When I copy and paste into my Corel Draw, the image is distorted with the cutting tool

Original title: the cutting tool false image

I used snipping too long without problem.  Now all of a sudden (only when I copy and paste into my Corel Draw) the image is distorted.  I use windows 7 64-bit.


Hi Diana,

1 have you ever done any recent hardware or exchange of software on your computer before the show?

2 have you tried to check the issue with another application?

3. what files are copy you / paste in Corel Draw, using the cutting tool?

If the problem is specific to Corel application, then I suggest you to contact the Corel Support for assistance.

Corel communities:


Supported Corel:


For reference:

The cutting tool: frequently asked questions: http://windows.microsoft.com/en-in/windows7/snipping-tool-frequently-asked-questions


Snipping Tool to capture screen shots:


I hope this helps.

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    When you paste that you get a symbol down at the bottom that gives you paste options and select keep source formatting?


    This link mentions him "style" of excel, find out what the problem described is the same as yours. "


    This link mentions him ' theme'of the spreadsheet. "


    He mentions how to keep the updated source in the form an email


    Finally, if none of the help above, it is the link to the forum office.

  • action script does not work even when I copy and paste good sites! Why?

    Hello, I'm fozb studios. I would like to start making games. I can not because when I try to follow the examples I have a lot of mistakes (I even copy and paste the code so I know its not just me.) I'm good enough to understand what the tutorials say to me but when I test the examples of anything. I mainly use develop php (http://www.developphp.com/), they seem credible but I have used other sites to be sure, and the same thing happens. What I am doing wrong? Is this a setting? What is my Flash copy corrupt? If you could please try the tutorials develop php it would be great. If I provide my mistakes for a specific example that would be easy.

    Thanks for your help,

    Director fozb

    In fact, what you should do first, just to verify that your installation of Flash works properly, is to download the source files for one of the tutorials at gotoandlearn.com, open the fla file in Flash and run the file.  Just trying to get a simple that does not involve several files to run.

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    Hi lucyl,.

    Thank you that you have tried.

    I'll tell you that in your screen you sent, please check it's going up in the Finder menu bar.

    Click on Go-> Go to folder

    Type ~/library

    Click OK

    Inside the library folder, you will find a folder with name preferences.

    Open this folder

    Inside this folder, you'll find another folder named Photoshop CC 2015 parameters

    Rename this folder in 2015 CC Photoshop settings_old.

    Open Photoshop and try again.

    Here is the link that will help you access to / find the library user on MAC: library user access hidden files. Mac OS 10.7 and later



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