Which program generates the keys "FN" sliding on the upper side of the screen

When I installed Windows Vista on my Toshiba satellite, the shortcut key function "FN" was visible on my screen through a sliding window on top of the screen, which shows the function of each shortcut key.

Which program generates this sliding window?



Hmm, I think you're talking about the Toshiba Flash Cards
This utility is preinstalled on Toshiba laptops come with the Vista operating system.

You can use this tool to control the FN keys on the screen.

I hope that I can provide useful information ;)
See you soon

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    Each time Firefox opened

    A few days ago

    Troubleshooting information

      Application Basics
            Name         Firefox
            Version         3.6.7
            Profile Directory
              Open Containing Folder
            Installed Plugins
            Build Configuration
            Stylish         1.0.9         true         {46551EC9-40F0-4e47-8E18-8E5CF550CFB8}
            Cooliris         true         [email protected]
            FoxTab         1.3         true
            WOT         20100503         true
            ImTranslator         3.3.3         true         {9AA46F4F-4DC7-4c06-97AF-5035170634FE}
            Are You Watching This?!         2.5         true         [email protected]
            SearchPreview         4.6         true
            qtl         14.3         true         qtl.co.il@gmail.com
            DVDVideoSoft Menu         1.0.1         true
            NEW Glasser by SzymekPL         true         [email protected]
            foof         1.2.8         true         [email protected]
            Java Console         6.0.20         true
            Full Screen Homestar Runner         2.9         true
            Flash Game Maximizer         1.3.6         true         {258735dc-6743-4805-95fc-f95941fffdad}
            MultiMediaWebRecorder         0.397         true         [email protected]
            Download Statusbar         0.9.7         true
            Extended Statusbar         1.5.4         true
            NoScript         1.10         false         {73a6fe31-595d-460b-a920-fcc0f8843232}
            WebSitePulse Transaction Recorder         1.4         false         [email protected]
            Smart Bookmarks Bar         1.4.3         true         [email protected]
            Xmarks         3.7.8         true         [email protected]
            Gmail Watcher         1.10         true         [email protected]
            Yahoo! Mail Watcher         1.10         true         [email protected]
            Dr.Web anti-virus link checker         1.0.21         true         {6614d11d-d21d-b211-ae23-815234e1ebb5}
            FIFA Online Web Launcher         1.1         false         [email protected]
            ReminderFox         false
            1-Click YouTube Video Downloader         1.4         true         [email protected]
            OurWorld.com Toolbar         true         {80f6f9bf-9fd1-4f41-9ddf-6dd070f4f62f}
            Yahoo! Toolbar         false         {635abd67-4fe9-1b23-4f01-e679fa7484c1}
            Yoono         7.3.6         false
            Form History Control         1.2.6         true         [email protected]
            Boost for Facebook         10.0.2         false         {47624dda-b77e-4feb-820a-e4f077d5d4ca}
            Fireclam         0.6.5         false
            Viral Threat Level         0.54         false         [email protected]
            Ghostery         2.2.1         true         [email protected]
            FootieFox         2.1.10         false         {9fb7d178-155a-4318-9173-1a8eaaea7fe4}
            Puzzle         0.4.3         true         [email protected]
            Tab Mix Plus         true
            FastestFox         4.1.5         true         [email protected]
            AniWeather         0.7.4         true         {4176DFF4-4698-11DE-BEEB-45DA55D89593}
            Get Styles         1.0.22         true         {6236BA26-C117-4007-928C-DE0716C7FA80}
            Usage Stat         1.0.2         true         {6236BA26-C117-4007-928C-DE0716C7FA96}
            FBFan         1.0.1         true         {6236BA26-C117-4007-928C-DE0716C7FA99}
            Better YouTube         0.4.3         true         [email protected]
            Show my Password         2.0         true
            LastPass         1.69.1         true         [email protected]
            Favicon Picker 3         0.5         true         {446c03e0-2c35-11db-a98b-0800200c9a67}
            Glassy Urlbar         0.5.2         true         [email protected]
            RSS Ticker         3.2.2         true         {1f91cde0-c040-11da-a94d-0800200c9a66}
            iMacros for Firefox         true         {81BF1D23-5F17-408D-AC6B-BD6DF7CAF670}
            Amplify         3.0.0         true         {8f5ce3f8-1735-4680-b15e-108f2f50e8ba}
            Tidy Favorites Online         6.23         true
      Modified Preferences
            accessibility.typeaheadfind         true
            accessibility.typeaheadfind.flashBar         0
            browser.history_expire_days.mirror         180
            browser.link.open_newwindow.restriction         0
            browser.places.importBookmarksHTML         false
            browser.places.smartBookmarksVersion         2
            browser.startup.homepage         http://www.google.com/
            browser.startup.homepage_override.mstone         rv:
            browser.tabs.insertRelatedAfterCurrent         false
            browser.tabs.warnOnClose         false
            extensions.lastAppVersion         3.6.7
            keyword.URL         http://search.conduit.com/ResultsExt.aspx?ctid=CT2383985&q=
            network.cookie.prefsMigrated         true
            places.history.expiration.transient_current_max_pages         32166
            places.last_vacuum         1278789082
            privacy.clearOnShutdown.cookies         false
            privacy.clearOnShutdown.downloads         false
            privacy.clearOnShutdown.sessions         false
            privacy.cpd.cookies         false
            privacy.cpd.downloads         false
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    Version of Firefox


    Operating system

    Windows 7

    User Agent

    Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; RV: Gecko/20100713 Firefox/3.6.7

    Plugins installed

    • -Embedded Cooliris in a tab
    • Office Plugin for Netscape Navigator
    • Deploy Script NPRuntime plugin Library for Java (TM)
    • Adobe PDF plugin for Firefox and Netscape "9.3.3.
    • Default plugin
    • Provides additional features on Facebook. See our website for more details.
    • Plugin loader game for the challenge of power games
    • Unity Player 2.6.1f3
    • BrowserPlus - Improve your browser! - http://browserplus.yahoo.com/
    • Pando Web Plugin
    • Shockwave Flash 10.1 r53
    • Adobe Shockwave for Director Netscape plug-in, version 11.5
    • GEPlugin
    • Plugin Yahoo Application State version
    • Google update
    • Version 0.9.17, copyright 2008-2010 Veetle Inchttp: / /www.veetle.com/
    • Version 0.9.17, Copyright 2006 - 2009 Veetle Inchttp: / /www.veetle.com/
    • Version 0.9.17, copyright 2006-2010 Veetle Inchttp: / /www.veetle.com/
    • Next-generation Java plug-in 1.6.0_20 for Mozilla browsers

    One of your modules could be the culprit. Try running Firefox in questions to troubleshoot Firefox in Safe Mode with all disabled add-ons. If that solves the problem, see Troubleshooting extensions and themes and problems of hardware acceleration to resolve common Firefox problems and possibly troubleshoot issues with plugins like Flash or Java to solve common Firefox problems

  • Pavilion v042tx: is - anyone know which port of the screen if I want to change my LCD?

    I want to change my LCD v042tx because it has a pixel dead for a long time, but I don't know which port it is. can you tell me how much is it?


    What do you mean "how many port? The following link shows its specifications:


    He uses: 14 "diagonal screen HD BrightView - backlight WLED (1366 x 768), part number is 763566-001 as shown:


    You can buy in the store above or use elsewhere part number search.

    Kind regards.

  • I have problems with see a 'Print Preview' a message from Hotmail. Which shows on the screen is print ONLY lines header and footer from the preview. What's wrong?

    What I usually do, it is preview before printing a message and then decide exactly which page (s), I need printing.   I have no problem with e-mail messages that crosses on my another account which is with att.my.yahoo.   So what's the problem with Hotmail via my MSN.com account?   What I am doing wrong?


    ·         Are you able to print from other e-mails without any problems?

    I suggest you to take a look at the links below.



    Also, take a look at search results

    I also suggest that you send your query in windows live forums for further assistance.

    Windows Live Solution Center


  • I have a dell inspiron 1721 / with vista. How can I get the program on the screen as windows nomal icons?

    I would like to help which has some kind of computer like mine to develop bugs.


    read this:

    ·                         http://www.baycongroup.com/Vista/03_windows_vista_tutorials.html

    How to create a shortcut on the desktop?

    If the item is located in the start menu:

    1. click on start. The start menu appears.

    2 find the item that you want to create a shortcut. If the element is in a submenu of the menu, go to the submenu.

    3 right click on the element. A context menu is displayed.

    4. click on send to. A submenu appears.

    5. click on desktop (create shortcut). Vista creates a shortcut to the item.

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  • icon question mark which shows on the screen of the HP 8620

    Today, I see the icon question mark (help?) lights up on the front of my new all-in-one screen.

    First time for this weeks since the first installation and implementation.

    I'm not having any problems with the device.

    What can he say?

    Thank you

    Hey @dennistaphorn ,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I understand that you have questions about the? icon on the front panel of your printer.

    The? appears on the left side of the control panel when you are on the home screen of the printer. It allows to access the Help menu that give information about the printer you and useful guides related to the printer. This button is normal and does not indicate an error on the printer.

    Hope this information helps.

  • How can I make default player to open a document without the sidebars, which just lost the screen space?

    I know that I can manually remove the sidebars, but is there a way to prevent them from opening when I want to read a PDF document?

    Hi Bob the nut of the camera.

    Currently, there is no option to disable these components at all times.



  • How to add an on the screen "choose program to open with?"

    I have a user who is trying to edit an image with adobe illustrator 4 but it is not filling in the list.  They have this program on the pc, but it does not show in the drop down menu.  I thought that there was a way that you can "add a program" on the screen "choose a program to open with", I just can't remember how, or maybe I'm just out of it.  Am I right or wrong?


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    Try to update CC Bridge and Photoshop CC 2014 Creative Cloud program generates the error "failed to extract the downloaded files. Press Retry to download again. (U44M1I210). I am running Windows 7. Previous traffic on this subject did not help my situation.

    Please clean the cache of the MAO by deleting after the contents of the folder:

    For Mac:

    ·        /Volumes/%volume Name%/Users/%Username%/Library/Application Support/Adobe/AAMUpdater/1.0

    To win:

    ·        C:\Users\\AppData\Local\Adobe\AAMUpdater\1.0

    Then try to run updates.

    Kind regards


  • Program appears too large and does not fit on the screen.

    Original title: can not adapt to program on the screen. The bottom is cut off and there no arrow to drag or move it. Help!

    On my laptop (Windows 7) is the basis of a programme is cut off and there no arrows to drag or move somehow. I had the same problem on my PC (Win Vista) and fixed it using graphics opptios, adjustment of the Panel and Maintain aspect ratio. Now it fits on Vista PC but I need help on laptop with win 7

    On my laptop (Windows 7) is the basis of a programme is cut off and there no arrows to drag or move somehow. I had the same problem on my PC (Win Vista) and fixed it using graphics opptios, adjustment of the Panel and Maintain aspect ratio. Now it fits on Vista PC but I need help on laptop with win 7

    Hello DavidDandrea,

    I'm terribly sorry for the inconvenience, but I'll definitely be able to help with this issue.
    The problem is simply that you do not have the 'screen Resolution' applied 'optimal '.

    To resolve this problem simply right-click anywhere on the desktop and select 'Screen Resolution' at the bottom of the drop-down list

    Now simply adjust the resolution up and down, and you will have your laptop to normal in no time at all! (The higher the number Ex: 1366 x 768 higher the resolution of the screen)

    I hope that I could help you with this problem today and if the problem persists, you have other questions or problems please answer as I would be more then happy to help you in any way possible.
    Thanks for your time, I hope this has helped.
  • Satellite Pro M - Can the screen be repaired?

    The connection to the screen of my satellite pro has been damaged; It works perfectly if held at right angles with a certain pressure on the screen with one finger - otherwise it is unreadable / appears as scrolling horizontal lines.

    Otherwise, the computer is very good and I'd like to get it fixed. is - it possible and where should I get it fixed?


    Of course, the screen can be repaired, but have you checked an external monitor? You may notice the same question it?

    I think that it of too difficult to say which part of the screen is just defective. You can contact an authorized service provider. Technicians can help you to check your laptop. I think this would be the best option. ;)

  • Satellite 1800-712: failure of the screen

    S1800-712 screen keeps blacking out. started flashing, will now stay if I unplug the sector & work on battery power only. Blacks out after 30 sec on sector.

    Hi Steve,.

    If you can still see an afterimage (albeit very dark), then it is likely that your FL inverter has failed and must be replaced.

    However, if the screen is completely black, then it may very well be a parameter in the Toshiba Power Save utility for AC power which is turning the screen off.

    Kind regards

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