Why delete my account

Dear Sir.

I got a massage from microsoft, they will delete my account and they did. They requested my password and where I live.

but needs your help to open my email in return. Please open my email in return.



E-mail address is removed from the privacy *.

Pass [password removed].

live in Danmark

Please ask the Windows Live Solution Center Hotmail Forum

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  • Why blackBerry Smartphones emails showing again after deleting the account?

    Hi all

    Just got my BB a few days ago and so far love it.

    Question: once I have deleted my accounts on the computer messages, BB shows again the unread e-mails. How can I update the BB to match? I don't want to delete everything twice. My wireless sync is without doubt.


    Capacity of reconciliation between the BB and the mail server varies by electronic mail as directed this KB. According to what happens when you delete on 'the computer', these changes may or may not correspond to the e-mail service. You must first consider this as your e-mail service and BIS can reconcile (according to the linked KB). Then, make sure everything you do on 'the computer' replica on the server of email... after which BIS reconcile according to the KB.

    For example, if your e-mail service is Windows Live Hotmail or MSN, so there is no reconciliation of items deleted from the server down to the BB no matter what you do otherwise. In addition, if you use Outlook as 'the computer' and is not reconciling the destruction on the server, so even if you use a different service, such destruction do not receive on the server, which means BIS cannot possibly replicate on for BB.

    Good luck!

  • How do I change or delete the account MotoBlur on the phone?

    I have a CLIQ XT to my son and he doesn't like it because of its complexity so I decided to try it as a replacement for my cell phone. He had created a MotoBlur account on it and it's the only one on the screen. There is a symbol of lock next to him. I can't remove it and he can not enter. Also, I tried in vain several times create an e-mail account in the hope of having a second account would allow me to remove her. Be able to delete his account, it takes one or two clicks, but seems to be an impossible task. And why would it be so hard to create an email account? Can anyone help?

    To configure a new account MOTOBLUR, you will need to do a factory data reset the phone. It will be like you are turning it on for the first time. When you start, you will be able to create a new BLUR account and customize all by yourself.

    Click on the Menu (four squares), then tap Settings > storage and SD card > data Facotry reset. It will ask you if you are sure and will tell you it's going to erase everything. Tap through and the phone will restart.

  • Cannot delete user accounts

    While trying to understand why some programs would not load on my account a couple of different "technicians decided to create new user accounts to see if they would load on the new user account."  After you have determined that they would not, they let the user accounts it and no matter what I do, I was unable to remove these user accounts.

    Accounts have been set up as standard accounts.  I am the administrative account only.  It gives me an error message; It is not only to remove the account.  It is said that it can be files and application if I want to delete the files in the account, to which I answer, Yes and then say to delete the account and it doesn't.  I have a desktop Dell Vostro220s, 32-bit.

    Thank you


    N ° maybe I did something wrong.  Your orders are a little difficult to follow.  I wasn't sure whether to use parentheses or put spaces...

    I'm sorry.

    Lines in parentheses are indicative. The other, you must type exactly as they are, without add, change, or remove anything.
  • Delete an account on Microsoft 8 portable

    They gave me a portable Windows 8, which was transmitted by my cousin. I can't remove his account of the laptop and just make mine alone. I don't want to delete his account from microsoft just remove from the laptop and add mine. How can I do this? In addition, his stuff appears on my account. Why? Please please help!


    WINDOWS key + X, or right-click in the lower left hand of angle - control panel - user account.

    Click on-> manage another account

    Click the account you want to delete

    Click on-> delete the account.

    Tip - always have one or more ADMINISTRATOR accounts, you use not only for emergency purposes.
    Since I do a lot of tests I keep 4 Configuration of additional administrator accounts. Can all have the same password
    as your usual account.

    How to delete a user account in Windows 7 and Windows 8


    How to create and add a new user account in Windows 8 (see also the related tutorials)

    I hope this helps.

    Rob Brown - Microsoft MVP<- profile="" -="" windows="" expert="" -="" consumer="" :="" bicycle=""><- mark="" twain="" said="" it="">

  • Why my user account is listed twice?

    Original title: user account?

    I had a connection problem, but was able to connect.  but checking my user accounts I see 4 are rated comments which is invited group homegroupuser$ group homeusers my account from microsoft which is listed twice once for homeusers group then for homeusers administors I am the only person using this pc and I put in to not no need to open a session, but I wonder why my microsoft account is listed twice?  and the password is the same thing for my user name and my email address?  and I would be better of just using a local account instead of signing with microsoft account? or that would ruin the app updates?  I want to mention I have only 1 account and he is an administrator, set up.  the info, I am referring to are when I type in netplwiz so I can put the pc to get the login screen.

    Thanks for help

    Do not modify or delete all accounts.  If you want to configure auto-connect, simply do it alone and not to touch anything else there.

    Here's how to set up the automatic connection:

    Automatically to connect on Windows [Video]

  • Is it safe to delete an account that is connected to your phone #?

    I don't know where else to post this so I thought it could work here.

    I want to delete my Yahoo account but first I wanted to delete my account phone number. The only problem is apparently you must be at least 1 phone connected to your account at any time. It would be safe for me to delete the account with the phone number always connected or is so badly?


  • I deleted my account and lost all my emails and saved records

    I tried to delete an account that has been transferred to my new email account. I didn't know that this would remove all the mails that were in my Inbox and folders. I just wanted to keep to try checking the e-mails on that account. Seriously, I need to recover the lost files and emails that were in my Inbox. Is this possible?

    _ http://KB.mozillazine.org/Thunderbird: _FAQs_:_Recover_Deleted_Account

  • I deleted my account and lost all my emails, contacts and saved records. I need to recover and start a new account.

    I had a problem with my password and so deleted my old account before starting a new. I didn't know that I would lose all my contacts, files and e-mails. I need to get their back and then set the appropriate settings and passwords on the new account. So the question is "how to get back the old account information?

    lets start at the beginning.

    How do you delete your account. Uninstalling and reinstalling do not affect the data, if your actions are needed to determine if something could stay.

  • If I delete an account

    With the help of El capitan with my iMac, if I delete an account via the prefs system, in addition to what is on the desktop in this account, what else I erase?  Everything on the hard drive is left?

    Thank you


    Only the files of this account and reviews of it will be deleted.


  • How to delete an account in thunderbird

    I want to delete an account in Thunderbird, but cannot find a way to do it.
    How should I do?

    Open the account settings

    Tools | Account settings| < select account >

    Or right click on the offending account, select settings.

    Or click on the account. In the default configuration, you will see a page called "Central account", which has an option of parameters.

    Account settings open in a new window. In the left pane where the accounts are listed, you will see a button labeled account Actions and this button gives a menu with an option to remove account.

    Some people click the remove account option and seem surprised that the account is deleted, as well as all the messages inside. If the messages are important and you want to keep them, move them elsewhere first.

  • Impossible to delete my account gmail of the CT

    I'm trying to delete my account gmail since the latest version of Thunderbird. I go to tools/account selection, select it, go in manage identities, but Delete and Set Default vuttons button are disabled. How can I delete?

    If you try to delete an ACCOUNT I'm not sure what you do with managing identities.

    Go to tools-account settings
    Select the account
    Then stocks / delete account

    If there is no message for this account that you want to keep, move them to a folder under local folders before you delete the account. Any message associated with a deleted account will disappear with the account unless that settled first in local folders.

  • 24.5.0 - deleted mail account and have problems with a new false folder


    I've been messing around with my Thunderbird data, so this problem is of my own making I think.

    I deleted an e-mail account using my provider configuration area. It was an e-mail account that I had set up initially at his accession to this provider and contained only test messages etc and was therefore no other use.

    I had implemented this e-mail in Thunderbird and after deleting the account with my ISP I then removed the account in Thunderbird. Everything seemed to be OK.

    Now, to confuse the issues. I had already set up a list of folders under local folders for emails filtered into Thunderbird - I now moved their in my main account by click/drag and drop on the name of the account. Although it has taken a lot of time (and unexpectedly used a huge amount of bandwidth), the operation seemed at last to the end (even though it was really hard to determine until I finally found the activity monitor).

    Now, to the point of this ad:

    After all the above, I discovered that a false file was created under the Inbox of my main account, called "new % 20Folder = 0' that I read in the new folder-0. I don't know at what point in the above that this issue has appeared, but I * think * I must have dragged / dropped one of my folder moves on the Inbox instead of the account name field.

    Now, dear readers, if you've got so far, most of my problem. I can not remove this folder when I try, I get the message

    The current operation on the "new % 20folder-0"failed." The e-mail server for the account * answered the folder does not exist.

    I tried a bunch of things, change the settings in its properties, etc, but I have no reason to delete.

    Question is: How can I remove it?

    I'd do it:

    (a) check on the website of the the email provider to check if he had copied here and cope. Your mention of bandwidth suggests it is an IMAP-connected account.

    (b) close Thunderbird, open their profile , and delete the offending file there. You need to browse your profile for a while understand its structure before doing anything rash.

    In General, I discourage users to drag files just as you did. By all means, drag the content (even better, use to select, then right click and "copy to" or "move to"), but moving files is IMHO indefinite operation with unpredictable results. I've heard talk of users move a folder from one account to another and find that it always associated with (i.e. "belongs to") the original account.

  • How to restore a deleted email account

    I kept getting a message that there is a password authentication error and couldn't ask for e-mail on a single account. I tried to reset the password, no help. So I deleted the account and readmitted it (now it works), but lost all emails and folders in Thunderbird. How to restore files and emails? System Restore didn't help.

    _ http://KB.mozillazine.org/Thunderbird: _FAQs_:_Recover_Deleted_Account

  • I accidentally deleted my account and all of my folders under the account went with it. Can I undo this deletion. How to bring back all those files?

    I had a lot of folders under my main email account, with all my historical emails. I want to delete my account to set up again and thus removed all of the subfolders under this account. Is it possible to recover these subfolders?

    _ http://KB.mozillazine.org/Thunderbird: _FAQs_:_Recover_Deleted_Account

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