What is the size of the Philips screwdriver I use to open the locations of memory on my iMac late 2009?

What is the size of the Philips screwdriver I use to open the locations of memory on my iMac late 2009?

I already bought three different sizes at random and none works... I live in Germany and I need size in German units (if it is different from the United States).

Thank you thank you a lot for your help!

Philips #2.

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    Please see Exit Code 7 Installing and errors ' Exit Code: 6 "," Exit Code: 7 "|"» CC, CS6, CS5.5

    Hope that helps!

    Kind regards


  • IMac late 2009 - 5 yellow bars on the screen - sometimes...

    Hi all..

    I recently bought an iMac late 2009 really nice second hand.  It worked wonderfully for a few weeks and I was about to become a mac convert.

    All of a sudden things have changed.  I pulled to the top of the machine first thing the morning only be greeted with lines to the bottom of the screen and a stall on a white screen.  The next day, it worked fine for a while.  Then the problem comes back for an hour or two.  Then back to yellow bars.

    I pulled up to my PC and started researching and found suggestions that this could be a graphics card problem.  After some time of reading and discovery, I pulled the top of AHT, and he advised me that there is actually a problem with the machine, and it's a sensor on the HARD drive.  Then, I would expect an additional error that could somehow link to the screen and absolutely nothing.

    Now, I know that historically the 27-inch late 2009 iMac screen / GPU has been examined by several different sites and forums but it is now an old machine and I don't know what to do.  What is a HARD drive failure?  Seems very unlikely but the only error listed... The flaw is GPU displayed on AHT down?  If this graphics card has received a "reformatting of oven" at a given time in its life and Ive been sold a dunce?

    Any advice would be great.  I don't have an Apple store near me and I don't know if they would even look at a machine this old.

    Help, please... My brief relationship was positive that ended quickly in tears!


    Take it to an Apple authorized Service provider in your area, click on to start Apple authorized Service Provider Locator to find one near you.

  • The use of several screens with the iMac (late 2009)

    Despite a few good support here to support the communities I'm unfortunately still not able to use my 2 Macs the best average.

    When you use the 'Cmd F2' keys on the main iMac everything seems ok, but the iMac display is at the head and

    When I press Cmd-F2 on the iMac screen only the bottum menu bar appears...

    Anyone know what are the exact steps to follow?

    What to start first?

    Thank you!

    I'm confused as to why you started another thread. Your original-> thread screen connect 2 iMac (late 2009) with mini DisplayPort

  • Mid-2009 MBP memory is compatible with the iMac late 2009?


    I just upgraded the memory for my MacBook Pro (from 2 X 2 GB 2 X 4 GB)... I was going to sell the used memory space but realized that I might be able to add to my iMac late 2009.  How will I know if it's compatible?  Currently the iMac only has 4 GB as 2 units but is expandable to 16 GB and has 4 slots available.

    Forward a response and thanks in advance.


    Hi OhThatGirl, you can use theCrucial memory Advisor for this.

  • iMac (late 2009) 27-inch vertical streak on the right side

    iMac (late 2009) 27-inch vertical streak on the right side. Oddly enough it is still there even on the gray splash screen. How much is it? I tried restarts it, Vpram etc, but still there. Always in the same place. Is a graphics card out or the display itself. Should I make an appointment with an Apple Retail Store?

    Strange, strange! This mysterious line disappeared miraculously se today!

    I am delighted, but at a loss for why it appeared and why he disappeared.

    The only idea I have is THAT HEAT could have something to do with it.

    I look forward to any comments on this mystery.

  • I would like to buy and install a stand-alone version of Lightroom on my iMac. I do not want to join the CC program. The CC is not an option for me. I'm iMac late 2009 user, osx el capitan, installed on a formatted hard drive 1 t, 16 GB of ram with1066 MH

    I would like to buy and install a stand-alone version of Lightroom on my iMac. I do not want to join the CC program. The CC is not an option for me. I'm iMac late 2009 user, osx el capitan, installed on a formatted hard drive 1 t, 16 GB of ram with1066 MHz PC3-8500 DDR3 SDRAM. Everyone uses LR6 on iMac late 2009? anyone has any experience with el capitan and LR6 osx?

    Hi Piotrsta,

    With the last update of Lightroom, most of the problems have been corrected.

    Also, you can read the following article: Lightroom and El Capitan | Mac OS 10.11

    Kind regards


  • 7 re: what is the location of the file of nuances in the part of illustrator to Adobe Creative Suite 3 Design Premium for windows product (date and time)? Drop it eat its funcionallity.  Thank you

    First posting: https://forums.adobe.com/message/6529108#6529108

    Support suggestion: the discussion is posting again to get the response from adobe staff


    Illustrator does not work as it should...

    I want them to compare the size and date of creation with what I installed on my original computer... I installed several times with my original CD and I tried once downloading the files from the adobe site (using my own license). I suspect that the files have been changed or renamed on my laptop by an unauthorized user external causing dysfunction of the application.

    Customer service does not support CS3 more and the updates / fixes in the adobe site does not solve the problem... They redirect me to the support forums...

    Currently, my problem is that after creating a swatch and drag it to the Group swatch, he does not like it needs a new form... Now, after deactivating and activating my license nuance seems to fill the new form, but when the filter sample's persistence in being created next fill even if a different color is used as a fill (X)... Aid for the creation of a shade over the internet just complicates the matter.

    This is why I would like to know if the updates on my product are received or files are overwritten without my knowledge...

    Thank you...

    PS Do you know how to contact an employer of personal adobe on the forums?

    I saw your post today.

    Move the file hosts on the desktop it will be part of a roaming profile?  It's means that activation will take place from any computer that are a part of my local network of microsoft.  How can I make sure that the program I have access is the one located on my local C drive and not in a roaming profile in may be an environment of Cloud Computing or unknown equipment with access to my network without authorization. I have only 1 laptop where locally install the suite CS3

    My host file has no entries on it and even when trying to copy the desktop, activation can be performed no, same problem.  There are days, I used the trial rather than the activation option, after trying to activate all of the product you mentioned in your response, other period to return to the original 30-day trial.

    Recently, I noticed that I have a roaming profile with a file of different workspace than I have on my local drive (3 files, Control Panel, and type base).  On the roaming profile, I see a directory for adobe illustrator CS3 settings------workspaces-file AIWSPrefs which has different entries that I have on the local drive.  Normally I don't customize much the workspace or safe the setting used, I load the brushes, shades, etc manually from the location, they are on my local drive if directories swatches and brushes on the roaming profile are empty instead. Adobe Kuler pallet and Eureka are on the local base folder not in roaming.

    The directories on my roaming profile are:


    Adobe Illustrator CS3 settings

    Adobe PDF

    Adobe Photoshop CS3


    9 Dreamweaver

    Flash Player






    Save for the Web HAVE




    Inside directory itinerant illustrator, the following files:

    Color settings to HAVE it





    Composite fonts

    Graphic styles




    New Document profiles

    Cache.ARTX plug-in


    Print presets

    Save Web settings

    Color chart


    Aplatissements predefined transparencies


    In the above scenario, what workspace and other files of functions will take precedence?  How can I avoid the roaming profile?

    Not being not able to copy the roaming profile on my local disk files, I was wondering how this roaming profile was created and why the files are there.   These files have a date of last month, local files have been installed most recently.

    Your comments will be appreciated at your earliest.

    Thanks in advance

  • What is the best Netflix app for my iMac

    Hi all, new owner of the iMac.  I was wondering what's the best app for Netflix, I downloaded a streaming and I had to download Silverlight but overtime, I try to watch Netflix, download Silverlight notification arrives.  I'm doing something wrong?  Little different from my iPad!

    There is no Netflix App for OS X.

    You need to access Pluzz.fr from a web browser.

    Make sure that you have installed the most updated version of the Microsoft Silverlight plug-in for your version of OS X.

    In addition, some web browsers do better with Netflix than others.

    I found that Safari Netflix streaming a little restless with the installed Silverlight plug-in. Do not know why.

    I've had better in Netfilix streaming with Silverlight using Mozilla Firefox plugin, instead of luck.

    Try the two browsers to see which works on your iMac better.

    I use an old iMac model. Your new iMac with the new version of Safari can best work for you.

    Just make sure that you have downloaded and installed the most up to the version date of the Microsoft Silverlight installed plugin. »

    Good luck!

  • What is the best program of security for iMac and I have pad pro

    What is the best program for internet security for iMac I heard bad things about norton and McAfee to consider. But I read that apple computers are fix any help please

    None. or the other.  Mac has all the safety integrated, you need as long as you exercise logic and causion.


    3rd party security applications tend to cause more trouble than they solve.

    iPads are a system of closed sandbox, and so no security Apps can run on them for the same reasons that no virus can infect.

    As long as you exercise caution and use only reliable sites and Apps, you should be fine.

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