Why can't I drag-and - drop a link of my address bar on my Bookmarks Toolbar in 4.0? I have the toolbar enabled, but I can't do that. I was able to do it without problem with 3.6.

Drag & Drop for bookmarking a link between the address bar and Bookmarks Toolbar does not work in 4.0. Worked in point 3.6, then I upgraded to 4.0 and everything went wrong. How can I fix?

Rather than drag the link, try to drag the favorite icon /the site identity button which is on the left edge of the address bar to the bookmarks toolbar. That should allow you to add a bookmark to the bookmarks toolbar.

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    suc237, it seems that there are some problems with the permissions. Please set the permissions of reading and writing to the Adobe folder under application support /library/ / and start the installation.

    Be sure to choose applicable to the closed position when setting the permissions on the folder.

    You can also try creating a new admin user account and try to install it there.

    Let us know if one of these suggestions help.

  • Cannot resize firefox so I can drag and drop to create a shortcut

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    Hi limomitch, Firefox will remember the last 'normal' window size by saving in this file you deleted (which Firefox creates new). To switch between the normal and maximized window styles, you usually just double-click the title bar of the window, or you can use the middle (the one between minimize and close) button in the upper right corner.

    If you find that the 'normal' window size has increased too, and if the lower right corner is not visible, you can try Alt + SPACEBAR. It is a convention of Windows on the scale to display the window control menu. If the size is not gray, press arrow down once, then the up arrow key repeatedly until the lower edge of the window is in view. Repeat with the left if necessary and right keys. (If the size is dimmed, choose restore and that might be all you need).

  • Drag and drop no longer works

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    Anyone know the fix?

    Thank you.

    Probably a problem with file associations and / or advanced the settings of UAC. You can exclude some AE of the UAC and see if that makes a difference...


  • Creates shortcuts to folders via SHIFT-CTRL/Drag-And-Drop is no longer supported in Windows 7 (64 bit)?

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    'ALT'-key: create a normal shortcut (a double-click on this shortcut navigates to the linked folder)
    "SHIFT-CTRL"-key: creates a shortcut file (junction; "." the folder appears as a subfolder of the folder of its container)

    In Windows 7, it is only possible to create normal shortcuts. 'SHIFT-CTRL' / drag-and-drop doesn't seem to work in Windows 7. Only, it behaves in the same way as 'ALT' / drag-and-drop.

    My observation is correct?
    Is it possible to activate Vista-like behavior in Windows 7 (for example, by editing the registry)?

    A few notes:

    Shortcuts to files that have been created previously with Windows Vista are always managed properly in Windows 7 (i.e., they appear as subfolders).

    The expected behavior of drag-and-drop works correctly when deleting in the folder "...\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Windows\Network shortcuts" (However, creating normal shortcuts via "ALT" - key is not possible in the shortcut 'network' - folder).

    Creating a shortcut to folder in "Network shortcut" and then moving in an arbitrary folder shortcut works as expected. Currently, it is the only workaround I know.

    Thank you very much for your answer!

    Hi Rick,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Answers site!

    Unfortunately this feature is gone in Windows 7. This is the design.

    Amrita M

    Microsoft Answers Support Engineer
    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Cannot drag and Drop active browser web form generator

    I know that it worked at some point. But I can't drag and drop several items at a time. Just one at a time.

    I got the active generator: v 17.03.2015

    I'm using firefox ESR: 38.3.0

    I also tried Safari: 9.0.1 (9537.

    We support multiple drag and drop now. It is coming in our next release.


  • Why is it I can't drag and drop to reorganize bookmarks?

    Drag and drop does not work to rearrange bookmarks in the toolbar bookmarks, window "Show all bookmarks", or in the bookmarks menu. I can 'Cut' and 'Paste' to rearrange things and works in all three, but it's the only way.

    I am running Windows 8.1 x 64 and Firefox 31.0

    Had a similar problem (could not drag the tabs or bookmarks, to reorganize their) with FF 32.0.3. Tried rebooting with the disabled modules, but it still doesn't work. Then tried deactivation and reactivation of hardware acceleration, and it began to work without restart. After the restart with active modules, it continued to work. Weird.

  • Why can't drag and drop bookmarks?

    When I select the URL in the address bar and try to drag and drop it in a folder in the book mark bar or anywhere else all what happens is a circle with a slash through it. It is impossible to drag and drop a url to create a bookmark.

    I don't see anything in Options to correct this defect.

    Thank you... haven't seen a flag "closed".

    Favicons was one of the first things I uninstalled


  • Why can I no longer drag and drop attachments in mail in the finder toolbar shortcut icons?

    Why, since I've upgraded to El Capitan, can I no longer drag and drop attachments of mail of the finder to my mail icon shortcut in the finder toolbar? When I do, I get a symbol indicating I can't drop the file there. It's a convenient shortcut for me.

    How did you get the icon in the tool bar of the Finder window? Using a type of extension?

  • Why can I I is no longer drag and drop photos directly from photos of apple in the Pages?

    Until very recently, you can take a photo from iphoto/photos and then quickly drag and drop directly into the Pages. Now, I have to drag and drop the photo on the desktop, then drag and drop again from office to the Pages. Is this just a way more Apple is dumbing things down and make things slower for those who already know how to use their software or some setting I'm not aware of?

    In the Pages v5.6.2, you can click, drag and drop an image from the Photos app in the page document related, just as you can from the media tool in the toolbar of the Pages v5.6.2.

    To get an image from Photos in a Pages ' 09 v4.3 document, you must click on the image you want in Photos and menu editing: copy, right click in the document to Pages ' 09 followed to select Paste from the context menu. There is no drag and drop Photos in Pages ' 09 v4.3. There is no access to the photo library within the Pages ' 09 v4.3 support tool.

    Tested: OS X 10.11.5.

  • I use Zotero, I accidentally deleted several entries in my library. I was not able to recover them by drag-and - drop. What can I do to restore the items that are currently sitting in the trash?

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  • I have problems with gmail with firefox. Refreshing page is slow; Drag and drop files in email sometimes do not work.

    My problem is mainly associated with gmail. When I click on return to the Inbox after reading a mail, it takes a good few seconds while in the past, it was always instant.

    My other problem is drag them / move the files as an attachment in gmail. Sometimes it won't work and I have to use the manual icon attaches trombone. However, if I restart firefox and re - connect to gmail, it will work again.

    I also noticed that when you drag an image in the mail window, it will not become an attachment, but it will appear instead. Is there a way where I can choose to have inserted images as attachments rather than displayed in the mail?

    Thanks for any advice you can give me.

    Hi Guigs2,

    Thanks for your advice. I'm not sure what will happen if I change my profile. I'm afraid I'll be somebody else for those who know me.

    So I decided to try the second option on the plugin check. After I clicked on the link the message says that my version of firefox is not the last. I've updated it and so far I don't have drag and drop the problem but we will give it some time and see. This problem does not occur all the time but it happened a few times, so I guess I should try it for a while.

    Thanks a lot for your advice

  • I want out emails in folders of ordinary files, but when I drag-and-drop, the "modification date" gets changed. How I can still see the date?

    To archive my e-mail files until I decided to switch to Thunderbird, I create regular folders in windows and drag and drop emails to outlook express in the appropriate folders. The "update" column displays the original date of the email... which is what I want to do with Thunderbird. In my view, that he treats it as a new file created today... that is not good for my archiving system of these professional work files that I need to find often in approximate date.

    I understand the forum that it is by default in Thunderbird. There is an add-on that can do what I'm doing?

    Thank you in advance,

    I think the reason what OE is the original date because each message is stored in a single file, while TB stores all messages in a folder in a file, an mbox file. Thus, when you save a message as a single eml file, its 'modification date' corresponds to the eml file date was written in the mbox file.

    You can find the ImportExportTools add-on useful because it allows you to add the date of the e-mail eml file name when enamel is exported ("Save selected messages" of the message right-click menu).

  • Why creates shortcuts for Moving files when drag and drop the folder or file in another folder?

    I am using Windows XP SP3, just before I drag and drop the file into another folder in my windows explore. Suddenly, he is creating shortcuts for moving file. I'm not able to move the file by drag / move the mouse, it is possible that by cutting and Paste(Ctrl+X) using the keyboard. Why?

    Maybe your 'Alt' key is stuck.
    See exchanging the keyboard with another makes all the difference.


  • Why don't I do drag and drop photos in real size of more attachments in the new Windows Live Mail?

    I am a real estate photographer, and one of the things I have to do on a regular basis is to send pictures to people. They need these photos as attachments. I downloaded the new Windows Live Mail and I noticed that I can't not simply 'Drag and Drop' photo attachments. Instead, Windows Live mail has resized the picture down and put a boarder around it. I went through the settings and I don't see anywhere I can click to the program, what he had ALWAYS done before, that was simple. Now to send a file, I have to click on the "Attachment" button, navigate my external drives and find the file that I send. I have hundreds of customers and too many files having to negotiate through. I prefer to be able to slide and have it set out in its full dimension, as I always did before in previous versions of WLM and Outlook Express.

    I ALSO can not simply with the right button on a photo, select "send to" and then 'recipient' and attach files there either. Now, it uploads to the Skydrive. My customers don't want it. They do not want additional steps. They just want an email with attached files.

    Please tell me what I'm doing wrong. I can't imagine that you got rid of those simpler features. Please don't tell me you didn't get rid of the simple ability to re size and attach pictures, did you?

    Windows Live Mail questions belong here: http://windowslivehelp.com/product.aspx?productid=15

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