where to buy the cartridge - 178?

(1) Photosmart B111b 5510

(2) Windows 7 64 bit

(3) NO.

(4) NO.

(5) gone black!

Sorry for the grammar written! I'm of the Russia! Thanks for your printor!


Here is a link to purchase HP world wide page you can see a selection that says 'Russia-Russia. Click this option, and from there it will take you to a page on how to buy and give you contact as options such as buying online or by phone.  From there, you should be able to choose the option that you want to continue to get your cartridge.  I hope this helps

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    You don't have to buy blank media that allows maximum engraving just of your drive speed. If the maximum burning speed is 4 x, you can also use 16 x blank media. They will be burned with 4 x, but the result will be the same.

    By the way: I use TDK blank DVDs. I am very satisfied. I can really recommend their use.

    Good bye

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    See you soon,.


    Where to buy?

    Hey buddy don't you hear something on the shops online, amazon, ebay, etc.  ;)

    If you know what Rams are compatible, then simply google for some nice offers.

    You can also buy it at a computer retailer in the city center

    As you can see, you have more options.

    Good bye

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    I would really like to get sony xperia charger...

    pls. Help me to find where to buy it.

    Thank you


    You can buy one at the service of the Sony parts @ 800-488-7669.

    If my post answered your question, please mark it as "accept as a Solution.

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    day of the gud,

    where to buy card GPIB & cable here in the Philippines... Thank you

    best regard,


    By clicking the 'Company' link at the top of the page would have given you a link "offices around the world. A few clicks later and you get this.

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    SanDisk said here that the Clip + will be available outside the United States in time for the December holidays.  In my view, that he said that he is for Europe and another geographical location - I don't know if this would include the Romania.  My hunch is, Clip + willingness to buy through eBay International well before that date; Remember, the Clip + is out for only 1-1/2 weeks now and is not 'officially' out until next week.



    Welcome to the Club! I have the same problem, and I tried to understand this. Please let me know if find you a solution. I'm currently in KL

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    Thank you.


    There are numerous USB TV Tuner available on line (use Bing or Google), but where to get the dongles is entirely dependent on your location that you can use. There are different broadcast standards worldwide.

    Microsoft do not provide them, and this is a support forum for Windows essentially covered by volunteers.

  • Where to buy the best upgrade of ram for Mac Pro end of 2013

    Where do you want to buy the best upgrade of ram for Mac Pro end 2013.  I am under creative cloud.  Thank you!

    It is a software Adobe forum... you need to find a forum for Mac hardware

  • Where to buy the extra vista product key?

    How to buy an additional vista product code. I can't find a website to buy it for my extra computer.

    Buy the package: disc Vista and license/ProductKey.

    Microsoft sells more than Vista.

    Try your local computer or online store: Newegg, Amazon, etc.

    See you soon.

    Mick Murphy - Microsoft partner

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    Hi newbie here.
    I have a Satellite Pro A60 and it gives my son for his college stuff.
    I want to reinstall XP Pro, but I can't find the CD that came with the laptop we moved house ect.

    Is there anywhere where I can buy an of for the laptop, so I can do like new so that he can use it how he wants?

    Thank you very much

    Yes, you can order this CD with the service provider authorized in your country!

    Just contact the guy and order it. It shouldn't t be very expensive.

    Best regards

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