When I access my facebook account, it freezes. Then, I get the "not responding" error messages How can I fix this?

When I access my facebook account, it freezes.  Then, I get the "not responding" error messages  How can I fix this?

What version of the operating system is running on your computer? Windows Version 5.1

What browser do you use? Windows Live - Windows Internet Explorer 7

·          When the issue started?

·          Only happens when you connect to Facebook?

As best I can answer: error signature when facebook freezes

szAppName: iexplore.exe szAppVer:8.0.6001.18372 szMacName:hugapp szModVer: 0.0.0. offset: 00000
He started several days ago and Yes Facebook is the only program that freezes.

I think 5.1 means that you're running XP, but what Home or Pro version?
You specify using IE7, but I think that the error message refers to IE 8. You have it improved recently?

How many times you run a program that cleans ALL accumulated cookies? Not only the option in Windows XP which doesn't seem to work for them all. Try Ccleaner.com, it's free and works well!
Just need to have all your browser windows closed when you run part of the cleaner. Restart and try to sign Fb.
If surfing a lot, is recommended to clean/remove cookies on a DAILY basis.

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