When answer us e-mail, punctuation change another channel of the alphabet, when the other person receives the message.

When answer us e-mail, punctuation change another channel of the alphabet, when the other person receives the message.

When they reply to the message, foreign brands are repeated to us. I find no access in the program to fix this problem.

original title: problem with punctuation

Guessing that you use Windows Live Mail 2011, take a look at this page: Why do I see strange characters in messages? It can explain your situation and offer solutions.


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    Fed up with Mail.

    When I open mail it says it is downloading the messages, there may be 2 or 3 messages to load and this is true for several minutes. While showing that it's always getting new messages, Mail displays the message header but not the content, I have to close to stop this lengthy process erratic and reopen it to get the content of the messages. Often Mail load the same message 2 or 3 times, even if I leave the app end its process, Yes, because sometimes it ends.

    Is there anyone who has the answer to this?

    I am seriously thinking of abandonment of post and take something else to manage my emails.

    Thank you for your community!

    You have created all of the subfolders of the Inbox for the account?

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    How to transfer all the parameters concerning auser as outlook mail settings of another user in the same computer and OS (win 7)

    Easy Windows XP, not so easy under Windows 7. Have a look here:


  • How to configure Thunderbird so that my answers to e-mail go on top, not on the bottom?

    When I get a reply to a message, the outgoing message is beyond me. If I don't answer back, Thunderbird put my answer below, in my first message. My answer must be above the message that I answer to so that the conversation continues, all messages sent and received are in chronological order.

    The menu bar, select Tools-account parameter-Composition and addressing
    Set the option to answer above quote it

    You must do this for each account if you have more than one.

    No menu bar? Press the ALT key.

  • Why most of the files by e-mail in local folders open with the Message Search screen?

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    There are a lot of free disk space (300 MB +) on the drive where the local folders.

    Is there a setting in Thunderbird I can shape where I can change this behavior?

    Thanks for your help.

    With anti anti-virus programs we just recommend the creation of an exclusion for the Thunderbird profile folder and see the people for the antivirus provider. Malwarebytes (my experience is the free version) is limited. but this seems to be the information you need https://helpdesk.malwarebytes.org/entries/23474946-How-do-I-stop-Malwarebytes-Anti-Malware-from-blocking-scanning-a-file-or-program-that-I-trust-

    Note that the exclusion should be for your mail and your e-mail IMAP folders. To get the path to them. Open correct information in the menu help and select the button display folder. Because these files do not contain any executable files or files that would be open by other thing than Thunderbird there should be very very little risk of such an exclusion (I won't tell. Because it's always the exception that proves the rule)

  • My format of incoming e-mail has changed / how to restore the previous format

    my mails are now in a larger format, and this has changed this last Thursday. I contacted Yahoo and they told me to contact my server AT and T and got no response. This happened to someone else. I was satisfied with the format of my course.

    It causes the e-mail to use more than one page. in the past even though I got a lot of emails that they were all on one page.


    I contacted AT & T this morning and told me that Yahoo had changed the format, and I can't go back to the old format. I'm going back to Outlook which I removed because I was getting eemails duplicate and delete Yahoo emails after they are read in Outlook.

    Thank you for your time and help


  • issue with < a href onclick logical to change another div on the page

    I have a div in a < a href delivering a javascript onclick function that makes changes to the other two div on the page.  It follows a "learn more... less... show kind of logic where when the page loads the div called lowerContent appears and the text of div href is show less...»  When they click on this div, a lowerContent div is hiddern and the text of the button is changed to learn more...

    As a newbie to CSS, I have every piece working on his own great works, but when I put all together, it doesn't work.  Loading the page with the lower div displayed and the text to show less...  When you click on one < a href, it works, the lower div is hidden, and the text is changed to learn more...  But, when click on a time (or any number of times) the lower div does not appear (although all other cahnges are working properly.

    I reduced the code for the below which is a minimum and I hope that some experts CSS can help me?

    Thank you very much


    <! doctype html >

    < html >

    < head >

    < meta charset = "utf-8" >

    dffsdf < title > Document < /title >

    < style type = "text/css" >


    height: 380px;

    Width: 400 PX;

    margin-right: auto;

    left margin: auto;

    border: 2px solid #5F2A2A;

    do-size: 18px;



    background-color: red;

    float: right;

    height: 28px;

    Width: 122px;

    right margin: 15px;

    top of the margin: 15px

    left margin: auto;

    border: 0px solid # 38 931;


    : hover {#myButton}

    background-color: gray;

    float: right;

    height: 28px;

    Width: 122px;

    right margin: 15px;

    top of the margin: 15px

    left margin: auto;

    border: 0px solid # 38 931;



    display: auto;

    height: 100px;

    Width: 300px;

    margin-right: auto;

    top of the margin: auto;

    left margin: auto;

    border: 2px solid # 38 931;


    < / style >

    < script type = "text/javascript" >

    function changeDisplay() {}

    var s = document.getElementById("myButton").innerHTML;

    If (s == "learn more...) ») {}

    document.getElementById("myButton").innerHTML = "Show less..." » ;

    document.getElementById("myContent").style.height = "480px";

    document.getElementById("lowerContent").style.height = "190px;

    document.getElementById("lowerContent").hidden = "true";

    } else {//s will match show less...}

    document.getElementById("myButton").innerHTML = "learn more...". » ;

    document.getElementById("myContent").style.height = '380px ';

    document.getElementById("lowerContent").style.height = '100px ';

    document.getElementById("lowerContent").hidden = "false";



    < /script >

    < / head >

    < body >

    < div id = "myContent" >

    < ul >

    < li > This is line a < /li >

    < li > This is line two < /li >

    < li > it's third line < /li >

    < li > it's four line < an id = "myHref" href = "#" onclick = "changeDisplay (); ">

    < div id = "myButton" > view less... < / div >

    < /a >

    < /li >

    < /ul >

    < div id = "lowerContent" > content line a lower < / div >

    < / div >

    < / body >

    < / html >

    My sample works.  Try to use the code in my JSFiddle example above.

    Nancy O.

  • When running scheduled report, receive error message "table or view does not exist.

    This is the first time that we play with the planning reports. We can schedule a report to base without problem, BUT when the report begins to call database packages it starts mistake. We found the package is called end but when it's a SQL query he does not know the scope of the table. For example if the code says "select * of per_all_people_f' he doesn't know what per_all_people_f. BUT if I change the code to specify the owner of the table ' select * from hr.per_all_people_f' then it will run successfully."

    In discoverer we have it set up so that a generic user db (DISCO_SCHEDULE) is used when running scheduled reports. I searched metalink and we run scripts of Oracles about this user setting. At this point, we think of creating a group of synonyms for tables of this error, but thought that it had to be a better way.

    Anyone have any ideas on how to solve this problem? Their a configuration step we missed when setting up the user db DISCO_SCHEDULE?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance received.



    Your problem is that you call the function hr_general.decode_person_name the DISCO_SCHEDULE user and like most HR packages, the package hr_general is defined with the current_user rights. Therefore, the package will use the privileges of the current user when the package is run.

    You can try to grant privileges to the tables to the DISCO_SCHEDULE user and creating the necessary synonyms, but you will struggle to get this working. HR packages refer to other packages and tables, and ensure that you have all the privileges that are put in place will be virtually impossible.

    Another approach is to create a view owned by APPS that makes calls to the hr_general package. You can also create a wrapper function which is owned by APPS and created with the copyright that calls the package hr_general. You can then call this package instead of using hr_general.

    Rod West

  • I accidentally deleted my bfore reading e-mail, is their anyway to get the messages back. Junk &amp; trash files are emty

    I accidentally deleted my messages in my Inbox in. I need them back. I checked the unwanted files and trash, but not luck.

    I'm sorry to say, unless download you them to your computer (using thunderbird) and a master in restoring data with portions of your hard drive which is counted as dead space or can bring to a data restore (both directions, your chances are slim at best), you have to say goodbye to your messages.

  • When you use the camera of the iPhone APP to send an e-mail, there is no saved project and I lose the message.  Is this normal?

    When I use the camera of the iPhone APP to send a photo by e-mail, I find that I lose the message when I change to another application.  Basically, no project is not registered anywhere.  Am I missing something simple?  Ex: Open Camera APP, select the image for the email, and then try to open the calendar, and then return to the message to add more content... where he?

    I had never tried your method before, but after testing three times, I got the same results as you did. However, if I manually saved the project (press Cancel, then save the draft) in the camera application, it was recorded in the messaging application, when I went there. If I use the photos app to send the photo to go, I can start the email, launch another application, return to the Photos app and the email is always on the screen.

    IF you want to send a picture with an email, do not use the camera application. There is no need to do so. You can use the messaging application or the photos app in order to attach a photo. You have access to all your photos in an application.

  • Editing the Messages in the project file changes the original date of the email to the current-how date can I change this back?

    I often need to change the subject line in the emails received or sent previously. I do this by editing the drafts folder and then moving them to the storage in another folder. When I edit the original message the original message is replaced by the current date in e-mail header. This means that the message is now 'Out of Place' when I search on the Date. Screenshot attached.

    You might find it easier and have fewer side effects, if you change the object with one of these modules:




  • Toshiba 55WL768 - slow change of channel SAT + no signal message

    Hello forum,.

    I need help because television 55wl768 responding really slow down usually when I change the channel.

    Often, I see the black channels with the message 'lack of signal', but there is.
    What can I do to solve my problem?

    Thank you very much.


    Have you noticed that switching between channels or encrypted channels that is open and unencrypted?

    You use a SAT decoder or TV receiver internal?

    Your comments would be appreciated

  • Chicony Webcam is locked by another program on the Satellite Pro series

    The Integrated Chicony webcam on my Satellite Pro displays on my screen and I can adjust the settings, etc., and until yesterday, worked fine with Yahoo and MSN IM.

    However, since yesterday, I get a message saying that it is not connected or it is locked by another program.
    Alone, I can't look my friends webcsm either!

    My OS is Windows Vista Business.

    Any ideas?


    Please post laptop full name!

    With regard to the question of the webcam.
    Well, I found several ad about the same problem with the internal webcam.
    That's why I really recommend looking in this forum to find answers.

    But I give you a hint; the message appears because of the locked webcam service.
    Just try to disable and enable the service that controls the webcam in the msconfig.

    Finally and above all the new installation of the webcam driver and software, you can download from the Toshiba page, could solve this problem!

    Good bye

  • Why Adobe 'recommend' webchat as a support channel... so constantly try to move to another channel (community)?

    Why Adobe 'recommend' webchat as a support channel, then once the webchat starts, say that they transfer you to another team (black hole?) and then continue to send automated, messages trying to move me to another channel? the WORST experience of webchat I ever had... always waiting for back them on the cat - any activity other than automated 'shift' messages for almost an hour now!

    Is this a normal webchat for other CC users experience or am I just bad luck?

    It is unfortunately common.

    You can try to get help both: state your problem here and contact adobe during the time pst support by clicking here and, when available, click on "still need help," http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/global/service-ccm.html

  • How can I myself Live Mail, running Windows 7, to add the e-mail address of the sender of an e-mail to me in my address book? It has been so easy with Outlook Express 6 XP.

    Any transfer of old office (XP and Outlook Express 6) again laptop (Windows 7 and Live Mail). Were used to have a very easy installation for use in OE6 to add the e-mail address of the sender to the previous address book. Impossible to find something similar in Live Mail.

    It is in the message header Panel:

    If you are using the reading pane and that you do not see the Panel header, on the view tab, click reading pane and select show the message in the reading pane header.

Maybe you are looking for

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    On my iPhone, if I go to: Settings > ITunes and App Store and look in the section DOWNLOADS AUTOMATIC, what is the difference between applications and updates?  Updates include the updates in iOS?  Apps DO includes Apps that I bought (or got for free

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    G ' Day,. Can someone tell me the maximum amount of ram the Toshiba Satellite L510 (PSLF2A-01U00R) can take? The manual does not say how much it can take. Thank you.

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