What happens to my windows recovery 7 (d) when I do a "clean install" to win 8

What happens to my windows recovery 7 (D on my HP Pavilion p6610f PC when I perform a "clean" Windows 8 install?)


"Nothing happens" to the "D:\". "Partition recovery, except if you choose to delete or format during the installation of Windows 8. Note, however, that you will not be able to use the recovery directly from the screen of the BIOS partition / boot and inside Windows 8. Some have been able to 'mark' the 'active' partition and restart that should cause the system run the Recovery Manager. Your best bet is to make sure that you create your HP recovery disks prior to installing Windows 8.

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    Could someone tell me a Board.

    Thanks in advance.

    Make your recovery Vista using Recovery Manager disk before installing 7. then it won't matter to have a functional recovery Manager since it is only to reinstall the original OS and programs. It has no function in windows 7 other than to go back to Vista, which can be done with your if necessary recovery discs.

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    The copy provided in the links above is one. ISO image, you can download and use to create a bootable USB Flash DRIVE or a bootable DVD.

    I of course recommend that you have a USB keyboard, very convenient to help resettlement.

  • What happens to the extra 12 GB 8 GB memory RAM that I installed Vista Ultimate 32 bit?


    Could you please tell about the question in the topic?

    Thanks in advance


    It's a very simple answer

    a 32-bit windows system cannot use RAM 12GBs

    You can install 4GBs of RAM in a 32-bit operating system; and that's the limit

    Read any article of microsoft relative to your question:


    System memory shown in the system information dialog box in Windows Vista is less than expected if the 4 GB of RAM is installed

    Read the explanation of Microsoft here and on the link above.

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    For example, the system information dialog box may report 3 120 megabytes (MB) of memory system on a computer that has 4 GB of installed memory (4 096 MB). "

    to use your full 12GBs RAM that you need a 64-bit operating system

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  • HP envy 14-2090eo: in what order should drivers installed better when you do the clean install

    Hi HP experts...

    I want to do a clean install of my Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit, and I've always used my recovery disks when it was necessary to format and subsequently updated all the drivers in the support section and drivers HP, but it is a slow process, and I'm not even in what order I should update drivers when it that way or the other , and often a message jumped ud saying ' the driver is not properly installed - try again or the driver is installed correctly. But as mentioned, I want to do a clean install with my Windows 7 Home premium 64-bit disk and would like some experts advise on order in which drivers must be installed. Can anyone help?

    Best regards hpenvy1


    The order generally recognized installation of the driver is:

    1 install the chipset driver and restart.

    2. install the graphics driver and restart.

    3. install the audio driver and restarted.

    4 install the ethernet driver.

    5. install the wireless driver.

    Then you can install a driver you want.

    I also do a practice to update to the latest service pack before installing the drivers, if any.

  • I can't boot from my cd of Windows. I would like to do a clean install.

    Can not do a clean install - Windows CD does not start

    Hey everybody,

    Using XP Pro

    Have a problem and I need/want to do a reinstall of Windows. Everything I read says first boot from the CD. Can't seem to get that to happen.

    CD player works fine. I can launch the Windows CD, but it says I have a newer version installed what is on the CD and won't let me not re-install.

    How can I get to any installation option, with or without formatting and re - install only the operating system or do a full install and re - load HDD to backup data files.

    If I format the drive hard, how will I be able to run the Setup program on the CD, if I can't start from there?

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thank you


    You're welcome Gary and it's easy.

    You are now all set and ready to create your new Windows disk. Good work so far.

    Open NLite. Select your language, and then click Next. On the next window click on 'Browse' and navigate to the folder of Windows Xp that you created on your desktop. Give Nlite a minute to recognize the version of Windows, and then click Next. In the next screen, there will be a list of items, you can choose to customize the disk. At this point, you want to click on Service Pack and Iso Bootable. See screenshot HERE. Note that the small red dots to the left of the elements becomes green when selected. Once you have selected Service Pack and ISO Bootable, click Next. A browser window will open asking you to navigate to the service pack that you downloaded... Just navigate to the service pack and click on 'open '. Now, click Next. You will be asked if you want to start the process. Click Ok. Give Nlite a few minutes to catch up. Once he held you to the final screen.

    When to the final screen make sure you have a blank disc inserted in your CD-ROM. Now, use the drop-down menu to select "Direct Burn". Then click on "burn". See the screenshot HERE. After the burn is finished, restart the computer and boot from the disc. Install Windows.

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    Hello JordanLeavitt

    Do not try to boot from the Windows 7 support. Instead of starting the Windows Developer Preview and then put in the disc of Windows 7. Run the Windows 7 Setup program and follow the installation process of Windows. I would like to know if it works for you. Thank you.

    EDIT: You end up with a Window.old folder on your C: drive. It's the Windows Developer Preview. You can delete this folder.

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    Hello HussainAL-Dubaisi,

    You can report that the Windows product key was stolen from the activation number.
    Click the number of the KB article to bring up the 800 number to call to activate Windows.
    Article ID: 326851 -information Activation and registration of a Microsoft product

    They will be able to help you there.

    Thank you


  • What happened to my Windows 7601? !

    Here are the points of the problem I currently have:

    -C' happened all of a sudden after I ran Malaware cleaning, panda activescan then I uninstalled the panda activescan.

    -windows cannot run startup programs and restore apps including the the Task Manager, system, games, etc.

    -I am asked to select a program whenever I try to run an application or something like the Task Manager

    -Some of the app icon become white / in the blank white boxes

    -Whenever I try to do a system restore using either my real dvd system / thumb drive, I get this:


    [IMG] http://i329.photobucket.com/albums/l399/Croszius/M2080002.jpg [line]

    -Startup Repair does not help.

    -She sucks big time cuz tomorrow morning is the limit of my college project.

    Hello MarkusHimawan,

    The following article to restore the .exe file association:


    Looks like you got malware on the system, and he took your ability to run exe files.

    You will need to check the malware again after the solve this to ensure he went.

    That being said, once your project is complete, you can consider the construction of the machine.

    Take a moment to read the following article regarding malware and the potential damage it can have on the safety of the machine:

    Cleaning a compromised system

    Let us know.

    Best regards


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