Satellite Pro M70 - what HARD drive can you recommend?

I have Satellite Pro M70 and I have a 60GB HDD that I see what it s SATA 8 MB of buffer memory. The processor it s 1.73 GHz. I see that there is the Samsung typical 160 GB and the Western Digital Scorpio Blue 160 GB at the same price, which is better?

And for only $ 11 more there's a Scorpio blue Western digital 320 with even 8 MB buffer than other 2. But I don t think so 320, that's a lot for Satellite Pro M70, and I have an external drive 2.5 "250 GB, data with this is not problem.

What the best solution for this laptop? I don t want to burn now the phone LOL.

Thank you


If your laptop is already equipped with SATA interface, you can use each HDD with SATA1 or SATA2 port on the new SATA interface there is no limit on the old standard IDE

It s your choice what HARD drive you buy because I put t know your needs, but in my opinion it makes no difference which manufacturing you buy the HARD drive. All hard drives are similar and there is no significant difference (performance).
I made good experiences with Western Digital and Hitachi hard drives.

By the way: you can buy a HARD drive with 7200 rpm or 5400.rpm. Latter is faster but requires more power. In my opinion, this is useful if you often work with large files.

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  • Satellite 5200-802 - what HARD drive can I use?


    I have a 5200-802 Satellite with a 80 GB HDD (IDE) and I would build in more.

    I would like to know what is the largest room, which will be accepted by this laptop. Is it 100 GB or 120 GB, 160 GB or 250 GB or 400GO or?
    Who manufactures?

    Everyone knows?

    Thanks in advance

    What do you think is the biggest HARD drive you can use?
    I think that this question can be easily answered: it s a HARD drive to 120 GB because the laptop has a limitation of LBA 28 bits in the IDE. If you want to know more about this please consult this website:

    If you need a 120 GB 2.5 HARD drive and you can buy each production. I have good experiences with Seagate and Hitachi.

  • Satellite Pro 2100 - what HARD drive do I need?

    Hi all,

    I just got a Toshiba Satellite Pro 2100, but the hard disk has been removed for the protection of the data. Now, I don't know what type of HARD drive, I have to get PATA/SATA?
    Can a little help if you please?


    You can buy this store on the computer HARD drive because it has an IDE interface. You can t use a HARD drive with the new SATA interface.

    So I agree with Akuma. Already, I think that everything is written here.

  • Satellite A210-ICO - what HARD drive I can use?

    I'm getting bad sectors on the hard drive of my laptop, so I guess I should pay for a new one – but who are able to A210-1CO?

    TA, M


    Satellite A210 uses SATA hard drives and you need a new HARD drive with SATA interface. You can buy each HARD drive you want, for example 160 or 320 GB. On interface SATA there is no capacity limit.

    In addition, most SATA HDDs have already SATA2 interface but its compatible downgrade to SATA1.
    I would have preferred a HARD disk at 5400 RPM. Of course, you can buy a HARD drive with 7200 RPM, but they produced more heat and noise. For most of the applications are pretty 5400 RPM.

    I have good experiences with Hitachi and Seagate hard drives.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro M70: What USB 2.0 Port Replicator is compatible?

    Would be grateful if someone could advise me on the purchase of a USB 2.0 port replicator.

    I think the 3 USB 2.0 ports on my laptop Pro M70 are not enough, and that's why I want to buy a USB 2.0 Port Replicator.

    The site of the Toshiba shop specifies USB 2.0 Port Replicator II (UK) with port network, part number: PX1173U-1PRP, price: 49,93 GBP.

    It has 4 USB ports 2.0, which would give me a total of 6 USB 2.0 ports, which would be the absolute minimum I want. (It also has 2 PS/2 ports, 1 serial port RS232 and 1 USB 2.0 port network that takes in charge rates of 10 / 100 Mbps).

    Can anyone tell if it is powered by the laptop, or by it's own adapter?

    Unfortunately, the Web of Toshiba site has advised that it is currently out of stock and are difficult to get in on all the time, as they are the subject of a sort of "green manufacturing" test.

    This prompted me to consider buying a replicator USB 2.0 ports alternative and all I would prefer one with more than 4 USB 2.0 ports, and in fact 6 or more USB 2.0 ports would be preferable. I'm not really interested in other types of ports that are often provided with the replicators of USB 2.0 ports.

    I would be grateful if someone could recommend/Advisor at a replicator USB 2.0 ports alternative that would be compatible with my laptop Pro M70.

    One of my concerns is how the port replicator USB 2.0 Port is powered. I think I would have preferred that the unit is powered by its own adapter, I understand is 5 Volts with 500 milliamps for each port, rather than to the laptop (probably would be less tax on the laptop, with less heating).

    Thank you

    I can't comment on the question whether the Replicator you mention has its own power source, although I suspect, he does

    However, I have a satellite Pro M70 too and with a similar problem and wanting a hub to connect to all my external printers, Sandy etc using just one connection, I buy PA3390E-1MPM - a hub of Toshiba, Audio/USB multimedia center, which goes a step further and provides a hub not only for USB sources , but also for the speakers etc.

    It has its own power supply to the unit and connects via USB 2.0 to my laptop. It is also stackable with the Toshiba Gigastore 250 GB USB 2.0 external hard drive (PA3392E-1MPS) which I also use for backups, storing external data etc.

    Had the two units for 3 months now and everything works fine. I got headr of some problems with people in loss of access to the hard drive, but it seems that it was never if it has been disconnected by pulling the cord out usb, rather than make a ' Safely Remove Hardware to disconnect the USB device and so far have had no probs at all

    It has 4 ports, more port network and connections from the speakers for the configurations 2/2.1/4/4.1/5.1 full, more Creative software like drivers, more remote control useful to control audio devices. Oh, and also a Surround sound, and EAX

    Maybe a little more of your option, but worth it in my opinion. If you can't find it on the Toshiba site I have purchased from

    Hope that helps

  • Satellite Pro A120 - Second hard drive on secondary IDE channel


    I have a Satellite Pro A120 xp sp3.
    I tried so it can recognize a 2nd hard drive on the secondary ide channel, but it will not. CD player has been removed and replaced by one of them, the with the pata to sata interface.

    [ ts_id = 245]

    The second hard drive is a 500 GB seagate sata drive. Drive is spinning and powered but not appearing is not in the Manager of management or storage device.

    In the Bio (uptodate), it shows me it but won't let me change it.

    The readers of e/s
    Built on the disk HARD = serial ATA port 0
    CD rom = secondary ide (170H - IRQ 15)

    For me, the material is able to support two HARD drives that you remove the cd player, but it seems that the bio is me locking out the deselection of CD-ROM on the second IDE channel.
    Please could someone point me in the right direction to solve this problem.

    Thank you


    I read this story carefully and to be honest I m not sure if a second HDD (instead of the STRANGE) can be used

    My knowledge the IDE second controller does support all the ODD (CD/dvd drive) due to different master/slave/c-salt settings.
    I think it's the same case, why the second HDD is not recognized correctly

  • On the Satellite Pro A 60 hard drive problems

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro A60 with a hard disk of 40 gigabites origin. When I tried to change the old disk with a disk travels Digital Scorpio blue hard 80 gigabites, the does'nt of the bios recognizes it. Is there a solution?

    Hallo Haziz

    If you swap the HARD drive IDE HDD compatible and of course not defective it must be recognized correctly.
    Please do not expect solution to this if you didn't inform us a HARD drive replacement.

    Is - this brand new HARD drive?
    You can then Exchange disk HARD BIOS to the default settings and check again the value.

  • Satellite Pro M70 - what is the Bluetooth module reference number

    Could someone who has a Toshiba Satellite Pro M70, with bluetooth, tell me the part number of the bluetooth module please?

    You can reed one of the labels under your laptop. You can read bluetooth inside, the reference is in the left side of the label, and it will be something like this: PA3418U-BTM.

    Thank you.


    Why you n t make a call to the service allowed in your country partner and would order a compatible BT module for your laptop?
    In my opinion, it would be the best way to get a.

    Unfortunately I m no owner of the satellite Pro M70 and, therefore, I have don t know the part number for BT. But my A210 has been equipped with an internal module of BT and PA3608U-1BTM part number

    Welcome them

  • HP Pavilion DV7 - 4183CL: what HARD drive can I install in a HP Pavilion DV7 - 4183CL?

    Hi all

    Realized that my DV7 - 4183CL has an empty HARD disk can you please suggest what tech HARD drive config do I add? Thanks in advance.

    It will take any hard disk 2.5 inch wide portable SATA. The real issue is the amount of space that you want to add, and what is your budget? The second hard drive is not bootable, so it's purely a place to store files. 500 GB drives are cheap and 500 gigs is a ton of space for music, photos, movies, even.

    You're going to need a second hard drive enclosure and the connector:

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • You can install satellite M100-164 - what hard drive?


    I have a Satellite M100-164... This is a version of Middle East the M100, almost identical to the European version, as far as I can tell.
    (short only model no psma0e)

    I want to install a new hard drive. The specification says he uses a 5400 RPM Serial - ATA hard disk.

    I can use any hard disk of this type, or are there other things to monitor (for example depth of drive, the pin configuration?)

    for example can I use this drive:
    "Toshiba MK2555GSX 250 GB 2.5 SATA HARD drive internal

    ... or I should he play safe and use one that explicitly says its for the M100, for example this one on Ebay:
    "250 GB hard drive Toshiba Satellite L35-L45 M100, M105"
    [ mputing_HardDrives_RL]

    Thank you


    On the SATA drives, there is no capacity limit and you have on each HARD disk the same pinout. This means that you can use each SATA HDD you want and also SATA2 hard drives because they downgrade compaitible then standard SATA1.

    However, you can buy the cheaper version on Amazon. This HARD drive should work as well in Notepad.

    I hope I could help a bit.

    Good bye

  • What HARD drive can I install the Satellite Pro 2100?

    I installed a second hand Toshiba 40 GB HDD in my Pro 2100, but he fails to recognize in the BIOS. Any ideas?

    Yes, I have an idea ;)
    Have you checked if the HARD disk is not corrupted?
    I think it's a first step to find out what's wrong.

    If you are sure that the drive is 100% damage not so in my opinion him BIOS is unable to manage the size of the HARD drive. It s just too big size.
    The BIOS supports multiple disk sizes but if HARD drive it too big the BIOS may not be able to recognize the HARD drive.

  • Satellite Pro M30: new HARD drive - what is the max capacity?


    My Toshiba Satellite Pro M30 is 4 years old with a 60 GB hard drive (IDE).
    I would like to replace the hard drive with a bigger. What is the best? (BIOS version 1.70, Windows XP Pro SP 3).

    I would be happy not only to get the answer to my question but alos to where I might find the answer myself.

    Thanks and greetings


    As far as I know the laptop is equipped with an ATA-100 IDE / ATA-6 HARD drive controller.
    In this case, you will need to use the 2.5 IDE HARD drive.

    I know with certainty that this notebook would support 80 GB HDD, but generally a larger HARD drive should also be possible because the controller is able to manage the 48-bit LBA.
    The 48-bit LBA can handle hard drives of more than 120GB.

    In my opinion, you can try a 120 GB and also 160 GB HARD drive should be possible.

  • What HARD drive can I use Satellite A60-125

    I would like to know what type of hard drive I can install on my satellite A60 (Pentium 4 3.00 Ghz) to upgrade the original Hitachi 40 GB. Can I install a 160/200 GB 2.5 "of any type (brand, RPM, capacity,...) or there are some limitations of the bios? Thank you.

    Hello Ric

    There is unfortunately no public on this matter document because Toshiba does not support upgrade. Toshiba gives some info on built in hardware and also on the RAM max that can be used. Upgrade takes care of disk HARD authorized partner in your country, and they have exact information on this subject.

    Yes I think there is limitation in the BIOS, but I'm sure that you can use up to 100 GB HARD drive, maybe more, but as I said it is not easy to find info on any official page of Toshiba.

    If you are lucky someone will post here the news of A60 laptop upgrade. Until then try to contact find some information online. Google all over the place.

  • Question about the new Satellite Pro P100 PSPAHE HARD drive


    Can someone tell me, if I can use this drive in my notebook? The original is just too slow.

    Seagate Momentus 7200.2 2.5 "SATA 8 MB hard 100GB (ST9100821AS)

    It's a sata-II drive. The laptop will not work with sata-I accelerates, but it will be even faster.
    I know 3.5 "are compatible. What drives 2.5 "?
    The thickness of the disc is going to be ok?

    Thanks in advance,

    Hello Ariane

    What model of laptop do you have exactly? Is your laptop Satellite Pro P100?

  • Satellite Pro U400-130 - hard drive Partition - help

    Hi all

    I recently bought a Toshiba Satellite Pro U400-130 mobile - cell PSU45E-005005EN

    Processor Intel Core 2 Duo (T8400) 2.26 GHz, the front side Bus speed: 1066 MHz, level 2: 3 MB Cache
    3072 MB (1024 + 2048 MB) DDR2 RAM
    250 GB hard drive
    Microsoft Windows Vista Business Edition

    What I've found, is that the hard drive is partitioned into two separate drives

    1. the drive C - 117 GB - hand player - all programs, user accounts and files of work / are saved on the C drive.
    2 drive E - 113 GB - A folder titled HDDRecovery (size 4.42 GB) nothing elese is on the E drive.
    3. This only totals to 230 GB, then where is the other 20 GB?

    I want to know/how is is:

    1. Why are we doing this way?
    2. What is the purpose of the file recovery Drive E and it does not require the space of 113 GB?

    3. If I increase the size of drive C to say 55GO and decrease the size of drive E?
    3.1 is it possible?
    3.2 what impact will?

    4. the drives C and E only total 230 GB so where is the other 20 GB?

    Can someone please help

    Thank you very much


    (1) the HARD disk is partitioned into 3 partitions and not 2! Go to the disk management utility and you will see that there is a hidden partition. This hidden partition is created by Vista. It contains the necessary backup files that are needed for the repair of the system, if something goes wrong with your operating system.

    (2) the second partition contains the record of recovery of HARD drive that allows you to retrieve the laptop without using recovery discs. But of course, you are able to create a recovery disk and it s highly recommended to create a recovery disk using the preinstalled Toshiba Recovery Disk Creator.

    3.1 I think that this could be possible, but before that you'd change any partition size I recommend the creation of the recovery disk because there is a high risk that after changing the size of partitions you drive HARD recovery option does not work.

    3.2) see point 3.1

    4.) I think the other hidden partition using this 20 GB. Also please note that 250GB are not really 250 GB 1 GB is not 1000MB but 1024MB.
    This means that the 250 GB HARD drive is not 250 000 MB but 238 418 MB

Maybe you are looking for