What does this mean and how to fix: the router address you entered is not compatible with your WAN IP address.

I connect to an access provider via Airport Extreme, which is extended through two Airport Express.  When I try to edit anything in one of these devices, even a name, I get this message: "you have entered the address of the router is not compatible with your WAN IP address.  My connection seems to work, but there is clearly something wrong with her.  The Express has no DNS and will not update without the same message.  I have no idea what this is all about and will greatly appreciate the ideas.


This means that WAN Setup does not or does not install across the network.

The best way to solve this problem is beginning on...

Reset all three at the factory and reconfigure each in turn. Do the extreme first and make sure it works... Then add the express.

If you need help with that we will need to know which modem or modem router to your ISP gave you and possibly the type of services to wide band... and who is the provider.

Give us screenshots of each installer as you do.

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