I want to come the song on the left side to slowly move it to the right and go back there...

How to do?

tried a few thing with the track of duplication and to work with the pan, but he can't get the way I like to

Thank you!


The pan automation curve track is that we have to move a sound from left to right and back.

You have linked to set control points in the curve of pan automation command channel by clicking on the curve and then by sliding the control to the desired position points?

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  • I have some pretty high resolution still panoramas I want to move from left to right, but when I resize the image to fit the image, the resolution drops to an unacceptable level. Is this possible? John

    I have some pretty high resolution still panoramas I want to move from left to right, but when I resize the image to fit the image, the resolution drops to an unacceptable level. Is this possible? John

    Make sure that before you add this photo to your project, you go to the preferences (under the Edit on a PC) and uncheck the default scale to the size of the image.

    Scaling of artificially reduced image size your photo - no matter how large - the size of your video image, make detailed pans and zooms like your impossible. When it is not checked, your photo will be in full resolution and you will only see a small part of it in the preview window.

    That said, don't forget that you work at video resolution, so some details will be lost. (Less so, if you change video high-def). And, of course, don't forget to make your timeline after you have added your pans and zooms to see a better representation of what your final video will look like.

  • Satellite A100 PSAANE: show moves from left to right


    Brand new problems A100 PSAANE (on Vista Premium Home Edition):

    (1) LCD screen-
    Suddenly the screen starts to move sideways as if you are in a merry-go-round and everything works on the side! When I close the lid and open it again all is well and the screen is exactly the same as it was before the problem started.

    (2) press the scroll bar causes the restoration-
    Quite often, hitting the scroll bar causes this window restore and even recliquant causes the window back to maximize.

    Someone knows the solution to this please?


    Your questions sound very strange and, therefore, it would be very interesting to know more details;

    Regards point 1.) Do you mean the entire screen or PSCs?
    Have you tried to change the resolution of the screen? What video driver do you use?

    On the point 2) What scroll bars you hear exactly? Did you mean scrollbars window ofinternet Explorer or "Windows Explorer"?

    Finally, it would be very interesting to know if these problems occur on new recovered Vista OS. I would like to know if the same phenomenon occurs on laptop with factory settings!

  • When you use the effect LeftToRight, is there a way to define how an object moves from left to right?

    Let's say I want to just go to 10px.  20px or... Is there a way to define that?

    Thank you!


    Look for the small square located in the lower right of the object when you are in the effects view.  Click on that little room and then you should see the arrow that allows you to specify the exact direction and the object will be moved by the effect of length.

  • Fade from left to right

    Hi I am looking to fade into a symbol (video or graphics clip) from left to right (have the actual image in advance fading from one side to the other - not the actual picture moving).  This symbol was originally a drawing object that has been imported and then converted into a symbol.  I tried of settng a framework with alpha 0 and 30 images subsequently setting alpha to 100, then between these frameworks creating a linear gradient.  However, the graph is actually 5 photos to set up - imagine "M E T R O" in the form of images implemented.  But when I do the linear gradient it he will be on the "M" and then also a separate linear gradient on the 'E' and so on... should not 1 linear gradient in order to start dark on "M" and end up white on "O", he's going to do a linear gradient for EACH letter.  I tried grouping, dissociation, adjustment layers, highlighting different parts, etc.  but in vain.  Does anyone know a good method to make a such 'fade' from 'left to right'?  Linear case not by some may be degraded through a gradient mask?

    I can't be sure that's what you're after, but if you create a movieclip (msk) gradient with the intention to use it as a mask (he needs a surface no gradient sufficient to cover an entire image when its done) and aural image as a movieclip (mc) and use an interpolation approach to gradually bring the mask on the image then the following AS3 code would cover making the mask image to appear gradually from one end to another...

    msk.cacheAsBitmap = true;
    mc.cacheAsBitmap = true;
    MC. Mask = MSK.

    Edit: The gradient to the end of the mask must go color to alpha = 0

  • Problem: Build a VI to display a string in the table of the lights. Each letter must be posted in a separate table and letters must move from one table to the other in the direction from left to right.

    Hi all

    Problem: Build a VI to display a string in the table of the lights. Each letter must be posted in a separate table and letters must move from one table to the other in the direction from left to right.

    I did program mentioned above but it does not work. Can you tell me what is the problem?

    There is no error is indicated in the program. If someone knows about it please try to find solutions and help me out of this problem.

    I have attached my program with this message.

    Thank you in advance!

    (1) FOR loops are your friend here.  You can make a slight restructuring using loops, and then you will have less mess to deal with, the inner loop through tunnels of autoindexing to make it even simpler.

    (2) I would only treat the numeric values of the characters.  So go terminal of control of the chain, the capital letters and byte array to before the outer loop.  You can use a size of Board over there to tell how many times the outer loop to iterate.

    (3) the Index table is extensible.  So you only need over the index of the first, and it will increment itself, as it develops.

    (4) you need to finish the lookup table (table 3D)

  • How to make a clip play back in the timeline and how to reverse a clip from left to right?

    I would like to know if it is possible to:

    1. make a video play back in the timeline

    2 reverse a clip from left to right orientation

    Thanks in advance.

    Yes, both.  The specific method may vary from one version to the next.

    1. make a video play back in the timeline

    Right click > speed / duration > reverse speed

    2 reverse a clip from left to right orientation

    Apply the simple 3D video effect.  Adjust rotating it 180 degrees.

    What version do you use?

  • AfterEffects time how to rub across my images I move the flag from left to right

    How can I get my time indicator to scrub through images when I move it left and right. right now when I move it left and right

    It does not show the images that lies between my left and

    movements to the right it only show the current images when I drop my mouse. as I move the indicator present, left, and right now, I want to show him the images changing when I move it.

    Disable OpenGL and adaptive resolution.


  • Whenever I play youtube videos, they shake from left to right and to go at different speeds.

    I have windows 7. A couple of days, I went to play youtube videos and they all shake from left to right and go at different speeds (very erratic). This ONLY happens with videos from youtube (HTML5). When I play other videos(non-HTML5), they play very well. Also, the sound on youtube videos are fine, only they do not match the mouth (s) of people talking. The mouth move faster. I've checked all my plug-ins and everything is up-to-date. My firefox browser is also the last version. I did a malwarebytes scan and it came up with nothing. All the settings on the youtube videos are also where they should be. It happened for about 5 days. Can someone help me?

    Thanks Guigs. I followed your instructions and found out it was a 'acceleration hardware problem' that was the origin of the problem. I unchecked the box and YouTube videos play very well! Thank you for taking the time to help me.

  • How can I get the status bar of firefox to view more details url from left to right?

    The part of the poster for details display in url text status bar from the chops on the middle and displays more than left to the far right information. I don't like on the right side - I need to see more text from left to right. I am able to view either the left side as much as possible hiding the right side, or am I able to display a certain way full status bar information?

    This change seems to come when I upgraded from v.4 to v. 7.1. (I'm running it under Windows).

    Your description is too ambiguous, but Status-4-Evar extension restores the use of the features of status bar in the bar of replacement modules, explicit directions in this page of mine. The arrangement of its parts is customizable.

    Please mark "resolved" a response that will better help others with a similar problem - hope it was her.

    You can make Firefox 7.0.1 look to Firefox 3.6. *, see numbered items 1-10 of the next topic difficulty Firefox 4.0 UI toolbar, problems (make Firefox 4.0 to 8.0, resemble 3.6). If you make changes, you must be aware of what has changed and what it takes to use changed or missing features.

  • Locking the view from left to right on iPad, so can only scroll

    Hi all!

    Very new to all this.  I've done a few worksheets that I am very satisfied.  They consist of long lists of inventory and adjustments of table on the screen of my iPad perfectly from left to right.  All is needed is to scroll through hundreds of entries.

    But on the iPad, it is very easy to also scroll to the right while you're sliding your finger "down".  This exposes the large white area to the right of my table, and I have to drag around to get my map centered on the screen.  Is it possible to keep this locked?

    Thank you

    Best post in discussions of iWork for iOS , because this one is for the numbers for Mac. However, the general approach is the same.

    As much as I know there is no way to "lock" a table instead of a way that it does not disappear off the coast of the visible part of the Web. But maybe you don't have to worry about locking it. To move to the top of your table just wide from top left to bottom-right. To move to the bottom of the wide table from lower left to upper right. Sliding slightly to the right in both cases you can keep your table in the view.

    The movement is similar to a trackpad on Mac. It will become second nature after a while.


  • Re-size pages from left to right?


    I use windows from DOS, now have Vista. Probably, this applies to most of the BONES.

    All windows / pages re-size from the lower right, or down, or right of the panels. Everything is just left. I'm looking to resize the pages of the FOUR corners and sides top or left of the panels - from left to right, from top down. Basically, I want to be able to focus in on any section of a page.  Can't do it now.

    Any way to do this in Windows? All programs, utility?

    Thank you in advance.


    Hello imd1tv,

    I believe you are referring to Internet Explorer, correct?

    The only way to do what you say, I think you already do, which is resizing the window and using the window's scroll bars to place the website section in the visible section of the window. Other than that, I know no way, or third-party applications to accomplish what you are looking for.

    Hope this helps

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
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  • Get boxes from left to right

    I created a RadioGroup and added 3 radio buttons, I want to show them on the screen next to each other, rather than on the other.

    I can't understand this in C++. Here's what I have so far, but it shows them on top (I create a stackLayout from left to right first, and then add the group inside):

    Container* radioButtonContainer = Container::create();
    RadioGroup *group = RadioGroup::create()             .add(Option::create().text("Easy").image("image1.png").selected(true))

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you

    I'm not sure you can do what you ask.

    That means your code is to order the child elements of the radioButtonContainer LeftToRight and as the only direct child element that you have is the RadioGroup not Options, it behaves properly.

    Theres no translation on only Options which was my next thought, so I think that you are left with your own customcontrol implementation.

    Or a little hacky, three radiogroups away with an option each which affect others with their own logic.

  • I just changed my signature of account Windows Live Hotmail E-mail via the menu options, and since then, a big grey box appears on the emails that extends from left to right and is also important.


    A few weeks, I just change my signature to email hotmail via the menu options, and since then, a big grey box appears on the emails that extends from left to right and is also important. I went into the signing options, re-created the signature, and for 3 weeks completely removed the signature, but I always get the grey box display. Email being accessible via www.hotmail.com, and I don't have the problem, when I answer emails via my iPad2.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated, so that e-mail can be sent to the search normally. Thank you!

    Hi Paul,.

    The question you posted would be better suited to the Windows Live community. Please visit the link below to find a community that will provide the support you want.

  • Icons from left to right at the bottom of page

    I have a footer at the bottom of my page.

    The foot is divided into 3 div

    The first div is 2 columns wide, the second is wide from 8 columns and the third is broad 2 columns (from left to right)

    In the first div are text links. In the Middle div is my copyright logo. Where my social media icons is the right div

    The icons are by default one on the other. I want them to be on the same line, so they left and right.

    Between the doc to html and css, I can't figure this.

    If you are using Bootstrap, use built-in classes to pull to the left or drop down to the right on your icons.

    Otherwise, name of custom class to your icons and their fleet with CSS.

    . Icons {float: left; width: auto}

    Nancy O.

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