What Options are available for a Windows unattended Setup?

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I work in a data center and we are changing a lot of things at the beginning of the year that I hope will increase business. This will also increase the workload of course. I do the research ways that I can deploy Windows Server 2003 and 2008 R2 unattended with updates, service pack, or even PHP and a mail server. I want to do without having to learn how to write the Perl [it seems that most of the things unattended is Perl]. I used nlite to integrate an installation cd for 2003 Standard with service packs in the past and helps the time to install but it seems that the installation of the updates is not as functional.
in any case, someone knows all the options on how to achieve the above? It would be great if there is a tool that I can configure, perform a PXE boot, choose 2003 SP2 Standard from the list and it installs an image already created, configured and maintained with updates, etc. Any ideas?


I suggest you to send this request in Technet forum for better support.

Here is the link:


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