24.5.0 - deleted mail account and have problems with a new false folder


I've been messing around with my Thunderbird data, so this problem is of my own making I think.

I deleted an e-mail account using my provider configuration area. It was an e-mail account that I had set up initially at his accession to this provider and contained only test messages etc and was therefore no other use.

I had implemented this e-mail in Thunderbird and after deleting the account with my ISP I then removed the account in Thunderbird. Everything seemed to be OK.

Now, to confuse the issues. I had already set up a list of folders under local folders for emails filtered into Thunderbird - I now moved their in my main account by click/drag and drop on the name of the account. Although it has taken a lot of time (and unexpectedly used a huge amount of bandwidth), the operation seemed at last to the end (even though it was really hard to determine until I finally found the activity monitor).

Now, to the point of this ad:

After all the above, I discovered that a false file was created under the Inbox of my main account, called "new % 20Folder = 0' that I read in the new folder-0. I don't know at what point in the above that this issue has appeared, but I * think * I must have dragged / dropped one of my folder moves on the Inbox instead of the account name field.

Now, dear readers, if you've got so far, most of my problem. I can not remove this folder when I try, I get the message

The current operation on the "new % 20folder-0"failed." The e-mail server for the account * answered the folder does not exist.

I tried a bunch of things, change the settings in its properties, etc, but I have no reason to delete.

Question is: How can I remove it?


I'd do it:

(a) check on the website of the the email provider to check if he had copied here and cope. Your mention of bandwidth suggests it is an IMAP-connected account.

(b) close Thunderbird, open their profile , and delete the offending file there. You need to browse your profile for a while understand its structure before doing anything rash.

In General, I discourage users to drag files just as you did. By all means, drag the content (even better, use to select, then right click and "copy to" or "move to"), but moving files is IMHO indefinite operation with unpredictable results. I've heard talk of users move a folder from one account to another and find that it always associated with (i.e. "belongs to") the original account.

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    XP was the last version of Windows to use Outlook Express and that you are in a forum of Vista. Assuming that Windows Mail:
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