What mini PCI WLAN card can be used on Equium A60 - 157?

Hi, im trying to buy a wireless mini LAN card pci for my toshiba Equium A60-157... do not know what an I need or I can use? Thanks Carl


Hi Carl

According to the specs of your device is not ready WLAN. This means that you can not switch on the unit with the mini PCI WLAN card. Only solution is the card PCMCIA or USB WLAN stick.

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  • Satellite P10 722: what Mini-PCI WLAN can I integrated?


    I have a Satellite P10 722. It seems to be ready wireless (it has an LED to show the WLAN activity). I would use an internal Mini-PCI card in it. Ideally, it would be a b/g card.

    Anyone know what model/part number Mini-PCI card will work with this laptop.
    She is not in the list of compatibility of the any of the maps on this page (http://uk.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/options_and_accessories_search.jsp?z=16&service=UK & selOptionCategory = 4696)

    Thanks for your help,

    Hello Shane

    Sorry, but this kind of information can give you just the authorized service partner. I don't know if the P10 722 is ready WLAN but you can check only. In the lower corner of the unit, you will find WiFi coverage. Remove it carefully and check if there are two antenna WLAN (black and white) cables. If so, the device is definitely ready WLAN.

    Contact the Service partner and ask them for you to adapt to your model of laptop. As far as I know, the consultation is free.

    Just for info. One of my friends has P10 with WLAN (802 11b Agere) card.

    Good bye

  • Satellite Pro2100: What Mini-PCI WiFi card?

    Hi people,

    I have a question about my laptop. I want to upgrade my laptop to the local wireless network with a Mini-PCI card. I have a satellite pro 2100 with celeron 2 GHz processor. And the mini-pci card is a desire to buy a: Intel Wireless MiniPCI 802 2915.11abg 54Mbs (http://www.paradigit.nl/pdf/10008880v.html)...

    My qeustion is: are not these 2 compatible?

    Greetz Farid


    In my view, ca use you this minPCI wireless network card. I know it is important that the support wireless network card the frequent 2.4 GHz and IEEE 802. 11b Wi - Fi standard.
    I found an another compatible wireless network cards:

    -Mini WLAN Zub Toshiba PA3212U-2MPC
    -TOSHIBA WLAN card MiniPCI S2400

    Good bye

  • Difference between the Mini PCI WLAN card

    Hi people,

    I just bought a WIRELESS Mini PCI card to upgrade my Sam 2430. It was announced as a model PA3212U -3MPC and it's also what said the box. But when I unpacked the map I noticed on the IC labels say "PA3212U -1MPC. Now, I wonder if that's right, and there is the same IC


    I checked the two cards and unfortunately I don t found big differences.
    The two cards are supported on a standard 802. 11B and WEP 128 encryption. Also the same transfare data rate

  • BlackBerry Z10 what size Micro SD card can be used for BB Z10?

    Who knows where I can confirm the correct size for a microSD for my new Z10? The google searches I've done seem to indicate a 32 GB MicroSd card? Does anyone know if this is correct?

    Also, what 'class' of the card MicroSd is compatible with the Z10? I want to get 10 class but do not know if the Z10 will support it. Does anyone know where we can get these technical specifications?

    It supports the new standard HC and class 10 works very well.

    It works on a BB10


    To use an SD card that is larger than 32 GB in a 10 BlackBerry smartphone please re - format in FAT32 as xfat is not supported at this time.

  • Installation of a missing mini PCI WiFi card in the Satellite 2450 101?

    My Satellite s2450-101 seems devoid of a WiFi card.

    There is no mention of such a card in the adapters in device Manager\Network, which lists the following three elements: 1) 1394 Net adapter MAC bridge Miniport) 2 and 3) Realtek RTL8139/810 x Family Fast Ethernet NIC
    The Wireless Communication switch on "on" does not have the led lights up.
    By pressing Fn + F8, that should turn the wireless LAN has no effect.

    Responses to the following would be much appreciated:

    The laptop S2450-101 comes equipped with a mini PCI WiFi card in standard, or not?

    If so, how can it be activated?

    If it is not the case, how can we install such a mini-PCI card? The laptop is more two years and more under warranty.

    Sincere thanks.

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    I found the info that this unit is ready WLAN and is attributed to the WLAN option in option. Check please the Device Manager and see if the wireless adapter is listed under network adapter. If this is not the case, the device is without wireless network card.

    Let us know if the card is on board and we can write once again how the card must be activated.

    I'm not 100% sure but I think that the WLAN slot is placed under the keyboard. There is also the antenna cables (black and white cable). Update is not a problem, and you can only do so at your own risk of course. ;)

    Unfortunately I put t know exactly what WLAN card is compatible. If you want you can use the external solution. It is much easier.

  • Pavilion dv2-1030ea, upgrading to N Wireless - do blacklist photo hp certain wireless mini pci-e cards?

    Hi, I just got a pavilion dv2-1030ea as a gift and I want to upgrade the card wireless to a version N (only comes with B and G compatible card), but on some sites, he pointed out that not all wireless mini pci-e cards do work with computers laptops hp.

    is this always true? If so what cards are supported? also if this is the case how can I remove this restriction? IMHO, I should be able to use my computer as I see fit, not how the manufacturer decides is acceptable.

    Thanks in advance for any info


    OK I worked on how to change the bios to allow me to use any network card I like, for all those who would like to do this take a look at this page here >


    and here >


    This should put you on the right track

  • PC card - can I use it for?

    Excuse my ignorance, but I have a slot for pc card on the side of my laptop (equium L20). What kind of job could I use it for? Some of my games does not work, I put some sort of bulletin of upgrade?

    Google for PC cards and you will find many solutions of PCMCIA cards.
    Lucky suggested that PCMCIA cards can be used as wireless network card, save etc, tuner TV, adapter, support of information there are many possibilities.
    But unfortunately I don t think you will be able to use these cards with all the games.

  • video cards can be used with a HP Pavilion HPE - 180 t office.

    Using a videocard ATI (AMD) radeon 4850.  It went wrong, and so I would like to know what other video cards can be used with a HP Pavilion HPE-180 t office.

    The Ribbon for the video card cable connector can be used with all video cards?

    Thank you

    Hi Mike,.

    I suggest you post the question on the link below. The link given below is supported for HP Forum link. As you use HP, they can help you better than us on the compatibility of the video card with their computer.


    Feel free to write us if you have any other issues related to Windows.

  • What is SSD and how can I use it or not?

    Could someone tell me, what is SSD and how can I use it or not? because my friend told me that my laptop has SSD drive.

    Hi Jabbar73,

    Thanks for your post, I'm happy to help you.

    SSD stands for Solid State Drive. Here's the Wikipedia definition. SSD drive.

    Now, for what is in your system go to the Start button and click on run

    Type msinfo32 , and go to the section components storage disc.

    Lists the disks that you have in your system.

  • Equium A60 - 157 HELP Card/PCMCIA wireless network!

    Hi all!

    This problem has been frustrating me for at least 2 months.

    OK, I recently bought a Belkin Wireless G Notebook Card (wifi card).
    The first time I installed the wifi card it worked perfectly. I powered
    extinguish your laptop (after I had finished working on it). The next day
    When I turned the laptop on, you guessed it, the wifi card was not
    work. I did not remove the wifi card for the power off/power on stage.

    When I went into Device Manager, a yellow exclamation point was
    above the wifi card. When I looked at the properties of wifi cards, I found the
    following message appears:

    This device cannot find enough free resources that it can use. (Code 12)
    If you want to use this device, you will need to disable one of the other devices on this system.
    Click Troubleshoot to start the troubleshooter for this device.

    I tried unistalling and reinstalling the wifi card. I tried to use the latest Belkin drivers for the wifi card. Sometimes it works, but when I have the power turned off/turned on the laptop it s not go.

    One of the ways I got the card to operate was removing and inserting the card several times
    until he finds resources and finally worked. I put t use this method as, obviously, I might damage the cardbus slot and the card. In the meantime I ve been using a Belkin Wireless G USB network adapter. I had no problems with the USB adapter, but I prefer to use the wifi card. This is because the majority of the wifi card is housed inside the laptop, so it s not easily evicted. The USB adapter is great for wireless networks inside, but too risky for roaming outside.

    I had this problem of 1.70 at 1.8 ° C bios version, and I still have it with revision 1.90. I intend to return m wifi card in the store for an Exchange, but I have a really bad feeling that the same thing will happen with the replacement of the card. I m not convinced that the current wifi card is defective, because it works perfectly when he gets the resources.

    I tried to manually configure resources on the devices, but I have a major problem. Windows seems to be LOCKED in the automatic settings. The automatic settings check box is grayed out completely, it is impossible for me clear the checkbox. I did not take anything in the bios that can help me solve this problem.

    I noticed that there are many devices running off IRQ (interrupt requests) 19, when you view resources by type in Device Manager. These devices are:

    Standard enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller
    USB host controller standard OpenHCD x 2 (two entries)
    Texas Instruments OHCI Compliant IEEE 1394 Host Controller
    Controller CardBus Texas Instrumetns PCI-1410

    When the wireless card works she also runs IRQ 19, but as I said before Windows is locked in the automatic settings and do not manually configure the hardware resources.

    Equium A60-157 is not provided on board, but it has the potential for. WiFi L.e.d. on the front panel, physical location for wifi turn on side panel wireless icon and F8. Someone know if Toshiba offer an upgrade service, or can I install wifi on board myself?

    Thanks for your time!


    I found this for you:

    Both devices have received a same ports of entry/exit (e/s), the same interrupt, or the same Direct memory access channel (whether through BIOS, the operating system, or a combination of both). This error message may also appear if the BIOS did not allocate enough resources to the device (for example, if a (USB) universal serial bus controller does not get a break in the BIOS because of a damaged MPS (Multiprocessor) system table).
    You can use Device Manager to determine where the conflict is and turn off the device in conflict. On the tab General properties of the device, click Troubleshoot to start the Troubleshooting Wizard.
    Try disabling the features of conflict. It will be interesting to know if the problem will occur again.

    In my opinion, you should contact the Service partner and ask them if the unit is ready for the Wi - Fi module. Sorry, but I'm not sure about that and I don't want to give you a bad information about it.

  • Equium A60-157 - PCMCIA or USB WLan adapter

    I have an Equium A60-157 and you want to add a wireless adapter.
    Can someone advise me on a PCMCIA or USB adapter suitable for this model.


    It s indifferent if you buy a card PCMICA WLAN or WLAN USB stick.
    My opinion would be a USB key, because you can use it on a PC too.

    I put t have much experience with these WLAN sticks but I would buy one from the manufacturing of your router. For example, I have a router of AVM and a stick of AVM WLAN.
    So you can be sure that s has no problems because you have from different manufacturers.

    I hope I could help a bit.

  • What card PCI adapter USB can I use on my Satellite C


    My USB port of remaining work has now passed away, and I'm stuck because I can't print longer (especially children can not print their homework!) I discovered recently the understanding that I can get either the replaced motherboard (expensive so not an option!) or get a * card with USB ports * on what goes into the card reader at the front of the laptop?

    No one knows exactly what I buy as all this seems quite complicated for me!

    Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Kerry.

    Hi Kerry

    Can you tell us more about your Toshiba laptop?
    What model do you have?
    Have you tested the functionality of all USB ports?
    How old is your laptop?
    I want to say if the warranty is still valid contact the nearest Toshiba service and ask for help?

    You have a new printer with WLAN indoors. If so, you can print using the WLAN connection.

  • What wireless router and the wireless network card can I use with my Satellite 1800?


    Router is not relevant at all. You can use what you want. Interesting is what WLAN card on your device is installed.

  • Satellite P300-23F-mini-PCI Wireless card Replace?

    Question: would it be possible to replace the card of wireless mini-PCI Intel 5100AGN with version 4965AGN or 5300AGN?

    The thing is, recently I bought the Satellite P300-23F. Great laptop. Apart from one thing. I use the Intel 5100AGN wireless. Type of damage, the rest of the components used to build this laptop are high-end. I would have liked to see the 5300AGN of even the old 4965AGN adapter instead. These are both a bit more expensive, but still on the market for the price difference is a simple slice of $20. The 5100AGN TX is only 150 Mbit, which is half as fast as the two other Intel wireless modules. In general, a lot of people seem to have problems with the 5100AGN, seems to be a troublesome product altogether.

    Performance of the real world of the 5100AGN on a Linksys WRT54G is around 15 Mbps (1, 8 MB/s). My other computer laptop, equipped with a 4965AGN will be double that in the same circumstances. Tried all the drivers I could find, but the above values are the best I can get.


    I think that this should be possible, but you must use Mini-PCI cards.
    The antenna WLan that is placed behind the screen provides two sons; black & white.
    A white cable normally goes to the HAND and a black to the auxiliary voltage


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