What HARD drive can I use Satellite A60-125

I would like to know what type of hard drive I can install on my satellite A60 (Pentium 4 3.00 Ghz) to upgrade the original Hitachi 40 GB. Can I install a 160/200 GB 2.5 "of any type (brand, RPM, capacity,...) or there are some limitations of the bios? Thank you.

Hello Ric

There is unfortunately no public on this matter document because Toshiba does not support upgrade. Toshiba gives some info on built in hardware and also on the RAM max that can be used. Upgrade takes care of disk HARD authorized partner in your country, and they have exact information on this subject.

Yes I think there is limitation in the BIOS, but I'm sure that you can use up to 100 GB HARD drive, maybe more, but as I said it is not easy to find info on any official page of Toshiba.

If you are lucky someone will post here the news of A60 laptop upgrade. Until then try to contact find some information online. Google all over the place.

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    I have a 5200-802 Satellite with a 80 GB HDD (IDE) and I would build in more.

    I would like to know what is the largest room, which will be accepted by this laptop. Is it 100 GB or 120 GB, 160 GB or 250 GB or 400GO or?
    Who manufactures?

    Everyone knows?

    Thanks in advance

    What do you think is the biggest HARD drive you can use?
    I think that this question can be easily answered: it s a HARD drive to 120 GB because the laptop has a limitation of LBA 28 bits in the IDE. If you want to know more about this please consult this website: http://www.48bitlba.com

    If you need a 120 GB 2.5 HARD drive and you can buy each production. I have good experiences with Seagate and Hitachi.

  • Change HARD drive can always use recovery disk to reinstall Windows?

    I have a HP dv7-4296nr, partition recovery and recovery disks. Now, I want to change the current HARD drive to the new HARD drive. But I wonderring after I change the HARD drive, can I use the restore disc I burned before reinstalling windows?


    Yes you can.  Your existing set of recovery disks will not only install the operating system on the new hard drive, but will also reinstall all of the original software that came with your laptop as well as re - create the Partition D of recovery on the new drive.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Satellite Pro M70 - what HARD drive can you recommend?

    I have Satellite Pro M70 and I have a 60GB HDD that I see what it s SATA 8 MB of buffer memory. The processor it s 1.73 GHz. I see that there is the Samsung typical 160 GB and the Western Digital Scorpio Blue 160 GB at the same price, which is better?

    And for only $ 11 more there's a Scorpio blue Western digital 320 with even 8 MB buffer than other 2. But I don t think so 320, that's a lot for Satellite Pro M70, and I have an external drive 2.5 "250 GB, data with this is not problem.

    What the best solution for this laptop? I don t want to burn now the phone LOL.

    Thank you


    If your laptop is already equipped with SATA interface, you can use each HDD with SATA1 or SATA2 port on the new SATA interface there is no limit on the old standard IDE

    It s your choice what HARD drive you buy because I put t know your needs, but in my opinion it makes no difference which manufacturing you buy the HARD drive. All hard drives are similar and there is no significant difference (performance).
    I made good experiences with Western Digital and Hitachi hard drives.

    By the way: you can buy a HARD drive with 7200 rpm or 5400.rpm. Latter is faster but requires more power. In my opinion, this is useful if you often work with large files.

  • HP hp Server ml310e gen8 v2 install with Server 2008 4 t hard drive can be used completely

    Know one on hp hp Server ml310e gen8 v2 install with Server 2008 and why 4 t hard drive cannot be used entirely to the server? How can I change the settings of the Bios MBR TPG mode?

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  • Satellite M30 - what compatible HARD drive can I use?


    My Satellite M30 hard drive crashed (after 3 years of intensive use). I would like to replace it, but I don't know which drive is suitable (SATA, ATA 6... etc). The original for this computer hard disk is the MK6021GAP.

    Can someone hep me on this subject? By the way, is - it complicated to replace the hard drive on this computer?

    Thank you

    Use the advanced search of this forum and you will get several results with different threads on the same topic.
    The replacement is not difficult. At the bottom f the unit, you will find a HARD drive Bay. Armand, remove the cover and cut the shape of the disk of the controller. But be careful.

  • What replacement hard drives can be used by the HPE - 480 t?

    I have a HPE - 480 t who had 2 Seagate 750 GB hard drives (7200.12) in a Raid 0 configuration.  A hard drive has stopped working.  I need to replace the two hard drives.  I'd rather have enough space to put 1.3 TB of data on one disc so I could put the new disks in RAID 1 (mirror).

    I ordered and installed two Segate 2 TB disks (7200.14).  When I use Symaantec System Recovery to recover a point of well known recovery (*.v2i) OR when I do a hand of WIndows 7 install, I get the material errors.  After restarting the machine after doing a system recovery, Windows starts in safe mode hangs at classpnp.sys.  A hand of Windows 7 installation error "Windows cannot be installed on this material.

    Please let me know what I can use to get this machine running hard drives!  I'm desperate!

    Thank you!

    A usb key with a lot more capacity can not be recognized as an option to boot your PC.

    Consider using a smaller in the range of 4 to 8 GB to create a Windows Installer with the download USB\DVD tool.

    Unfortunately, your PC is one of few wthat is a simulator of BIOS, I can't access.

    Best regards


  • Satellite P200-13Z - upgrade the hard drive - can I use SATA II hard drives?

    I have a Satellite P200-13Z with simple standard Fujitsu 120 GB SATA hard drive. I want to change this to a RPM SATA II 250 GB Western Digital 7200 RPM drive. This interface SATA laptop does support SATA II? Thank you very much!

    Not your portable computer does not support SATA II.

    However, you can buy the SATA II hard drive and put it in your laptop. Only way to get it going is to restrict the new speed of SATA HDD, I accelerate. To do this is to introduce a jumper on the drive to restrict it to SATA I speeds up. Once it's done put in your laptop and viola, it works.

    Good luck, but I would like to get a toshiba technician to install it if its under warranty. It's for your own good, so you don't turn your laptop into a boat anchor.

  • What HARD drive can I install the Satellite Pro 2100?

    I installed a second hand Toshiba 40 GB HDD in my Pro 2100, but he fails to recognize in the BIOS. Any ideas?

    Yes, I have an idea ;)
    Have you checked if the HARD disk is not corrupted?
    I think it's a first step to find out what's wrong.

    If you are sure that the drive is 100% damage not so in my opinion him BIOS is unable to manage the size of the HARD drive. It s just too big size.
    The BIOS supports multiple disk sizes but if HARD drive it too big the BIOS may not be able to recognize the HARD drive.

  • Equium A110-252: which HARD drive can I use for an upgrade


    I have Toshiba Equium A110-252 with a 60 GB hard drive.
    I have left of a few GB and the need to expand the hard drive.

    I don't know what type or size would be compatible with my laptop.
    In addition, it would be the reason for all my applications running very slowly?

    Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?

    Thank you.


    Equium A110 is very similar to the Satellite A110 and two portable computers should support the same kind of HARD drive.
    As I m not wrong not you need a SATA 2.5 HARD.

    If the laptop supports the 60 GB then use the 80 or 100 GB should be possible also.

    Check it out

    Good bye

  • Tecra S1 - size HARD drive can I use


    I have a Tecra S1 and looking to upgrade the hard drive because it is only the 30 GB model.
    I found the HDD compatible in terms of size, but my question was if there was a restriction on the ability of the HARD drive, or I can go to any size I want?

    Any help would be appreciated

    Thanks Chris


    AFAIK the Tecra is supported by the IDE HDD controller and you have the 2.5 IDE HARD drive.
    I guess that the IDE controller supports ATA-100 standard and therefore the LBA48bit would be too pressed and this means that you can use hard disks of more than 120 GB.

    But if the ATA-5 controller / LBA28bit ATA/66 only then would be sustained and in this case, you can only use the 120 GB HARD drive as a larger size.

    Big names

  • What hard drives are supported for Satellite 5100-201


    My drive is making some strange noises, might he have one foot in the grave...
    Have the latest bios 1.9. and the original at 30 GB disk.
    Have a Hitachi 40 GB I tried with, but the laptop did not.
    So I would like to know what drives and formats supported for this model.

    Thanks in advance!


    Very strange did you use a compatible 40 GB HDD?
    To my knowledge, the laptop must be able to recognize the 40 GB HARD drive.
    As far as I know the 30 GB HARD drive that was installed is a Toshiba MK3017GAP and the computer supports a HDD of 20, 30, 40 or 60 GB.

    I think that these disc HARD must be compatible:
    Toshiba HDD2171B 40 GB HARD drive
    Toshiba HDD2183B 60GB

    PS: The strange noise from the HARD drive could be the beginning of the end
    So make a backup of the data.

  • HP Pavilion DV7 - 4183CL: what HARD drive can I install in a HP Pavilion DV7 - 4183CL?

    Hi all

    Realized that my DV7 - 4183CL has an empty HARD disk can you please suggest what tech HARD drive config do I add? Thanks in advance.

    It will take any hard disk 2.5 inch wide portable SATA. The real issue is the amount of space that you want to add, and what is your budget? The second hard drive is not bootable, so it's purely a place to store files. 500 GB drives are cheap and 500 gigs is a ton of space for music, photos, movies, even.

    You're going to need a second hard drive enclosure and the connector:



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  • Reactivation after changing the HARD drive (can't use the phone)

    I hope someone can help. My HARD drive failed completely, and I adapted a new. I re iunstalled the Vista operating system which

    I bought 3 or 4 years ago and it activated OK online. I now get an error message asking me to buy a new key.

    as long as one I presented is attributed to another computer. I'm unable to use the phone as I am deaf so how

    can I handle this? Best wishes to you all, RegT


    "Is already in use" error message in the activation, or similar, sometimes after a reinstallation on another hard drive, etc...

    Can you get help from a friend or relation to the activation of phone for you on your computer?

    "How to activate Vista normally and by Activation of the phone '


    See you soon.

  • Broken in Portege R400 HARD drive - can I use HDD MK1011GAH


    In my Toshiba Portege R400 broke MK8007GAH HDD and the computer, the warranty is over.
    I can't find the hard drive.

    If the answer please I can establish in computer disk HARD MK1011GAH?


    I wonder that you do not find MK1011GAH as replacement. I googled everywhere and there are tons of stores that sell this hard drive.

    Then, go to www.google.com and type 'MK1011GAH' and it is. You will find many shops selling this drive (the disk price is about $ 180-200)

    Welcome them

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